I do not own NarutoNaruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto this is just my IMAGINATION (draws rainbow) Please keep in mind that this is my first EVER story I ever wrote and don't be too harsh and jus chill :) Contains lemons, if you're not mature enough please don't read on. If you are have fun.

It was a sunny day in the village of Konoha, as the sun's rays pierced the darkness that enveloped the land. The blonde male always left the window open in order for the sun to act as an alarm clock. He opened his blue eyes and stared at the ceiling. First thing was working out/ training. He trained hard, trained for speed, agility, strong mentality and strength. His body had accustomed to training and war. Naruto thought to himself " Another morning I guess" But this day would turn out much better than his usual days.

He got dressed in his usual black and orange outfits and started heading for Tsunade. She was going to pay him for a bet she had just lost and he wanted to collect it so he can make his frog wallet fat again…Lucky for him he meets Tsunade/Jiraya and Sakura on the way.

"Hey Naruto wanna come to the pool we got first seat views" pointing at Tsunade.

Tsunade let this one slide and said "Im paying"

"Come on, Naruto" said Jiraya " The war has just ended and we're the winners. You haven't taken a good rest in 2 years. Even your hair is starting to darken and you always have this iron smell."

Tsunade put her head down at realizing how true it is and what a big mouth Jiraya has. The iron smell wasn't anything else but the smell of blood.

"I think ill just go to the river" said Naruto.

Jiraya, impatient to see Tsunade, but also to give his most accomplished student a rest, out of love he said

"Listen here boy, I don't give a shit that you are stronger than me now, but you are coming to that pool with us if I have to drag you there ".

Naruto had to listen to Jiraya. He and him had been the main offence of Konoha against enemies. Jiraya would use his experience, and Naruto his prowess, ability and skill to annihilate enemy forces. In the end Jiraya was like a father to him, so he agreed.

"Good" said Sakura.

They went and at the booth they met Hinata along with Kiba. Kiba snickering because he wanted to get a peak at Hinata in a bathing suit, he got sad when the 3 came. Hinata had grown too, but of course she was also shy. Only Kiba, and Shino knew how attractive Hinata was. Being in the same team, there had been occasions when they had seen more parts of her than anyone else. No one except her sister had "really" seen her. But her father knew, thus he was always so harsh towards her wardrobe. He knew all too well what the male adolescent population would do for her.

"Hey guys"said Sakura "Lets all go bathe together, it's more fun with friends" Naruto felt shy, he had seen too many battles, and usually most humans he had come in contact with he had to kill. His experience with human contact was forgotten. This all peaceful environment seemed too weird for him. But then he saw Hinata. That girl had always been special he thought. She was the only one that hadn't made fun of Naruto when they were little. And she always seemed to open up to him. He started to feel all warm inside when he was disrupted.

"Yo, beautiful, you comin to change or what" said Kiba to Naruto.

Inside the girls change room Sakura was about to pull the kunai at Hinata.

"Would you change, they are only 3 guys, only 2 our age, and they have been with us since we were kids. And besides, Naruto has returned from the battlefield, I know you have had that thing for him "

"….UMM, but my dad he made me promise to not….." "HINATA" yelled Tsunade," Forget your dad, if any of them try anything you got the Godaime on your side". Hinata agreed and changed.

The guys had already entered the pool. Kiba was trying to irritate Jiraya, and Jiraya once a while would give him a good slap until he came back for more. Naruto on the other hand, was just staying at the edge of the pool, his head laid back and he thought to himself " Those years in the battlefield were worth it. Just feeling this warm breeze, and to know I protected this place, I guess it really was worth it. It's a shame that still everything I see it looks like a piece of flesh that once punctured would spill blood, but this warm breeze, really does calm my spirit down…" and he was disrupted by a greeting and a face full of water.

"Hey guys" said Sakura.

"Jiraya, you stay on the opposite corner of mine" said Tsunade.

"I, my dear, have matured" Jiraya responded.

"I haven't believed that for the last 40 years, and I won't start now" said Tsunade.

