It was now night time. The little children were no where to be seen. Most families had gone inside to sleep. The night belonged to the adolescent population of Konoha. Neji had convinced Naruto to come over to the Hyuuga mansion and change clothes because he was sure the girls were going to meet them at a club. Neji took out his long rags and put on something more appealing to the opposite sex. He tied his hair into a pony tail put on some good cologne and was ready to go. But Naruto was left out. The man hadn't really bought any good clothes since he never really felt the need for them. He figured he would just go anyways. But Neji looked around and got him an outfit. Naruto now had an elegant pair of sleaky black shoes, fluorescent-color jeans, a tight white shirt which revealed his build and a pimping black dress shirt with dotted white lines.

"Hmm, maybe I should have worn that" muttered Neji with a jealous expression.

" Dam,,,,I look good don't you think?" –said Naruto "…wait you think Hinata will like it, she has never seen me like this?"

" Don't worry, I don't think she'll want you to wear the same thing in every different occasion, besides I just hope YOU can accept her, her friends have probably changed her whole outfit by now,…wait a second will I be able to accept her?" said Neji in an almost angry voice.

" Guess we will just have to wait and see, now one question….how in hell are you supposed to sit down with these jeans, especially if Hinata sits on my lap??" snickered Naruto.


" I don't wanna go, let go of me you guys" cried out Hinata as Sakura and Ino were pulling her out of Ino's house.

" Come on, Naruto will be there along with everybody else. We must go there. Other people our age go to clubs every week. So why can't us shinobi go too? Asked Sakura as she kept pulling Hinata.

"That's not what I meant Im too embarrassed….GYAAA" screamed Hinata as her attempts failed and she was being pulled from her 2 friends.

" Come on hurry up, we don't wanna be late…" said Ino and they took off.


Meanwhile, up on a tree about 10 metres from the entrance into Konoha, was a young man with a blonde girl on his lap involved with great passion in their kissing.

" Mmm, Shikamaru….you get better everytime…can we stay here a couple more hours" asked the blonde.

" Heheh, I do don't I? But unfortunately we can't, Naruto supposed to be back and I haven't seen him for a long time. I've always held a lot of respect for him." Said the young man as he picked up his girl and went inside Konoha in a rush.


Naruto and Neji were loosely conversing about the war, when they both felt something coming towards them. Neji was able to recognize the presence but to Naruto it was still unknown who they were until the figure got up close and stopped in front of them. The female put her feet down on the floor stood up straight and confidently looked at Naruto. The male wiped his forehead and then he too looked at Naruto in an almost disbelief.

" Naruto is that you?" asked the male.

" Shikamaru? Temari?" asked Naruto.

In that moment both the two men ran up to each other and in a big hug they came in contact. They held the hug for about 5 seconds.

" It's been quite a while eh my friend…I have missed you man, you have grown tall" as he patted patted Naruto on his shoulders.

" Hahaha" laughed Naruto while scratching the back of his gel-ed head "I see you have also grown Shikamaru, you're as tall as me, and what's this you also have a goatee. Guess the hairdo wasn't enough eh….?

"Ha, what can I say chicks dig it…but most of all….my chick digs it" said Shikamaru as he put his arms around Temari.

" Oh,,really?? Smiled Naruto.

" Yes really" said the blonde female as she let go of her lover's hands and walked up to Naruto and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. " …..and you are looking good Naruto. I mustn't forget to tell Gaara that I met you."

"Oh thanks, you are looking great too Temari, how is Gaara anyway?- asked Naruto.

" Uoh Uoh Uoh, hold on, Naruto I was expecting you to be in a cool war outfit, like a knight in a powerful white horse that can like umm….fly…and what do I get, you in these flashy clothes…I must say Im surprised." Said Shikamaru.

" Well, um.. we were just going to go to a club with the rest of our friends so you gotta dress for the occasion right? Said Naruto embarrassed.

" OH shut up Shikamaru, you have 10 times more flashier clothes…don't mind him Naruto he's just teasing you, you look great.." said Temari.

" Heehehe, ya Im just kidding, can you guys wait while me and her go change we want to come too."

"Sure" said Neji " lets go to your house so you can change but 5 minutes tops or else we're going"

When they went there Shikamaru said wait here. "Don't take long " said Neji. Shikamaru looked at him and responded by pointing at Temari's ass as she was going up the stairs. "See this man, it takes me a while to contain myself, trust me it is not an easy task..." and he smacked her ass and picked her up and quickly rushed up the stairs.

