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Before we, dear readers get lost the depths of this story. I Katie will introduce myself and give you some information about myself and my family.

Katie's POV

I'm 32 years of age, my name is Katie Jefferson and i currently live in the UK working as a Forensic Scientist. What can i say about my family that can't get me arrested, oh i know i'm a single child to a British mother and a American father. Speaking of my father what a useless waste of space, he calls me a low life bum with no friends and no decent job.

Decent job? If he actually got up off his ass every once in a blue moon, he may realize how hard my job actually is. Looking at evidence to see whether i send an innocent person home or an criminal to prison, so not got a decent job umm who sits on his rear end all day.

My father would never get away with this when my mother was alive, my mother the total opposite of my father. She was a kind lady who never said a bad word about anyone, she loved the fact that at the age of 25 i was classed as one of the best Forensic Scientist in the UK, soon after she passed away.

God how i miss my mother, which she was here today. She would get to see me fly away to my fathers native America and Las Vegas to join the best Crimelab in the United States.

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