Speed Bumps

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Edward Elric, 18, walked down a hall of Central's Military base with a file in his right hand. He and his younger brother, Alphonse, had returned the younger Elric's body and Ed's left leg when Ed was 17. Al was returned as a 15 year-old.

Ed, shockingly, decided to become an active member of the military once more. He was a State Alchemist once more, as well as an active partner in the office, being a Second Lieutenant to, none other than, Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist and promoted Führer of the Military.

Al had decided to stay at their home in Central, along with Winry who had opened up shop there.

Ed yawned as he walked down the hall, bringing his free hand over his mouth. He had just woken up a while ago and was in no mood to deal with the military or Mustang. Nonetheless, he looked ahead with weary eyes; the Füher's office was five doors away. He sighed.

As he walked down the hall, he greeted a few of the military staff such as Breda and Havoc. He figured Breda, Third Lieutenant, was off to one of his chess games and Havoc, a colonel, was, seeing as he was slightly in a hurry, off to smoke a cigarette. Damn, this early in the morning? The blonde Alchemist asked himself.

"Good morning Second Lieutenant" Fuery greeted cheerfully as he saluted.

How is this guy so cheerful sometimes? Ed asked himself but responded. "Morning Fuery" he greeted.

"Führer Mustang is waiting for you, Mr. Elric. I was just in his office and he told me to tell you if I saw you" Fuery told the blonde.

Ed sighed and straightened out his blue uniform. "Of course; when doesn't he need me for something?" he muttered.

Fuery laughed slightly. "Don't feel bad, Lieutenant; it's morning and you've just recently woken up. You have every right to be a little annoyed" he teased him. "I'm sure you'll feel better after you've woken up a bit more" he said happily.

Ed smiled. "I guess you're right" he said. "Thanks"

Fuery nodded and saluted respectfully before walking off. Good; I got him in a better mood. After what Mustang has for him…he's gonna look worse than he does now he thought nervously.

The Elric watched the officer walk off before continuing his walk towards his commanding officer, smiling slightly. Not long after, he stood before the double doors of the Führer's office. Setting free of a breath, he brought up his left hand and knocked carefully. The double door's opened to Mustang's First Lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye.

"First Lieutenant" Ed greeted as he saluted the blonde woman respectfully.

"Good morning, Edward" Riza replied, pulling a quick salute and then opening the door wider so that he could enter.

The blonde Alchemist nodded and entered the large, luxurious, office. In the center of the large room was the Führer's desk. To the left, Riza's desk lay. The room itself was decorated with marble flooring and an extravagant flag, hanging on the wall behind Mustang's desk, which was green with the white military ensignia in the center. Above it, in the empty, green space of the flag, were two swords held in the formation of an 'X'.

"Führer Mustang" Ed greeted formally as he bowed and then saluted respectfully, holding the salute.

Mustang looked up from the papers he was signing. "Second Lieutenant Elric" he said, with the same formal voice.

Ed immediately brought his hand down to his side and kept a stern look on his face; the face of a soldier, some would call it. "I brought the file First Lieutenant had told me to bring, sir" he explained plainly as he handed the manila folder to the Führer.

The commanding officer took the document in his hand and opened it; more papers to sign. His right eye twitched nervously but he closed it and placed it down on his desk. "Thank you, Lieutenant; I don't know what I'd do without you"

Ed forced himself to hold back the laughs; he was unsure which lieutenant he was speaking to, him or Riza, but the fact that it annoyed him made it all worth-while. "Anyway" Ed perked up. "Fuery told me you wanted to see me about something, sir" he pointed out.

"Of course" Mustang told him in a more cool and collected tone. "Lieutenant Elric" he ordered.

"Sir!" Ed replied with a salute and straitening out his body.

Mustang grinned at the Elric before continuing. "You don't have to be so formal, Fullmetal" he teased before continuing. "I have a little assignment for you, Edward" he explained.

Ed widened his eyes curiously but remained stern.

Mustang quickly explained to the officer what he was assigned to do; telling him it was a 'special' task.

Ed's widened furiously when the formal colonel finally finished giving him his so-called 'assignment'.



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