Chapter One: Whiskey Burn

She looked at him appraisingly over her three fingers of firewhiskey. Who only knew what she would do if she were not magically bound because he was lawfully married to her sister. He was a sight. Blue eyes like ice. A hard square jaw and lips that were almost always set in a confident smirk. His eyes never let anything in. It made her laugh to think people thought eyes were the windows to the soul. This man had no soul and his eyes conveyed that very clearly. He was cold and calculating. Much like herself, she was pleased to think.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked him warily as she took a small gulp of her drink to hide her face from his view.

"Why do you care?" He asked, eying her long and hard.

"I don't. Yet what I've come to realize, is boredom makes you wonder stupid things. I suppose it could have been a conversation starter." She smiled as he gave a little chuckle. "But, if you'd rather sit here in the silence and glare at the passersby I'd be more than willing to join you if that's the game."

"Oh and how you do enjoy a good game, don't you Bella?" His blue eyes rolled over her face and she swore she could almost feel it. The sound of his deep melodic voice speaking her name made her long for more.

"As much as you do, if not more." He laughed again at her words. She took a larger sip than normal of the whiskey, pleased with herself. Her confidence began to rise higher than normal. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was just burning a deep path within her. She watched his face keeping eye contact with him. She couldn't think of anything to say. It was so unlike her. Finally he broke the eye contact, looking away into the distance of the pub. He didn't let his eyes roam, she noticed, but kept them glued in one particular direction. Curiosity besting her, as it always did, she turned her head, keeping the rest of her body peculiarly still, and tried to match whatever he was looking at.

"Are you seeing what I see Bella?" His voice was higher than normal, edging with excitement. She followed his gaze carefully until she saw what she thought he was seeing.

"Is that—"

"That would be a one, Miss Hermione Granger with… it looks like a man who I don't recognize." Bellatrix saw the woman. Her brown hair was wrapped tight in a hair tie, all loose strands tucked away behind her ears. The woman's face seemed serene. White, milky skin surrounded two shockingly round brown eyes bristled with black lashes. Her soft pink mouth was set in a simple smile. The sight made Bellatrix ill. What a disgusting waste of magic. If she wasn't being watched like vermin by the ministry she'd hex the simpering smile right off her pale face.

"She really has gotten quite lovely for a mudblood," Lucius said as he watched her and sipped his drink. Bella spit out the gulp she had taken to try to regain her relaxed composure that she had once held. The drops of firewhiskey rained over Lucius, making him glare at her incompetence. He waved his wand, cleaning himself carefully, ever so cautious of his appearance. "Do you need a bib beneath your chin to catch any liquid you can't proficiently get into your mouth now Bellatrix?" This time when he said her name it was not sweet, or making her swoon with the notes of his voice, but rather shook her a bit. She felt like an idiot.

"How can you possibly think that goody-two shoes mudblood is attractive? She reeks of innocence." Her tongue wrapped around the words, throwing them out as if they were poison to her.

"Oh Bella, how little you know of men. It is precisely her innocence than is so attractive. The idea of corrupting that gentle little woman is highly exciting." He eyed the brunette again, soaking in the way her head tilted to the side when she spoke. "Yet, she is a mudblood, therefore unworthy of being degraded by anyone of my standards."

"What do you care anyway? If your that hot for a boring lay why don't you go home to my sister?" Bella was beginning to get angry. She detested not being the sole focus of his attention.

"And be frozen by the ice bitch? Not tonight, dear sister." Bella rolled her eyes at being called his sister. The last thing she wanted to be to Lucius was a relative, even if it was only by a magical marriage contract. "I intend to fulfill my desires with one, maybe two of the lucky women here tonight." He caught Bella's eye as he got up from the booth they occupied and winked at her. "Find your own ride home tonight, I'm sure you'll be latching on to a worm yourself here tonight, no doubt. Have fun, and don't tell my wife!"