"Wow" said Naruto "remember how Shikamaru used to be so lazy with a serious face, he never revealed his masculine type, he was always –girls bore me- now he seems addicted to Temari."

"Trust me" said Neji "he still is serious, he is just like that with Temari but otherwise he acts like a true gentleman with other girls. I really believe he loves her."

When they came out Naruto and Neji both thought they looked amazing..especially Temari. "Wow she does look amazing, such a sexy body"-thought Naruto, and then he shook his head and told himself "but still, Hinata takes her, which reminds me I must get with her quick cause Im going crazy...

" OK guys, lets go " said Shikamaru. As he picked up the girl and the 3 figures rushed into the night.

" So, who is coming again?" asked Shikamaru.

" Well, Im sure that the girls from our teams are going, then that would mean that Lee would follow Sakura,… Chouji would follow Ino, Kiba would just come for the sake of spending time with friends, and Shino will just go with Kiba. So pretty much everybody. Sai isn't painting today so he'll probably come too."

" Naruto when did you return from the war?" asked Temari.

"OH, um around 3 months ago. When did you guys finish?" asked Naruto.

" About 4 months ago, but we had to clean up and fix destroyed land, build up home defenses so that's why Shikamaru only returned now. He stayed with me in the Sand for this whole time" said Temari as she stroked his chest.

" Yeah it was a drag..but what can you say, I looked forward to the starry night, the shiny moon and most of all I looked forward to our night life together in b …OOF" he was interrupted by Temari "SHH, don't be so descriptive"-she said.

Naruto snickered. He then to started to remember his nights with Hinata. The nights which Jiraiya began to hate. The nights which stripped his female Hyuuga from any limits. The nights that made him change his bed sheets everyday. The nights that gave him scratches on his back. The nights that seemed like they warp you in a different dimension with just you and her. Yes, those nights will never leave his mind, never.

" Neji man, we got too many guys with hair tied behind their head. Me, you, Shino…even though his hair is just like a big puff behind his head and not straight like us it's still tied. You guys better change it eh, I've had this style since I was little so you guys have to change. I know I'm good-looking but still don't imitate me….you can't be me. HEHE" boasted Shikamaru.

" Ah, shut up, your head looks like a fucking pine-apple" replied Neji. Naruto and Temari burst off into laughter.

Finally the quartet arrived at the club. The shinobi greeted each other and formed their own circle of friends. Each looking unique in their own way. Naruto was finally able to meet up with Hinata. He pulled her towards him put his hands on his waist and gave her a quick kiss. Shikamaru saw it and carefully approached him and gave him a big pat on the back. Hinata blushed a little.

" Well, well, well,,,,Naruto my man, you should have told me of your precious catch…I must say you are one lucky man" as he put his arms around the couple and gave Hinata a kiss on the cheek. Then he snickered again and went back to Temari.

"So everyone knows now right? You know of our little…no actually.. big thing..? Asked Naruto.

"Yes," said Hinata " finally they do."

" Hinata, …I must um.. say…I don't approve of you wearing this outfit….it seems to have a really powerful hold on me…" said Naruto in sarcastic voice.

"'s not much is it? Sakura and Ino forced me to wear it,,,they said I have the right shape..for it…." Said the nervous Hinata.

" I see,… I must thank them later…" said Naruto as his eyes were lost on his mate's body. The young female in front of him was truly a "precious catch". The outfit she was wearing was a black tight overall-skirt. Her back was completely exposed all the way down to the ending of her hips. A piece of the outfit hanged from her neck and covered her breasts, then it linked together and ran down, above her belly-button, and then turned into a skirt that had tightly enveloped the female's waist and ass. The "skirt" part of the outfit was quite short as it was just made to cover, only up to the upper thigh.

Naruto couldn't look away and for safety issues he always held Hinata very close to him. Neji was just too astonished about the great transformation that he needed time for all of it to sink in. He kept imagining Hiashi in the back of his head and other images that can accompany Hiashi if he were to see Hinata now. Now pretty much all the friends had gathered and were getting ready to go inside. The group included, Ten-Ten, Rock Lee, Neji, Shino, Shikamaru and Temari, Sakura, Sai, Ino, Choji, Kiba, Hinata and Naruto.

