A rainy day in fall, the day room of the well kept but sterile asylum, and the single window in the room dominated by the Joker, lounging on an awful maroon sofa faded to ugly magenta. The reinforced window was blurry with rain and smudged by fingerprints, some the Joker's, and some from the other patients longing to be outside and feel something real. He sat brooding, an expression on his face such that no one wanted to get close to him.

He'd been captured yesterday. That always meant trouble. The beating courtesy of Batman and the drugs foisted on him by the staff left him with an unconquerable headache. If there was anything responsible for psychotic behavior on the part of the Joker, it was having a headache.

Therefore, the other seasoned inmates kept on the other side of the room while bothering him.

"Joker," the Scarecrow called. His mask held a hideous grin, completely obscuring whatever expression might've been on his real face at the moment. "The Riddler has deduced that we are getting a new intern as of Tuesday the 21st. You might be interested in this one. She's a female."

"They should have known better than to try to hide something from The Riddler," Two-Face said. His good side had an expression of disdain on it. As always, his bad side was too twisted to really read any expression off it.

The Joker slowly traced a smile on the window with his finger and turned around. His face had that calm look. The bad calm look. "Are you implying…dear friends…that I would need the attention of some lowly intern to spark a new love life?"

They didn't really know how to respond to this. Two-Face shook his head, trying to look as innocent as possible and handicapped by his disfigurement.

"Or perhaps that my ego has been so badly damaged by being captured by the Bat that I need to seduce an intern to make myself feel all better?"

Even the Scarecrow was beginning to think that perhaps mentioning the intern hadn't been a good idea. He pondered what to do about this.

"You really are bent on being surly," The Penguin said. He was sitting along at a small table playing solitaire, and had previously vowed to keep out of the conversation. However, churlish behavior always annoyed him. "Why not make the most of your imprisonment and have a little fun while you rot?" That was his newest philosophy. He could conquer the cretins of Arkham by refusing to let them extinguish his superior spirit.

"I'd stay over in that corner, Pengy," The Joker said. He stretched a smile on his face like stretching a torture victim on the rack. It was ugly. "I have the sudden inclination to pluck your feathers."

"Alright," The Penguin said mildly, and returned to his cards.

The Joker turned murderous eyes on his other peers. "As for the rest of you, don't be surprised if you drown in your soup. Adieu." He returned to looking out the window.

"Well, that was a waste of time," Two-Face said to The Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow shrugged. "We could have done worse."