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Fred and Percy had just backed into view, both of them dueling masked and hooded men.

Fred just barely noticed Harry, Ron, and Hermione running forward to help: Jets of light flew in every direction and the man dueling Percy backed off, fast.

"Hello, Minister!" bellowed Percy, his perfect jinx sent straight at Thicknesse. The man in question began to claw at the front of his robes, clearly in discomfort. "Did I mention I'm resigning?"

"You're joking, Perce!" shouted Fred as the Death Eater. With a nicely aimed hex, the Death Eater collapsed under three separate Stunning Spells. Fred finally looked at his older brother with glee.

"You actually are joking, Perce… I don't think I've heard you joke since you were—"

In a split second, the air exploded around them. They had been grouped together, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, and Percy. The two Death Eaters were at their feet, one Stunned while the other was transfigured; and in that fraction of a moment, when the danger seemed temporarily at bay, the world was rent apart.

Looking down at his own predicament, Fred noticed his leg trapped under a pile of rubble. Pushing it away he flexed, before grimacing in pain. Balancing was difficult as he rose to his feet. His right leg buckled and he grasped onto the wall next to him. The Death Eater next to him was moving as well. With one slight kick to the head, the unnamed Death Eater was knocked out. He then fell back to the ground and yet another wall collapsed, pinning the Weasley under again. This time, he had no strength to get up and move.

A thick layer of dust covered the air, blocking any sign of what was going on in the corridor. He looked at Percy who was coughing outrageously and with one quick wand movement; Fred undid the Transfiguration on Thicknesse. He stood there dazed and confused until a green curse came flying at the Minister. With another flick of Fred's wrist, Thicknesse was transformed into the Weasley twin. Shutting his eyes, Fred quickly moved his arms up to avoid being hit with a sharp piece of marble sent flying his way. When he opened his eyes, he touched the blood that was beginning to travel down his face. Still, the Weasley twin had no time to waste.

Fred closed his eyes and felt the twisting and yanking of his body being transformed. It was only his second time changing into his Animagus form, not having taken the chance to properly master the technique, and it was still very painful. He shook a little when he arrived on all fours of fox leg, testing out his broken one. He waddled a little way as the dust began to clear. He saw Harry shake himself of rubble.

His blue-green eyes landed on Hermione as she stood up herself. It broke his heart at the sight of Percy and his younger brother lying over the transfigured body.

"No — no — no!" he looked up at Percy's mouth, reading it. The sounds came out muffled and foreign. "No! Fred! No!"

And Percy rose to his knees and began shaking his brother. Ron was kneeling beside them, and "Fred's" eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his laugh still etched upon his face.

Proud of his Transfiguration, the real Fred snuck out and around many different Stunning Spells, and Killing Curses. The cold air reached his fur and Fred was free to see the world without really worrying about the outcome of the war. Somehow, he knew that Harry was going to win.

Ron stared unblinking at his brother as Fred took in a deep breath. He had remained quiet the whole time. The older brother took this in as a bad sign. He stood up and now rested against the door. Ron's blue eyes watched carefully as Fred approached him.

"Say something," Fred stated.

"You faked your own death?" he grasped.

"Yes," answered Fred.

Ron walked up to Fred and hit across the face. "You lied to the whole family, because you were afraid of being squished by that wall! You are the ultimate prat! A right-foul Git, you know that?" He yelled.

Fred's hand rubbed the now sore mark on his face. He looked away from his brother. "I was chased by Death Eaters…"

"I don't give a damn about how you survived and kept yourself a secret after that! You could have come home! We were all in great distress because of it! Do you know what Mum and Dad have gone through? Did you even care?"

Fred answered weakly, "I kept this family safe."

That wasn't good enough for the youngest male Weasley. He held his wand towards the elder Weasley Twin. He backed Fred up to the door. Lowering his wand, Ron muttered, "Get out. Just get out of here!"

Fred quickly opened the door and almost slithered out. He flinched as the door slammed shut. He could hear screaming and throwing of stuff around the room. Looking down over the banister, he saw his mother standing at the bottom, glaring up towards the top.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" she bellowed. "THAT IS NO…"

She froze. There was a scream. Ginny, Fred thought immediately. The door behind him rushed open and Ron stood there with his wand pointed out. Taking in a deep breath, the two of them rushed down, taking two steps at a time.

Barking like mad, Percival was sitting at the bottom of the steps. Mrs. Weasley had her eyes narrowed and her free hand was on her wand. The two boys rushed to her side and the dog moved on, barking through the house.

"Boys, the girls!" Mrs. Weasley cried out.

Within two steps, the boys were in the kitchen and standing before them was a man in black with a Death Eater's mask over his face. Behind him, in the hands of another Death Eater was Hermione and Ginny, both being held tightly by their hair.

"Hermione!" Fred called out.

Harry pushed his arm out, holding his wand still at the Death Eater. "What do you two want?"

Percival stood between George and Percy. "We want to rise the Dark Lord again."

"Impossible," Percy snapped. "No spell—"

"Quiet!" the back Death Eater snapped. "Or your sister and the girl will get it!"

Fred took in a deep breath. "Let them go!" he commanded.

The Death Eater smiled. "Well, Weasley. You may have escaped but you don't have much life left in you do you?" The tip of his brown wand began to glow green.

"I have enough life in to bring down the rest of you! Including your leader," Fred snapped. "What is it that you want here?"

"I thought it would be obvious. Our Leader wishes to speak with you."

Hermione gulped and looked at Fred. "Fred?"

He sighed and glanced between his family and the Death Eaters. His blue eyes landed on Hermione and Ginny. They were endangered because he came back. Taking in a deep breath, he answered calmly, "I'll come with you, if you leave my family and friends alone."

The Death Eaters looked at each other and both nodded. They let go of the girls and stalked towards Fred. They roughly grabbed his arms and began their moment to leave. By the time the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione had gotten there they were too late.

Tears began to roll down Hermione's face with the realization that Fred was gone. Percival sat back on his heels as George and Percy fell to their knees. Without any warning, the dog let out a long and lonely howl.