The young shinobis had to wait in line for about 15 minutes. One of the bouncers had been eyeing Naruto for the all time. Then finally when the shinobis arrived at the entrance they were stopped. The large bouncer turned at the group and said..

" Ok, listen up, your blond friend here can't go in. Everyone else can go except this boy."

" Why? "-said Naruto "Why can't I go in…am I wearing something bad or what?"

" Don't ask me why…I don't wanna bring up a ……..bad history…and if I say you can't go in, you can't go in." said the bouncer.

Meanwhile another 2 bouncers came since they saw there was a hold-up at the line. One of them asked " Hey what's going on what's the hold-up…are these punks making trouble?" Then he turned and walked up to them and started yelling " Allright guys, if you don't wanna get your ass kicked by 10 of us please leave now."

Naruto was getting aggravated. Especially since the thing with the Kyuubi still hadn't died out. If only these people knew how much he did for Konoha but it was decided to be kept a secret so enemies don't try assassination attempts on him. But then he heard a shrilling scream and he saw one of the bouncers fall on the floor. Someone had broken his knees by kicking them And then he realizes that it was Lee and Shikamaru who had done it.

" Overgrown sack of shit…talking about bad're your knees?" yelled Shikamaru and then he attacked the other 2 bouncers and was followed by the rest of the male group. The 2 bouncers didn't stand a chance. They didn't get their knees kicked in, but they sure got painful hits across their body. Naruto was astonished. But then a proud Shikamaru came and put his hand behind his back and they all pushed Naruto into the club.

Naruto looked around with a curious face. This was his first clubbing event. The flashing lights. The dance floor. The music and the people. He noticed they all seemed drunk or stoned/high. Sometimes if you got close enough to some, they reeked of weed. Our group took a seat in a corner in a round couch. Sakura chose Lee to dance, and Ino chose Shino. The 2 couples went to the dance floor and started dancing. Neji asked Ten-Ten and took her to the dance floor. Then Sai, Choji, and Kiba left to find some other girls. Now only Naruto and Hinata along with Shikamaru and Temari were left on the couch. The 2 couples came closer and then Shikamaru took Naruto's hand and asked

"So, what do you think, you like this or no?

" Um…Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves…I guess we should have bought some alcohol eh?" said Naruto.

"Hahaha, now you are talking…I usually don't forget alcohol, but this time we were in a rush so..yeah hehe!!" replied Shikamaru.

Then Temari climbed on Shikamaru's lap and put her ass between his thigs (bsically Temari's right shoulder was up against Shikamaru's chest, and her right outer thigh/hip area, up against his crotch….get it?.) She gave him a provoking kiss and the male was caught. He smiled…turned at Naruto and said.. " I won't be able to talk for a bit,,please don't take it as an offense, it's simply…uh…expressing my love..hehe". Then he locked lips with her and moved his right hand down her thigh and put his middle and ring finger under her skirt, while the other fingers were visible on top.

From where Naruto was he could almost easily see Temari's thong but then he felt a soft feminine hand on his cheek and in that instant Hinata had locked lips with him. She also put her ass between Naruto's thighs and then she let him take control. Naruto put his left hand on her back for support, and his right hand on her cheek/neck. After about 10 more seconds..he instinctively moved his right hand down her neck, chest and almost stopped to grab her breasts but then he kept moving down to her waist. He felt her ass…started going up her thigh then he put all his fingers except his thumb under her skirt. Without realizing it he tried to push the skirt up so he can feel her ass more but then he was stopped by Hinata's hand and he pulled back. The 2 couples continued kissing for about another 5 minutes and then Temari's voice was heard..

"MMmmm…" and she gave a loud giggle.

Naruto started to feel pain down on his crotch area. The tight pants, and Hinata's hip putting pressure on his manhood really weren't doing much good. He had to force himself to stop and he pushed Hinata away.

"Sorry, just one second, I have to use the washroom." Said Naruto and he went to accommodate himself.

" Don't worry, he's ok, you're just too good HAHA" snickered Shikamaru.

Hinata understood it and laughed inside. Then she saw quite a few large figures blocking the flashing lights in front of her. It was the bouncers. Hinata didn't want to engage in any unnecessary conflict since it might ruin their night.

