There was once a guy named Bob. He thought that on the expert level of minesweeper, you always had to guess. Other than the first few clicks, that is. He simply thought there was no way to solve it without guessing at the end. Even after countless times of being proven wrong, he still didn't see the logic!

Then, one night, after he went to bed, a strange yellow glow began to emanate from his closet.

Bob woke up with a start! Was that… whimpering that he heard? And it was coming from his closet!

He slowly got out of bed and began creeping toward the closet. Then, right before he opened the door, it slowly creaked opened.

He jumped back in fright. There, sitting wounded and bleeding, was a small smiley face. He asked it what happened and it told him that many of the smileys have died thanks to his illogical guessing.

"But…but…but…" was his reply. "I'll learn to use logic! I promise! Please don't die!"

But the smiley was already gone…

And that is how poor Bob came to use logic…