Okies i haves to admits...it was a bit confusing at the beginning, no? But don't worry, i shall carry on! nn

The day dreaded on…slowly, oh so solemnly until Sakura thought the day would never end. At the end of school, she ran up to Naruto. "Ugh, NARUTO! I thought that day would never end!"

"Meh tou, Sakura-chan!" he sighed heavily, plunking down on the sidewalk bench. "Whats yuu thinks abouts the new kids, ne?" he asked.

"Eh? Sasori-senpai and Souta-san? They seem alright," Sakura muttered, having learned their names throughout the day. "I dunnoes…the boi creeps me out…" Naruto shuddered, and Sakura gave him an 'oh please' look.

"Oh, the bus is here…I have to go, Naruto. Baibai!" she waved curtly and jumped off the bench.

She stepped onto the bus, this time, scanning the floor for any extended body parts…(cough) –the foot- (cough).

When she was sure no foots had been stuck out, she plopped in her usual seat in the back. Naruto was SO lucky his friend Kiba-kun's mom always picked him up. The boy with the crimson wavy hair climbed up the stairs and looked around. The chatty schoolbus became deathly quiet.

"HEY FREAK!" one kid, Arura-kun, the meaniest (yes, meaniest xP) boy in the school threw a piece of crumpled up paper at Sasori's head. Sasori let it hit him. He walked on, chin low and eyes glowing softly.

He was about to walk past Sakura when he hesitated and tilted his head to a side. "Saah—kuu-rah—sahn?" he emitted, very lightly. Sakura's widened her eyes. For such a deep, rough looking kid, he had the sweetest voice she ever heard. "Yes?" she asked. He looked around friskly. "Can I sit--?" he began but then Sakura quickly said, "Oh, yeah---um, sure." Blushing a bit.

..ohmehgosh. hes souuu cuuute…

He sat down, and started to gaze at her. Sakura felt uncomfortable, so she started a light conversation. "So, er, Sasori-senpai…"


"You six years old?"



Sakura turned away from him and faced the window. The calm blur of the rushing scenery raced through her mind. When she turned her head back, Sasori's face was so close to her's that their noses touched a bit.

"Aiiiiiie!" she jumped back. "Don't scare meh like that!"

He tilted his head again. "Oh, well, whaddya know it's mai stop.." Sakura pushed him back gently and stood up. "Mine too," he half whispered. He got up, and began following her out the bus doors. She looked back.

Ino had smooshed her face against the window, making a silly look. Sakura chose to ignore it. As she walked up the path, she found the boy still following her.

"Um, Sasori-senpai?"


"00…your house is that way."

"Oh? Right." He said quickly. Sakura turned around and began walking again. She heard footsteps behind her. Sasori was still following her. "I thought I told you your house was that way," Sakura almost found herself reply in a giggle. "Hu??" he said.

Sakura smacked her forehead. She grabbed his arm, and started to march in the opposite direction, towards his house. Once they were close enough, she pointed to it. "See? That house," she felt like she was explaining something to a newborn baby.

He remained silent. She turned around and was about to walk when she felt a tightening grasp around her wrist. "Don't go!" he wailed.

She spun around, surprised. "But i gots homework to do," she said, trying to hide a smile. "O…Okies…" he let go.

She turned around and walked back to her house.

That's funny… she thought. …the door's unlocked & open. She stepped in, looking around. It was quiet. Too quiet. "Mum? Papa?" she squeaked. No answer. She closed the door and it emitted a rickety groan, which echoed through the walls.

She walked into the diner, the living room, and even her father's private study. No one was home. As she walked up to her room, she saw a note. She snatched it and opened it. It read:

Dear Sakura Dearest

We have gone away for a while and we have placed you under the care of the Akasuna's. We have made a friendship amongst them and we hope you find your stay there pleasant.

Love You Forever, Mum & Dad.

Sakura twitched a bit. Gone away for a while? That didn't seem like them. She ran up to their room and opened their wardrobe drours. All the clothes had vanished. The lively perfume rack was swept clean, her dad's dirty closet was unusually barren and empty. This was too strange.

On the counter was a pair of puppet screws and a chunk of wood. That's weird…that looked like the material from the Puppet Builder Kit the Akasuna's always carried around. She just decided to settle things calmly and plopped down in front of the small television. She tried to turn it on. It refused. She thrust the remote on the couch and ran outside.

Sasori was at her door, sitting on the porch. His face was very pale. "My mummie and daddy did a very horrid thing," he kept repeating. Sakura winced. His arms were bloody. She sat down next to him. "Do you know where my mom and dad are?" she stammered. He faced her. "My mummie and daddy did a very horrid thing to your mum and daddie…" his eyes were sagging and the blood was drying up.

Sakura guessed he was just in a state of shock. "Anyways, want to go to your place? I have nothing to do around here," she said with a smile. "I must show you something," he said and took her arm.

He went to the back of his yard and stood next to what appeared to be a cellar. "Go in," he said. It was dark. "W-wont you come with me?" Sakura asked, trying to hide the fact that she was scared of pitch-blackness.

"Nope. You have to witness it yourself."

"okay…" she stuttered. She yanked the door open and a swirling vortex of dust poofed out. She coughed and rubbed her watery eyes. She stumbled down the steps, clutching for dear life on the railing. When she got down, she asked, "NOW WHAT?"

"…OPEN THE SWITCH…" Sasori said slowly.

Sakura fumbled around until she felt the familiar button. She flicked it up, and to her terror…she saw hundreds…hundreds of thousands…lifeless, bloody---