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Somehow, Dr. James Wilson wasn't at all surprised to find one Dr. Gregory House filling in a stack of forms. He hadn't thought that he'd be able to keep his delinquent friend confined to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for long. Not with his patient and Car Accident Guy both dead. Still, it was a bit reckless on House's part.

"I take it you're leaving AMA?" Wilson asked, prepared for the inevitable argument that was sure to come.

"Yup." Said House, carefully searching out the places on the form where his signature was required to convince the hospital board that if he keeled over dead after leaving, he wouldn't sue.

"House, you stuck a knife in a light socket! You shouldn't be leaving!" Wilson reasoned.

"And yet, that is what I appear to be doing." House said, signing off on the last line.

"You haven't had a psych evaluation yet." Wilson futilely reminded him. "You don't think that's important, despite the fact that you nearly killed yourself?"

"Well, seeing as I took various steps to make sure that I would survive, I don't think it can referred to as a suicide attempt." House replied, his usual logic appearing to be completely intact after the whole incident.

While it was a fair point, Wilson was in no way willing to admit it. "So even though you electrocuted yourself, you feel there's absolutely nothing wrong with your life?"

"Glad we cleared that up." House snarked, grimacing as he rose to his feet and picked up his cane. Wilson watched in silence as the older doctor handed off the the stack of medical forms to a nurse and started down the hall. Cursing the fact that he just had to care, he immediately began to follow his friend down the hall.

"You know, when I said there was nothing wrong, I meant there would be nothing wrong once you stopped bugging me." House said over his shoulder as soon as he heard Wilson's footsteps behind him. He turned and stopped. He smirked as the younger man narrowly avoided a collision. "You know why I did it."

Wilson knew only too well why he had done it. Curiosity. What lay beyond was just another part of the Rubik's Cube to his friend. What he didn't know was what made House so miserable that he absolutely needed the answer to know the answer to the puzzle.

"Why can't you just be happy?" Wilson asked across the hallway at his oldest friend. "Why can't you just live your life instead of making yourself miserable?"

House just stared at the younger doctor, blue eyes wide, reminding Wilson vaguely of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, that is until House blinked. And suddenly, there were no walls, no anger, and for the first time in years, Wilson felt that he was truly seeing into Houses soul. For a moment, they looked into each other's gazes, time frozen, until House abruptly looked away.

"You know why." House stated quietly, almost too quietly for Wilson to catch, as he turned and limped towards the elevators. Wilson sighed as he watched his friend limp away, wishing that were true.


House glared daggers at the elevator wall, barely resisting the temptation to throw a punch at it, just so that he could create a new pain to distract him from his other pains, just for a little while. Damn Wilson. Despite what the other man thought, he didn't care only about himself, he didn't set out every morning with the sole ambition of making himself absolutely miserable. The guy had known him for years, if he hadn't figured out that there was a method to his madness by now, he was a total idiot.

Repressing a sigh, House carefully adjusted his face to display his "I'm pissed off and my leg is killing me" expression as the elevator doors opened into the Princeton Plainsboro lobby. Adjusting his cane in his grip, he set off across the foyer, hoping that he could make it out the doors and to his bike without being accosted by Cuddy. He was not in the mood to deal with people, nor was he in the mood to argue with the dragon about his sanity.

Making a beeline for the doors, he was almost home free when he heard the dreaded voice calling his name. For a split second, he considered feigning deafness, but instead decided to seize the chance to pawn off some of his anger, courtesy of Wilson, on some poor unsuspecting soul. He did consider the fact that Cuddy didn't actually deserve it, at least, not yet, but he decided that he could always make it up to her by working a few extra hours in the clinic without complaint. He found it almost amusing that he was pissed enough to work in the clinic just to make it up to people. He heard her call again.

"House!" Cuddy yelled a second time, fully expecting that she would have to follow him out to his motorcycle to talk to him. She was shocked when he stopped abruptly and turned to face her.

"What?" House asked, his voice low and menacing. She was used to him grouching and arguing with her, but this was different. House sounded angry. In all the time she had known him, she had only heard him to be truly angry on one other occasion. She had known the reasoning behind his anger on that occasion, and as much as she disliked it, his emotions at the time had been acceptable in the situation. This time though, Cuddy was in the dark, and it scared her.

House quietly watched Cuddy close the distance between them, surveying her with a certain amount of disdain. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she leaned in close.

"What the hell is your problem?" She asked, her voice low and carefully controlled, a failed attempt to keep it devoid of emotion.

"What do you think?" House sneered in reply. It sounded almost challenge like, exactly how he meant it.

Cuddy stared at him for a moment. "Did you do your psyche eval yet?"

"No." came the reply, a certain air of pride to the one word answer.

"So where the hell do you think you're going?"Cuddy asked in disbelief. A little voice in her head questioned why she was surprised, but she chose to ignore it.

"Home." House told her. "I'm going home for the weekend."

"You signed out AMA?"

"If this surprises you, you're much stupider than I originally thought." House mocked. Cuddy scowled in response.

"I know why I did what I did." House continued. "I don't need some idiot psychologist telling me what I already know."

"House, you can't always—" Cuddy began to argue, when House suddenly snapped.

"Will you just leave me alone?" the older doctor yelled, looking into her eyes, capturing her gaze. What she saw there, she had only seen once, when the normally resilient man in front of her had practically begged her for a shot of morphine. House was in pain, and getting away, being alone for a few days was how he had chosen to handle it this time. She supposed so long as he didn't do anything stupid, it was better than him tracking her down to beg for stronger painkillers.

"Will you be careful?" she asked, and almost smiled when he cocked his head to one side. His voice was almost at its normal level of sarcasm as he replied.

"Yes Mommy."

Cuddy sighed, and then nodded. Ashe would give him the time. "You have until Monday. Don't do anything stupid."

House just waved a hand in reply as she watched his retreating back exit through the sliding doors.