In Emmett's Car

Bella's POV At Charlie's House:

"Edward, where's your Volvo?" I asked, surprised that he came to get me in Emmett's BIG Jeep.

"It's getting a check up. You know, cleaned, oil check, the works." Edward shrugged, getting out of the cab to help me in.

"Charlie is gone for the day, we can do what ever we want."

"And we couldn't do what ever we wanted before then?"

"Shh! So, where's Alice?" I asked. Edward laughed.

"She saw some mechanic accidentally scratch her Porsche and right now she is hovering over his shoulder, making sure that he never touches her car."

"Wow, she must really like that car to take away a whole day off of shopping." Edward laughed and pressed the gas pedal. We were flying down the highway. I tried very hard not to focus on the landscape that was flying by.

"Edward, do you think you could slow down?" He gave me a bored look. He was tired of my commentary. "I want to savor the moment."

"What moment?" Edward asked, his golden eyes seemed to look deep into mine, I had to remember to breath.

"I don't know, just being here with you."

"Well, how about we take a scenic tour?" I nodded at his suggestion. He turned on the next side road. It was covered by trees, almost blocking out the little sunlight that Forks had to offer. He was driving slow. We were deep in the forest now and slowly the jeep came to a stop.

"Bella, do you know what I want to do?" Edward whispered, kissing the edge of my jaw, breath in, breath out.

"What?" I managed to gasp as his lips slowly traced the out line of my eye, lightly touching my eyelashes.

"Savor the moment, by being with you." My lips found his and our bodies slowly started to melt together.

Alice's POV

At The Garage:

"Emmett!" I called, coming out of my vision.

"Yeah Alice?"

"You lent Edward your car right?"

"Yeah, what happened?"

"You might want to go stop them before they wreck you interior." I watched as Emmett ran out of the mechanic shop as fast as a human could run but it was obvious he wanted to run faster. He started running at normal (vampire) speed before he had crossed the sidewalk.

Emmett's POV

Running To Save His Car:

There it was. It wasn't hard to find my jeep, being a colossal car. I ripped open the driver's door, closing my eyes and using one of my hands to make sure no vile vision of by brother and his fiancee or the inside of my car would haunt my memory for eternity.