SPOILERS FOR 'REUNION' I loved this episode. I just got a bit inspired by Sheppard's look when Ronon told him he was leaving then again later when Ronon told him good luck. Joe Flanigan is a master at subtlety. I loved how the team just kept the Satedan's betrayal to themselves. Anyway. Just my take on it. Let me know what you think.


John guided the puddle jumper toward the gate. It was the four of them in the puddle jumper and everyone was quiet. He would never admit it, but he had felt betrayed by Ronon, at least a little bit. Rationally he understood what he did and rationally he knew that Ronon's loyalties had been split. But the irrational part of him was hurt and a little pissed that Ronon could just break up the team so easily and then, without the characteristic suspiciousness, be duped. He could feel the anger rising in him, but he let it go just as quickly. Ronon had come back for them. John and Rodney and Teyla knew what happened, but Atlantis did not have to. This was a team issue and they had closed ranks around Ronon. With that thought John mentally kicked himself in the ass. Hell he was complaining about being betrayed, but damn Ronon was ultimately betrayed, and he knew the Satedan would be upset with himself about it. John turned around. "Almost there guys," he said with a genuine smile. Yeah…Team was still together, everyone okay, and Ronon figured out where he belonged. Maybe they would have to work this out later, he wasn't sure how he would eventually feel about it, but Ronon was his family...his brother. Family stuck together and brothers were always forgiven in his book.


Ronon said nothing to his team. He felt ashamed for having betrayed their trust. He had put them in harms way because he had blindly given his loyalty to friends he thought he knew. Anger at himself seethed inside of him. He could have gotten them killed…He almost did. He felt sadness and hatred to those he had thought were his friends, but he pushed his feelings about that away for now. He looked at the back of Sheppard's head. Sheppard had risked so much to help him…Trusted him implicitly…Fought to have him rescued on Sateda when he had been taken by the Wraith again…given him hope. He had seen the look on Sheppard's face when he told him he was leaving Atlantis. He was too stupid then to think about it, to see what it meant. Sheppard would say nothing more, but Ronon knew it had hurt. But that slight look hurt Ronon now. It did not take long for him to realize where he belonged when the firing began, but it had been almost too late. He learned that John had been stunned twice and Teyla once and that Rodney had been forced to try to change the replicator code. Ronon knew Sheppard would hold no grudge, but it did not help him feel better about it. Maybe they would have to work this out. He would wait to see…let things settle. He leaned back against the jumper. I'm sorry to all of you. I will do anything to make it up to you…give my life if I have to. He glanced toward Sheppard's back again. I am most sorry to you brother. I am most sorry to you. Sheppard turned around and looked at them with a grin to tell them they were almost home.

Teyla and Rodney looked at each other and nodded. They had all felt betrayed to varying degrees, but Teyla and Rodney knew Sheppard had felt it the most. Those two would have to work this one out but they were a family, and family stuck together.