Disclaimer: Ok, this should go without saying but I do not own Twilight or any other book. Believe me, if I did would be making loads of money and vacationing in Italy -no pun intended.

Author's Note:

This story is set after New Moon but before Eclipse.

It has a sort of Charmed xover.

It's AU & Bella has 2 sisters who are in love and engaged.

Bella's sisters are Alyssa (15) and Piper (19). She's extremely close to them both. They're witches and Piper's fiance, Leo, is an angel (literally) + Alyssa's fiance, Sean, is a good demon. The three sisters are witches and Charmed Ones. More on this later in the chapters. I think that's about it but if you have any more questions pm me and I'll try and respond A.S.A.P.