Hinata didn't dive, she chose to go in from the stairs and started to walk towards them. Naruto's world just stopped. He had never seen Hinata in a bathing suit. As she walked he would get more aroused. Each step she took he would analyze every inch of her legs, ass, stomach, breasts and face. She finally reached the stairs and her back faced the pool, and her curvy figure was fully exposed to Naruto's eyes. Naruto got more aroused. Her ass was something every male would want. And not only her ass, but her sweet bliss between her legs. She finally entered the pool and Naruto regained his focus. But his eyes were locked on the silk-haired brunette that slowly engaged in the play with Sakura and Kiba.

"Did you see that" said Tsunade

"Who couldn't" said Jiraya, "the boy hasn't seen or even talked to any girl in 2 years. Only girls he could talk to were enemies, and he'd wind up killing them. I'm surprised he didn't jump at her".

"His hormones must be going crazy, even more than yours, and that is something to behold. And what happened to the opposite corner rule?" said Tsunade as she wanted to flirt with Jiraya.

" Hehe, speaking of hormones you have to feel what Im feeling right now" as Jiraya grabbed her ass with one hand and then with his other hand he made her touch his manhood.

"My my my, that thing never fails does it" and Tsunade returned the pleasure, by stroking it.

"We should have jumped in nude" said Jiraya. "Don't ruin it" Tsunade responded.

Naruto started to feel lonely, the other 3 had gone into the deep end. Anxious to get closer to Hinata he calls.

"Hey guys, can I come?" as he goes on his feet, his body exposed down to his thighs, he stands tall in front of their eyes, especially Hinata's eyes.

Sakura, being a female took a good look at him. But she wasn't attracted. She still liked the skinny types.

Hinata on the other hand felt differently. Although always shy, this time she stared at Naruto without a blink. The man in front of her stood tall. He wasn't like the other guys. His eyes looked older than him, but that aroused her. Then his body, wasn't like the other guys. It was more bigger. More muscular. His neck had grown thick, shoulders had become muscular along with battle scars. His chest was bulked with muscle. His lats were visible even though he was facing in front, and they complimented his figure. His abdomen looked scarred and rugged and she could kind of make out the seal. Although not too ripped, it had adapted to the wounds. As he walked towards them Hinata starred even lower at his manhood. Each step she would become even more aroused, because he kept getting closer and she could take a better look at his ..shorts.

"Hey man" said Kiba, "good thing you finally came here". Naruto nodded and turned to Hinata.

"Hey Hinata" said Naruto. It was so hard for him to get it out, but it finally did.

"Hey Naruto" she said, "Im happy you came back" and she slowly started to blush.

"We'll be over there" said Sakura, and left with Kiba. Naruto nodded and turned to Hinata.

"What, no hug?" he smiled.

"OH, of course" as she jumped at him, she barely reached his neck, the difference in height was much bigger when they were little. As she hugged him, she put her legs around his waist for a better hold.

At that instant Naruto started blush. He could feel her feminine aura, her delicate body but yet he wanted to squeeze the life out of her. Her smooth legs as they held tightly got him even more aroused. Her breasts were pushed against his muscular chest, and his hands were holding on to her waist. He wanted to desperately move his hands down, and grab her ass but he controlled himself. What he couldn't control was the blood rush to his manhood down there.

Hinata couldn't believe she was in that position. She could feel his muscular frame and shoulders. She started to get really aroused when she realized his strong waist was the thing her legs were supported on. Her body started to respond immediately since never having been in such close contact with another male before.

" You have grown Hinata, the long hair looks better on you!" said Naruto.

" Thanks Naruto, you've also grown. You are much bigger than I would have thought, but your hands seem so rugged and rough" she responded.

"War does that to you I guess" he said, trying to look away, almost embarrassed in a way. Hinata realized this, and almost slapped herself. But this time she didn't wait for him to make conversation so she jumped ahead and said.

"Naruto wanna leave the pool, little kids are starting to come since it's late morning, and it can get really crowded.?"

Naruto looked at her and said "Hehe, sure" he responded. "Go change Ill meet you outside" she said.

