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Summary:Pip is dead, Alucard is having second thoughts about Seras who may have drunk blood, but drank to little to be a full vamp, and Seras who just wants to run away from everything and have a life.Set inalternatemangaverse.M for language,sexmaybe,violenc



Seras looked at her master wondering what was wrong, he had said nothing since they got back from their mission, It was a rough mission, Integra had ordered her to eliminate a small child who had, without realizing, drunk his oen mothers blood. she just stared at him. she had done something wrong and she tried to apologize but before she could... SLAP

"You stupid, stupid girl, you thing you can just get just get angry at my master and just get away with it?!" Alucard yelled, "ANSWER ME!!!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just got so angry at her for making me kill a child." she cried.

SLAP "that 'child' was an abomination!! He wasn't even a real vampire, just like the rest of the filth we kill!!"

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her above him so she was dangling by her hair struggling to get down. "Please master, I swear I won't do it again!" she cried, as tears of pain came down her eyes.

"I've tried being reasonable with you but now you have to learn the hard way!!" he yelled as he threw her across the room.

"MASTER!!! Please I beg of you please stop hurting me!!" Seras cried from the pain as it shot through her like an inferno spreading like a forest. As she tried to get up, Alucard ran towards her and kicked her in the stomach.

"I treated you as one of my own and this is how you repay me, by letting your emotions get a hold of you, you assumed the boy was innocent and disobeyed ME!!!!"

"He was innocent, you BASTARD, HE WAS" she yelled, unable to contain her angry any longer, and for a second she thought that she could stand up to him but realized how sadly she was mistaken.

He instantly appeared in front of her and then….


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Seras screamed as she woke up from her nightmare, looking franticly around her room as she got out of her open coffin.

After a while realizing that her master was not there she cried and cried wishing she was dead, after that day had occurred the images of that day kept coming back to haunt her in her worst nightmare.

A while passed and she stopped crying, deciding she couldn't sleep she got up and went to the bathroom and took a hot bath. She sighed as her muscles relaxed at the heat. Thinking to herself that she had to get out of this place, this HELL, somehow. As she decided this she wondered; would anybody even miss her? ...NO, nobody would, If she was going to leave she was on her own and there would be nobody to help her…ever!

There was another thing bothering her, even if she does leave here without anybody noticing than wouldn't Alucard find her? And if he does find her he would surely punish her for her treachery. The only way out of this was find a living being and drinking his BLOOD; Seras felt sick just thinking about it… But she knew it had to be done and it had to be done soon.

"I have no choice", she thought, as she got out to get ready to leave her hellish nightmare behind and move to some place where somebody would love accept her if possible she would try.


Alucard wondered around the mansion aimlessly going anywhere that his feet wanted to take him. He was still fuming about how Seras had behaved towards him, he knew she was his Blood daughter and should be treated with honor and respect no matter how many mistakes she made, but 500 years of life (so far…) had taught him that he was far superior to other vampires and that can make a man (in this case a vampire…) a little crazy if he's not careful about it.

Yet this thing with Seras had made him go totally out of control…

"I should apologize," he thought

"NO!! Her emotions make her too weak, she has to be taught this lesson, EVEN if it kills her."

"…But what if she's right, what if I do kill people who are innocent…like that child."

"That 'child' was not innocent, he was filth and had to be exterminated."

No matter what he told himself, he couldn't make up his mind between punishing her and helping her.

"It's the same damn thing."

Eventually he made his way to Integra's office so he could apologize for his fledgling's behavior. When he knocked on the door (just to be safe) and waited for her to call him in. Right now he didn't feel like going into a pointless argument with Integra.


Integra was busying herself by doing some paper work all day and it was almost 11:00 pm at night. She needed rest; she knew but decided that doing a little paper work so she can continue running her organization to fight the dark creature's that lurked right around the corner (I don't mean literally) than that was worth some extra effort to stay awake.

"Resting for a while couldn't hurt" she thought as she went to the large sofa and laid down on it.

As she made herself comfortable she heard a knock on the door. Irritably she got up and went to open the door to open it.

"What is it?!" she snapped, when she saw it was only Alucard coming to annoy her again, but there was something odd about him tonight. He seems to be in deep thought, she realized.

"May I come in?" He asked calmly as if her snappiness (best word that I could think of) hadn't affected her at all.

"Fine…" she said calmly, as she saw how miserable he looked. "What do you want Alucard, I'm not in the mood for one of your games."

"I'm not here to play games with you women, I'm here to discuss my mistake that is Seras Victoria." He snapped.

"What do you mean 'mistake'?"

"I mean that she was not the one I hoped for, she's to attached to her pitifully so called humanity to be my fledgling."

"So what can I do about that, she is YOUR fledgling not mine. I only have control over her through you and if she were to drink fresh blood of a human than neither I nor you would have any control over her."

"That's what I'm afraid of, if she were to drink fresh human blood I'm afraid she would run and find a life for herself in an impossibly human world that has no place for vampires and end up murderous and insane, killing anyone who comes across her path, even me and you."

"That bring me back to my previous question 'what can I do'."

"We have no choice but to bind her in an eternal sleep."

"Are you sure?"



Its been a while since i wrote something, and i know its a little sloppy but it gets better, just watch!