"You there with the pony-tail…did you attack our partner a while ago?" asked the bouncer.

"No" said Shikamaru " you have the wrong guy".

But then one of the injured bouncers came out of the group and almost screamed "IT WAS YOU..YOU"

Shikamaru was exposed so he thought he should just run away to avoid ruining the nights for the others. But the bouncer wasn't finished when he turned at Hinata and in the same tone of voice said. "You..You…you're his bitch that devil's bitch….you shame your family" The other bouncers grabbed hold of him, pulled him behind, and then they turned at the teenagers in front of them.

"You brought this on yourself…especially you girls associating with these boys" said a bouncer as they all put on metal-knuckled gloves.

Shikamaru was about to attack them but then he saw Naruto coming and he snickered. The bouncer still unaware of Naruto approaching he grabbed Hinata's arm in order to attack her with his other hand…when as soon as he grabbed it he felt an immense pain in his abdominal area and then a kick to his head. He almost went flying. The music was banging hard. Everybody was almost put in a trance but a flying bouncer will make you wake up. Two of the bouncers were lucky enough to fall on top of some unlucky people. Other bouncers not so lucky. Smashed ribs, arms, legs were pretty common. Some had been hit directly under the rib cage, so they couldn't breathe in. The blond berserker stood in the middle of it all. He exhaled and then walked towards Hinata.

" You ok" he asked trying to fake his smile..

"Oh…um yes thanks" replied Hinata.

" That…that…that..that was beautiful" said Shikamaru almost in tears. "Hehe, getting their ass-kicked to a fucking soundtrack, HAHAHA"

" Hmm…maybe I went too far….but Shikamaru lets just go home…" said Naruto.

" Well we can…but do we really have parents are home and I have Temari with me…and well it's a waste of a night if I go home. See where Im getting at????" said Shikamaru in Naruto's ear.

" A-ha…I get it. Then just come to my house I got plenty of room and a big couch downstairs. Very comfortable. Me and Hinata will just go upstairs. So you coming?" asked Naruto.

Shikamaru looked at Temari and she nodded in agreement. "Guess so" he said and they all left leaving their friends to their own fun.

They arrived at Naruto's house. Went in and the 2 girls just sat in the couch for the moment. Naruto told Shikamaru to follow him into the kitchen.

"OK, listen well, Shikamaru" said Naruto " I love you to death man, but you gotta have safety" and he opened up a drawer with a little box full of condoms. "Here you go, have fun just don't dirty my couch or carpet…..and if you need more, then just come back here."

Shikamaru snickered and said " Hahah Thanks, thanks"

Then they went towards the kitchen and Naruto started heading for the stairs and Shikamaru towards the couch. Naruto called Hinata from the stairs " Hinata, come lets go upstairs."

"Coming" she said " Good night Temari..Shikamaru". They replied the same. And she almost ran up the stairs.

She saw Naruto in his room taking off his clothes. Now with only jeans on. She came from behind and gave him a hug.

"You OK" she asked. He turned around picked her up and with a truly happy face said "Just perfect."

He lowered her in his bed. Gave her a quick kiss and pulled away to take off his tight jeans. He wrapped her legs around his waist picked her up and then laid himself down on the bed on his back. Hinata dove in for a kiss. Naruto put his hands on her lower back. He felt her bare skin and that aroused him. He moved his left hand fingers underneath her tight skirt and now full of confidence squeezed her ass. He then pulled his hand out and now he grabbed the skirt and pulled it up fully exposing her ass to his bare touch.

"One sec" said Hinata as she quickly got on her feet pulled off her skirt and went on top of Naruto again to kiss him. Naruto now was just gently stroking her back, ass, and thighs. Hinata slowly slid her left hand down his body down to and went underneath his boxers to grab his manhood. He was already quite aroused. Hinata proceeded to just tightly suck on his tip where she knew he was most sensitive but Naruto stopped her.

"Don't" he said "I didn't take a shower".

Hinata agreed. But she also knew he was afraid he might climax too quickly. Hinata had now learned how to make him tick and which button to hit. As did Naruto, but of course he has less power to control his urge to climax. He pulled her up and kissed her. Then he laid her on his left side pulled her thong off and went to suck on her nipple. He slid his right hand down between her thighs and placed it on her pussy and proceeded to finger it. Hinata gave muted moans. She used her right hand to grab his dick but his boxer's were still on.