Hinata loosened her legs and started to slide down, but Naruto didn't want her to feel his erection, so he almost picked her up and set her down on the pool floor.

Hinata went to change. She was so happy, it had been 2 years since she had spent any time with Naruto. He was always fighting outside Konoha, while she and the others were the ones in the home base. She also felt in a way proud that she had a boy with her. Sakura and the other girls were always telling her of their "adventures" but she always felt uncomfortable to follow their steps. With Naruto, it felt different. He was always honest, and never meant to hurt anybody. He didn't seem like the type who just wanted to get "some". He seemed different, and almost hard to believe, but more mature.

Hinata changed and met Naruto outside. He wanted to try the ramen, the war food supply wasn't your typical home made meal, so Hinata agreed.

They arrived at the little shop and sat down and were waiting for their ordered while they engaged in a conversation. Hiashi Hyuuga was returning home with his guards behind him, when one of them spotted Hinata and told him about her. Hiashi looked at her, and almost looked away when he saw a guy talking to her. The stubborn old male became furious and approached the shop.

"Hinata!"-he almost yelled. "Shouldn't you be with the Hokage and her student (Sakura)?".

"Oh, hello father, you are correct, but an old friend of mine has just returned from the battlefield, so I thought I should treat him to something."

"Him eh?Well, who the hell is he?

Hiashi was about to do the usual plan. Anyone looking at his daughter he would pat on the back, scare the living shit out of him and let him run. This time another male was TALKING to her, so he thought, I am getting soft and was about to attack the blonde male but then…

" Hiashi Hyuuga I believe, head of the Hyuuga clan, NarutoUzumaki, pleased to meet you, sir" Naruto had stood up, bowed, and had faced him like a man and extended his hand. He had dwarfed Hiashi. Even his 2 guards were intimidated. Hiashi felt downgraded. In front of him, was this man, he once thought as the curse that had befallen Konoha and yet he had spoken to him in the most gentleman-like manner and stared him right in the eyes, which many people shun away from. Hiashi couldn't deny but accept that - ..Naruto had cut him down with just a stare.

" Pleased to meet you Naruto" and he grasped his hand. Hinata couldn't believe it. Someone to stand upright in front of her father. She has seen Tsunade, but no one else with that kind of guts.

"Hinata, you must come back to the house, your sister needs you" said Hiashi.

"Sure Father, you go ahead Im coming" she responded, than as her father made some distance she turned to Naruto and "Ill meet you in the afternoon at the park"

"Oh at the park?Im not sure where that is, ill meet you in front of your house" said Naruto nervously.

" Ok then, ill see you then" and she waved and walked away.

Naruto was again caught by her beauty. The curvy figure that no other female in Konoha possessed, but yet it was Hinata's. The shy innocent girl he always tried and showed off to about his hard training. He had always cared for her a lot. She was always so nice to him so he would have protected her to death even then. But he never thought of her more than a close friend. Now he comes back, and whenever he sees her, he just wants to….Hinata was lost from his view as she turned to her right.

Naruto returned home, he slept for about 1 hour, woke up and started working out. When he was about finished he hears the doorbell. He had at least 2 hours to go before he had to go meet Hinata, so he thought it must be Jiraya. Too lazy to put on a shirt he starts going for the door,,the bell rings again and Naruto calls

"Wait, Pervy-sanninim almost ther…e?" As he opens the door he discovers it's Hinata. The girl had dressed more revealing than he had ever seen her. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a skirt. Both of them start to blush. Naruto thought "Great, im sweating like a pig, I don't have a shirt on, and Hinata has nailed her eyes on me."

"Sorry Naruto did I interrupt something", -she asked-" I finished earlier so I just came to your house, I thought you are the one who just came back and I should be visiting you."

