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In the dawn of time, there was a land that prospered from its habitants' harmony. This land was called Roika. The people in Roika had several occupations and jobs, all working together to live life to its fullest potential. No one could find anything to complain about…

That is, until the day when HE came. You see, the society in Roika lived and prospered off of peace and harmony, each person willing to do his or her share of everyday labor. One simple "no", one single rebellious soul could throw all the hard work of centuries and eons into chaos. And he did. All it took was a single negation to tip the balance of this world into a perilous stage.

But wait… our story begins elsewhere, in a faraway village, away from the cities and towns of Roika. This is the story of a young maiden and how she came to overthrow the most powerful tyrant in the history of humankind. Stay tuned to find out how she did it

Tyke was just training by aibatts that fateful day. His adventuring career had started only a few hours ago, and he was proud to finally be chosen as a future warrior for his people. Because, even though the people of Roika lived in harmony, outside the cities' boundaries lay perils and dangers that no mere villager dared to encounter. Tyke had listened to fascinating stories from when he was just a little boy himself, sitting by the fireside soaking up the tales that an old knight often told. He said there were machines out there, created by the gods long before any living man could remember, corrupted thousands of years ago. These creatures now existed for the sole purpose of destroying humankind, and waited every day for a person to wander out of the city. Then, they would fiercely jump on the unsuspecting victim and attack it until they were victorious. For this reason, the people in Roika had to learn to defend themselves. They looked through all the records and scrolls of the past, searching for the forgotten techniques and instructions about warfare and combat.

The inhabitants of Saint Morning, a city to the east of Flarine, read through all the books and scrolls in their library. They kept in touch with Flarine's Historian, telling her of all they learned about the matter. They found out how to forge deadly and vicious swords and axes, cutting the very air around the edges. They crafted wands and staves, and learned to manipulate the elements around them. They made powerful bows and yoyos, weapons which kept the enemy at bay and the user safe. And lastly, they discovered the secret of healing and buffing magic, which could elevate even the weakest to the ranks of the heroes of old. Using these spells and the knuckles handed down from generation to generation of historians, the people of Roika armed themselves and started academies which trained warriors and powerful magicians. Only the elite of the elite were accepted, due to the demanding life these chosen ones were to lead. Many of the chosen did not make it past early adulthood, so only the physically capable and mentally able even dared to aply for admission. It took more than raw strength to be a Chosen Warrior. It took passion, skill, and above all, courage to face anything that destiny could throw in your path, and a perseverance that some would call just plain stubbornness.

But enough about the past. Tyke now clumsily took an aibatt down, and collected the drops from its carcass. There were a few coins, and a potion to restore energy drained during battle. Things others would look down upon, but Tyke only cherished, even more when he thought that these were his drops. Many long hours of hunting and stalking aibatts had given him this, and he respectfully picked them up and stored them away in his inventory. Even if he was a little worn out today, he would save the potion for another day when he could need it more than now. Weary to the bone and tired in the depths of his young body, he headed back into the city. Tomorrow would be a new day and he would begin again, this time with more experience.

He passed the Pet Tamer, and waved happily. One day, he told himself, one of those magnificent and powerful white tigers would be his and his alone. They would be inseparable, and they would roam the world from one end to the other, having great adventures and slaying monsters so terrifying that ballads and poems would be written telling of their deeds. Then he would just sit and listen to them, and make sure they got them right. His old friend would lie at his feet, yawning and stretching, and Tyke would pet him now and then, always remembering his first day of Masquerpet hunting.

He was so caught up in his daydreaming that he almost knocked a girl over. He mumbled an apology and helped pick up the jewelry he had caused her to drop. The rings, necklaces, and earrings reflected the sun's fading rays. He gasped and inspected them closely.

"Hey, do you mind watching where you're going? These cost a whole lot of money!"

"I'm sorry... I'm a little tired today. Are these yours? They're amazing..." He held a ring that had a blood-red stone in the center, and turned it a little, making the sun reflect off the many surfaces inside the stone. It was like a thousand little mirrors were inside the stone, and took turns in reflecting the light.

She quickly snatched them away. "Yeah, well, they're not mine, so be careful. I'm only taking them to a buyer."

He felt like energy had left him. He felt... slower. "Whoa... what are they?"

She looked around the deserted town square, and made sure no one was watching from the houses ringing it. "Can you keep a secret?" she asked, whispering, her mischievous brown eyes twinkling.

Tyke looked at her closely, and he saw that she couldn't keep herself from telling him. "Okay, I won't tell anyone," he replied in the same tone.

She grinned from ear to ear and whispered, "They're magic rings from before the Great Peace! They increase your abilities while you wear them. They were lost to us because we no longer needed to protect ourselves, but we recently found out the monsters outside the cities had taken them. My family sells them for a good price."

Tyke marvelled at the rings. He himself had just felt their amazing power. "How much are they?" he asked, thinking that these were essential to his future as a legend.

The girl pushed a strand of stray hair behind her ears and looked him up and down. "Well... they're about 100,000 coins for the cheapest of the rings. The better ones are very expensive because they add amazing powers. Would you like to buy one?"

100,000! He had never even seen that much money in his life. He looked at what he had from his hunt that day. A wooden sword, a couple of lollipops, a few twinkle stones, and 49 coins. The most he could get out of his hunt was about 5,000 coins if he sold the twinkle stones, and he still had to come up with another 95,000 for the cheapest ring!

He was just about to tell the girl that he could not afford the ring when a shadow fell over them. "He will take two, one Arek and the other one Vigor. Also, a Mighteer and a Plug Earring, the best you've got, for the future. I will pay for them."

Tyke almost choked. He tried to look at the tall stranger but the sun was on his back, so he only saw a tall, lean figure. The slight breeze ruffled his hair, and his armor glowed with the power of a thousand sunstones. He took out a bag of coins, and dropped it in front of the girl. "This should be more than enough for the jewelry."

The girl looked up at the shadow suspiciously. The bag was too little for the payment of the equipments. She stuck her hand in, and her eyes widened. Taking it out, she opened it and found big, heavy gold coins, each worth 100,000 penya. Her mouth fell open, and she rumagged in her bag to find two small, packaged bundles. Unwrapping them she took out two earrings, one purple and the other one gold, and offered it up to the figure along with the rings.

The man (for he had a deep voice) took them and motioned for Tyke to follow him, turning towards the edge of the city. Tyke shot the girl a puzzled look, and, saying goodbye, followed the mysterious man. He stood under a tree, engulfed by the shadows that were fast spreading across the land. A mighty-looking dragon lay on one side of him, and lazily looked up when Tyke approached.

"You started your warrior training today, am I right?" the man asked, playing with the jewelry.

"Yessir, I did," answered Tyke nervously, following the expensive jewelry with his eyes and wondering what the man wanted from him.

"How would you like these... equipments?" he asked, letting Tyke have a good look at them. "They could sure come in handy tomorrow..."

Tyke was thinking of an answer, but the man cut him off. "I know you want them, and you can have them. I only ask that in return you take me as your training guide. After all, who better to show you the ways of a warrior than one who has travelled this world many times, and faced its dangers alone? I can tell you all the aspects of battle, the strategies of the mighty, and the secrets of the gods."