" Naruto this isn't fair you still have clothes on" said Hinata in a seductive voice.

"Oh sorry" said Naruto and he immediately took off his boxers and continued where he left off.

Hinata felt almost useless. Naruto could easily pleasure her with just his hand/fingers but she can't give him the same satisfaction with her hand. She finally had enough urge to resist and stop the addictive feeling of the pleasure she was feeling and she pushed Naruto on his back. She quickly grabbed his dick and proceeded to suck on it with more desire. Naruto again tried to stop her, but she resisted and Naruto couldn't get himself to pull her away. The feeling was too ecstatic, it had made him reach his peak. He gathered enough strength and pulled her away and locked lips. He laid Hinata on her back and pulled her right thigh up against him. He slid his right hand down her right thigh until he was able to really touch her. He got the feeling of where it was and by using his left hand and knee he put himself in a somewhat push-up position and slowly he brought his hips forward. He was able in a way to pinpoint himself so he doesn't hurt her (or himself) and he finally "entered" her. He used his right middle finger to try to pull her vaginal-skin so he can enter more easily and so she can get accustomed faster. When he felt he was comfortable and she had loosened up he wrapped her hands around his waist and proceeded with faster thrusts.

Hinata was stroking his arms and looking into his eyes. She was almost challenging him. Naruto started to get more aggressive. His thrusts were faster and with more power behind them. Eventually Hinata had skidded across the bed that her head wasn't supported anymore. Naruto realized this and stopped his motion. He went across to give her a kiss and Hinata put her arms around his head. He rolled with her on the adjacent edge of the bed and was able to stand on his feet with Hinata on him. Naruto started to kiss her and he finally put her against his bedroom wall.

Hinata was surprised. This was a first. Slowly, while holding her, Naruto was able to move both his hands down to her ass. He again used his fingers to loosen up the skin covering her pussy and he entered her. He slowly was able to accommodate himself and started to roughen up Hinata against the wall. Hinata at first tried to resist and let him do whatever he liked. But the wall can leave scratches on bare skin. Especially after constant friction. It wasn't until the final thrusts that Hinata let out small screams. Naruto couldn't contain himself anymore and he used everything he had to thrust as quick and as hard as he can before he climaxed. While this time he couldn't hear her screams. It was more like he could hear them but that only made him thrust harder until he finally let off. He held Hinata and fell back into his bed. He started taking some slow breaths and he finally talked.

" We should try that more often.." he said.

" …you like it that much?" Hinata asked.

" Why don't you……hey what's wrong with your back?" asked Naruto "It feels hot and it seems to have small dimples here and there.??"

" That's the problem…..the wall is too rough" replied Hinata.

" SHIT, oh my god..Im sorry should have stopped me" said Naruto and gave her a kiss. She then gave him a nod like it was OK and they went to sleep.

The next morning Naruto goes down the stairs to check up on his friends. Most of his living room was a mess. They had moved the centre table and the couch covers were all ruffled up. Now they were sleeping on the floor with one of the couch covers covering them. Naruto went closer and saw an abused condom on his ceramic floor.

"OH GOD, I told you don't dirty my floor…" screamed Naruto at a sleeping Shikamaru. But then he realized they were asleep until they started to wake up.

" Oops" he thought. Shikamaru opened his eyes first.

"Hey, good morning Naruto" he said and he uncovered himself got on his feet and went to put on his boxers.

" WOW…you could have at least slept with something on…." even though Naruto didn't either.

" HAahah, come on you embarrassed?" snickered Shikamaru.

Temari laughed too and she got up with the cover wrapped around her.

" Now her would be a good view" said Shikamaru "wouldn't it?"

" Argh…just clean up your shit, and especially your fucking condom" screamed Naruto and walked away. Then he turned and with a friendly face he said "Come Hinata made breakfast ready."

Shikamaru got the message and turned at Temari " We should have had stayed up more, you know how many condoms we had available?"

"Don't blame me" said Temari "you were the one who said it burns I was all up for it."

"Good point…" said Shikamaru "and it would be truly appreciated if you kept this between us"


OK, it has been a while hasn't it. I have been really busy with school, so don't get mad. And I decided it was time for a lemon.Hope you liked it.