- The act of giving, leaving by will, or passing on to another.

- Something that is bequeathed; a legacy.

Bequest : Chapter One

The late morning sunlight streamed through the blinds of the Daily Planet bullpen, warming the air it touched, setting dust particles to sparkle lazily as they made their way to the desk of Lois Lane and found her struggling to focus on the task before her.

Lois brushed the hair impatiently from her face, stabbing the delete button on the keyboard for what seemed the millionth time. Her eyes were fixed on the taunting blank screen of her computer, but her mind tempted her toward the events of the past week. Lois gave herself a mental shake, looking over her story notes again. She let out a determined breath, straightened her shoulders and began typing. But all too soon the mundane details of the article proved no match for the extraordinary facts of her own life that clamored for her attention.

It had been three days since her world had been turned on its ear.

One would think finding out her best friend and the man she loved were the same person would make her life easier. But all it had managed to do was complicate things. How could she know what was real and what was a mask? The truth was… she wasn't sure she knew either of them anymore.

And it hurt.

It was easier to be angry right now than to think too much on how much it hurt her that Clark felt he couldn't trust her with his secret.

Clark had been one of the few people in her life that she had trusted. She hadn't had many close friends growing up, years of disappointment from family and friends had built the impenetrable wall around her, brick by emotionally damaged brick.

Then she had met Clark Kent. His inherent goodness and general naiveté about the very things in life that had hardened her attracted her to him like the proverbial moth to a flame. Lois had felt safe around him, convinced that he didn't have a duplicitous bone in his tweed covered body. He had systematically chiseled away at her defenses until one day; in spite of herself she had opened herself up to his friendship.

An unstoppable journalism team, they had grown together as partners and more importantly; friends. Clark had been her safety net. He kept her feet firmly planted on the ground when her lofty ideas would have sent her into the stratosphere. His honesty, though brutal at times was full of the charm that they only grow in Kansas. Clark could always make her laugh, be it on purpose, or by his klutzy antics. He also made her see red, many times finding himself on the other side of her legendary temper, yet somehow able to stand toe to toe and live to tell the tale.

When she met Superman, she hadn't noticed the close proximity to her chance meeting of her new friend. Superman had literally swooped into her life, she found herself falling in love for the first time. Through years of friendship she had confided in Clark her growing feelings for the man behind the public symbol of truth and justice.

Lois snorted wryly as she took a sip of her coffee. Truth.

To his credit she supposed, Clark had never tried to dig details or information out of her, and perhaps that was the very reason she was so honest and forthcoming about her feelings for Superman with him.

She was swept away by his ideals and goodness. For all his strength, she found in him the gentlest of souls. He protected her heart with the same diligence that he protected the world they lived in.

When she found out she was pregnant, after Superman, the first person she wanted to tell was Clark. Lois had been ecstatic and terrified all at once. Thrilled at the prospect of being a mother and carrying the child of the man she loved, and fearing what kind of difficulties would come as a result of her child's parentage.

Clark had always been there when she needed him and then all at once he disappeared on some impromptu trip he'd supposedly been planning to go on for months and had never once mentioned it to her. This tied in unbeknownst to her with Superman's sudden disappearance.

In one horrible day, she lost the man she loved and her best friend all in one fell swoop.

How could I have been so blind? The timing alone should have raised a red flag. When she thought of all the marginally believable excuses Clark was always making to leave, let alone the physical resemblance, she wondered if it was she rather than Clark Kent that should be wearing glasses.

Lois didn't know who she was more upset with. Clark for lying to her, or herself for not realizing he was.

He was the last person she would ever expect such a betrayal from. The laughable thing was, she felt she'd been betrayed twice; once from Superman and once from Clark.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Her closest friend, the man she loved – were the same man. The whole mess left a bitter taste in her mouth. She would slap him again if she thought he would feel it.

"Hey Lois! Did you want any more coffee before I throw away the pot?" Jimmy Olson leaned over the partition between their desks.

Lois glowered up at Jimmy, the prospect of caffeine keeping her from throttling him altogether. It wasn't his fault. Lois sighed.

"Yes, Jimmy. Can you bring me two actually?"

"Sure thing, Lois! Is one for Cl -" he halted at her expression. "I'm…just going to get the coffee."

Lois' teeth dug into the pencil she had placed between them, if it broke, it wouldn't be the first one today.


The phone at her desk rang beside her, snapping her out of her macabre revere.


"Lois Lane?" A kind, soft voice asked from the other end of the line.

"This is she." Lois tempered her pointed tone.

"Hello, Miss Lane." The voice began somewhat hesitantly. "My name is Ben Hubbard. I am a friend of Clark Kent's family. Martha gave me this number as a contact in case we ever needed to reach Clark and he didn't answer his phone." His voice trailed off into silence.

Her tone bristled again at the mention of Clark. "Ah I see. I take it Clark can't be bothered to answer his phone?" Lois' eyes traveled unconsciously over to Clark's empty desk.

"I'm afraid this line was to be used only in case of emergency."

Lois swallowed. "Of course, I'm sorry, Mr. Hubbard. What can I do for you today?"