"Oh, NO, no,no,no,no, I just finished training and….um come in" The last 2 words almost gave him a heart attack. He thought she would turn him down or slap him. The man was half naked, living alone and he just asked her to come in.."Ah, thanks" she responded. Naruto was surprised but before he could ruin it he gently got her hand pulled her in and closed the door. She walked towards the stairs, while Naruto was eyeing her ass. There was a war in his brain, thoughts fighting each other "Hehehe, I got this pussy all to myself and no one else can see it, NO, don't think that way, Hinata is your childhood friend, you should respect her,…GOD, I really wanna just pick her up slam her in the couch and..NO you fucking idiot, calm the fuck down, she is your childhood friend and…

"Naruto?" a female voice asked " you have a really nice house"

"Oh, thanks, glad you like it,"-he responded "come, Ill show you upstairs, theres' not much here"

He always let her walk in front just for a chance to see her ass, especially climbing the stairs.

" Ok then, here's one room, usually Jiraya would sleep there, here's my washroom, and the big washroom, we barely ever use it, feels too fancy, here I got my weights, jumping rope, mats, and the music player, and finally my room,, my TV, couch and bed. Sorry it's so messy, Im really lazy heheh, but here sit on the bed, Ill be back."

Hinata looked around. And then it just hit her. She's in Naruto's house, in his room and sitting on his bed. She wondered about how the other girls would react if she told them this, but then she knew they probably have laid down naked in guys' bed, so she crossed that thought. Than a flash caught the corner of her eye. There was a necklace on the bed. (It was Tsunade's necklace). A good charm she thought so she laid back to see it better when in that moment Naruto just came (wearing a wife beater).

But she still didn't realize it. He almost jumped when he saw her lay down. Her curvy figure made him wild. Her ass was just in the perfect position for him to slid his dick in her. His thoughts were getting mixed up again. He didn't have this much trouble even controlling Kyuubi, but Hinata made him crazy. He tried to contain as much as he could, but then, his legs just started to move towards Hinata. She just noticed him and stood upright." Sorry Naruto, I just saw that necklace and." Naruto grasped her neck and pulled her in softly and they locked their lips.

Hinata at first almost pulled away, but it felt too good. Her body wanted more and more, and then she responded back. Naruto slid his hands down to her waist and pulled her in. Hinata put her hands on his shoulders almost hugging him and kept trying to get more and more..just like he was doing. Then Naruto slid his hands down her ass, then lower and he picked her up, by putting himself between her legs. After he held her for a bit he laid her down in the bed, with him on top and then he moved down to kiss her neck. Hinata tried to contain the ticklish feeling, as she put pressure behind his head for him to continue on, and she kept stroking his leg with her thigh.

Naruto, was getting heated. He had enough will to pull away just for a second, to take off his wife beater, and then he directly resumed the action, but then he wanted to kiss her chest. He slowly slid his hands down her waist and pulled her shirt off. When her chest was exposed he stood up right just looking at her for about 3 seconds, and then he almost dived in. He started kissing, and sniffing her feminine aroma all the way until he reached her breasts. But the bra annoyed him. He put his hand down behind her back, and just ripped the bra. Finally he could see her whole upper body exposed. He started to suck on her right nipple while squeezing the left one, and his mouth began to salivate, making it even more pleasurable for him and Hinata. Then he heard her moan and thought he hurt her so he pulled his body back up to ask her " Are you…." then she kissed him and slid her tongue in his mouth. Then he understood. When he pulled off she muttered "More". Naruto went back to sucking her nipple but his instinct told him there's something much better than this. So Naruto then quickly got up took off his shorts, and proceeded to put his face between her thighs. He at first was intimidated, of how quickly he went down here, but the smell aroused him. He passionately kissed her panty-covered pussy, and sniffing it at the same time. His blood started to pump faster than before. He could feel his heartbeat getting stronger. But he loved this. He wanted to get more of her. So he grabbed the panties and pulled them off as soon as possible. He didn't want to stop, not even for a second. When he got down he proceeded to lick her clit. He could already feel her juice. His body kept wanting more. He could feel Hinata's thigh on his cheeks. The girl was trying to contain the pleasure with all her power. She would moan but she would still put pressure on his head for him to not stop. Naruto got up pulled her skirt off and he had finally took off all her clothing. The blonde almost stopped for an instant to admire the beauty in front of him, and he thought, "Hinata, My Hinata" and he went back on top and proceeded to kiss her. But Hinata stopped him. She slid her hands down his stomach to his boxers, and grabbed his dick. She started to stroke it, while Naruto was laying back, letting out muted moans. But Hinata wanted more. She got on her knees and started going towards his dick, when 2 hands on her hips stopped her. "Hinata, don't…." "Shhhh" she said, and put her finger on his lips. Then she went back and started to suck on him. She could taste the pre-cum from his dick, but that didn't bother her. At first she didn't really know what to do, but then she just let loose and followed her instincts. She wanted more and more of him. Then Naruto finally pulled her away before climaxing and dug his tongue deep into her mouth. He proceeded to pleasure her clit with his fingers and then he put his body between her legs. Now both naked they could feel the warmth of their body's against each other. Naruto kept kissing her, still unsure what he should do, when Hinata stopped him. She pushed him up a bit then grabbed his dick and started touching her pussy with it. Naruto finally understood. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. He then pulled her hand away, grabbed one of her thighs and pushed in harder than he should…then he heard a sound indicating pain from Hinata. Her pussy was too tight, he needed to go in slowly, so he tried again, slowly rocking his hips, and with more pressure each turn. Her pussy began to loosen up, and Hinata started to feel some pains, and they would get stronger each time. But Naruto didn't know.

