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I woke up like every other morning.

'Another day in…huh? Wait? This isn't right.'

I wake to find myself lying down on a cold, metal table with my wrists and ankles clamped down. The florescent lights are almost blinding as I look up at them. To my right, I hear a door open and close.

"You're finally awake. We can begin the test now."

"I should have known," I mutter as I glance to my right. A little louder, I call out "Hello again Dr. Lowman."

"We really don't want to do it this way but not all tests can be made pleasant," he says.

"Ah…right down to business. So this is another painful test. I understand. Let's get this over with."

I don't know how my voice was able to remain so strong. I don't think Dr. Lowman even realizes I'm scared. That sympathetic look he's giving me means nothing either. I've received it so many times and the tests weren't all that bad. I guess they all really care.

The table begins to move so it is vertical. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch Dr. Lowman pulling something out of his pocket and walk toward me. There's that look again.

"Sorry," he says.

"Wait, that's a taser!"

He doesn't give me a chance to protest or prepare myself more than the automatic tensing of my body at the sight of the taser. My screams immediately fill the room. I have felt pain many times but nothing compared to this. I cannot help but thrash in an attempt to escape. Normally, I could break free from the restraints. I guess they learned. That or the electricity is turning my muscles-not to mention everything else in my body-to mush. I realize now that I can't breathe either. It seems to last forever. Finally, it ends and I slowly open my eyes. Everything is so blurry. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I saw that I was all burnt after my eyes focused.

"Very good! How do you feel?"

'Hm let me think about that.'

"Oh, just peachy!" I replied.

I swear I would have given him the finger if I could have. He turns the dial and the process begins again. Over and over the level increases. There is blood dripping from my mouth. I must have bitten my tongue. I can't feel or taste it but I can see it dripping down my front and forming a pool on the floor.

The dial is turned once more and I'm surprised it can go any higher. Ah the wonders of science. I admire it so. That's sarcasm if you didn't catch it.

I'm caught off guard by the pain shooting through my body. This time my struggle is minimal. I can no longer resist. My head drops and I prepare to welcome the darkness that will end my suffering. My last coherent thought was that I have never hated these scientists so much.

I feel cold metal below me. It is a struggle just to open my eyes. My body is extremely sore. I suddenly remember what happened. From the smell of this place, it is no where near heaven. It is also not the place I remember. It used to by a happy paradise with only a few flaws. It was nothing like that place called the School that I've heard so much about. But now, as I finally open my eyes and stare at the bars of my cage, my opinion has changed. This place is hell on earth.

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