Title: Loyalty

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings belongs to Tolkien.

Spoilers: Spoilers for both the books and movies.

Rating: G or K

Pairings: None.

Summary: Written for the OAA prompt "Loyalty." Poem about what formed the foundation of the Fellowship. No specific characters.


Loyalty cannot be bought,


Or asked for.


It does not come as a gift;

A price must be paid,

Or earned.


Loyalty is not easy to come by.

Many false friends exist,

Various backstabbers lurk,

Promises will be broken,

Oaths are forgotten,

And betrayals are eminent.


If the bond is true,


And withholding,


The great deed will be done.


The Fellowship was such.

A group of nine,

So different,

Yet so alike.


For the fate of Middle-Earth was in their hands,

The hands of four halflings,

Two Men,

One Elf,

One Dwarf,

And one Wizard.


They have been bound together,


And chosen for this one purpose.


In the face of temptation,



That sense of duty endured,

Even to the death of two.


Their sense of loyalty carried them far,

Until the Ring was destroyed,

The peace restored,

And one was crowned king.


Not only duty, though.

It was something more,

Something far greater than obligation.


It was loyalty,

Loyalty that would last forever.

The End