Even though his eyes were straight at Hinata's he couldn't even see the pain in her face. Hinata was biting her lower lip trying to contain the pain. Although she had pleasure, the pain wouldn't be unbearable. Naruto kept getting deeper and deeper when finally,

"Oh-ah, Naruto stop for a second please, it hurts" Hinata told him, as she had used one of her feet to push away a bit from his dick. Naruto finally became more focused. He realized what happened and said

"Im so sorry Hinata, I really didn't know, the feeling was amazing and I just became.."…and he was interrupted.

"Shhh" she said.."It feels great for me too, just push more slowly". Naruto nodded his head. He started to do exactly that, until he was fully in her. The feeling had returned, but now he felt Hinata more. Although his dick had been tense for about 15 minutes now, his will and hunger for Hinata had stopped him from climaxing. But the feeling was getting too pleasurable. The blood rush gave him an exhilarating feeling. His energy had gone through the roof. He was pumping much faster now. His forearms full of power had been engulfed by veins. Hinata could see how much he loved it. The striations on his chest became obvious. Each pull his chest would flex. Veins started to appear on his throat, his shoulders and arms. His body glistened from the sweat. She could feel her vaginal area, wet from his precum and hers. Naruto finally went down to kiss her, and she wrapped her legs tightly behind his back. Both of them started to sweat heavily, but that only aroused them more. Then he gently bit her lower neck, and started to apply more pressure than before on his hips. Hinata felt it, but she loved it. She put her hands on his back, and as she got more aroused, in order to hold it she would tense up. She didn't realize it but, her nails were dug deep onto Naruto's back. After a minute his back was filled with scratches and cuts from Hinata's nails, but he didn't even feel it. His body was too much into the female.

But the pleasure was beginning to burn. He could feel his legs tensening up. He didn't know what it quite was but he had this burning feeling below his dick. When finally, a cold shudder went through his body down to his dick. In the last second he quickly got up and fully climaxed. The warm milky liquid kept spurting out and some fell on Hinata's stomach, some on her thighs, and some just made her pussy wetter. But Naruto never climaxed inside her. (He was oblivious not stupid)

Naruto was taking heavy breaths, as he collapsed beside her.

"That was amazing" she said.

" No,,,that was more,, than amazing,,,,,I've never felt such an amazing feeling. You,..were amazing. I mean just the " Naruto breathing heavily responded, and he turned his head and kissed her back. He then looked at her for a second and said "I love you Hinata, I really do". She at first was surprised and then she also responded " So do I Naruto, I love you too" and she went in for a kiss. Then they began to snuggle until his dick got swollen again……


K guys this is the end, what you people think should I continue it or just leave it as it is?