- The act of giving, leaving by will, or passing on to another.
- Something that is bequeathed; a legacy.

Bequest Chapter Twenty Nine – Union

The mid-afternoon sun exploded gloriously from behind the clouds, streaming long shafts of light onto the golden harvest that reached toward it in stalks that had grown tall and strong. The air sparkled with wayward blossoms that, freed from nearby fruit trees lilted and danced on the wind, filling the air with their beauty and fragrance.

An ever-growing army of cars and trucks filled the long driveway, spilling out into a seemingly endless line on the road that bordered the seasons crop.

Beneath the folds of a pristine white silk tent, a small trio of musicians tuned their instruments, the strains joined the cacophony of sensation that soared together forming the perfect elements of spring.

The winter was over and a new season had begun. This symbolism was not lost on those who filled the modest farmhouse, that even now hummed with activity, anticipation and the scents of enough food to feed an army.

"Lucy! My veil!" Today the volume of Lois' voice held none of it's usual sass or impatience. A radiant softness had settled over this woman who looked every inch the beaming bride.

Lois stood before the floor length mirror in Martha Kent's bedroom, a waterfall of sparkling ivory and crisp white lace spilling elegantly around her. Seemingly an after thought, her chestnut hair was pinned up and interwoven with tiny florets from the apple tree outside, their scent adding just another layer of perfection to an already perfect day.

Sure Jason's vest had been washed instead of dry cleaned, and was now small enough for a child half his age to wear. Of course Shelby had jumped on Ben in greeting and left a large muddy paw print on the lapel of his one immaculate gray suit. And there was an air of expectation that somehow the proceedings would be halted by any number of emergencies somewhere around the world, clamoring for her fiancé's attention...

Lois grinned at her reflection. But all of those things paled in comparison to the life that stretched before her. She would not trade one day of traditional perfection in the face of stepping into so blessed a union.

Lucy burst into the room in a hail of high heels and tulle. "It's done Lo!" I can't believe how stubborn those wrinkles were! But look!" She held up the abundant and creaseless veil. "It's perfect."

Lois lifted the hem of her dress slightly from the floor and she crossed the room to embrace her sister. "You're right. It's perfect." she smiled joyfully.

"Oh! Your shoes are downstairs. I'll go get them!" Lucy breezed out of the room as quickly as she'd come.

Lois' eyes fell to the window that faced the backyard where the ceremony would soon begin. Row after row of white folding chairs lay upon the green of the new grass that had formed only weeks earlier. Loved ones and acquaintances milled about the ground their conversation a low hum punctuated by the occasional burst of laughter that found its way to her ears.

Her eyes were drawn of their own will to the front of the crowd where a cluster of gray suits had gathered. There stood the male additions to their wedding party. Jimmy stood out only because of his lack of height. He didn't seem to notice the deficit as he laughed and joked with the people around him, his face stretched into a wide smile. Beside him, Ben was stooped, bending toward Jason and adjusting the tie he'd pulled loose for the umpteenth time. Jason grinned at Ben and nodded at something he was saying, inclining his face to the man standing next to him.

Richard's face was partially hidden from Lois' view, but the dimple in his cheek suggested his current mood. He seemed an unlikely guest, let alone addition to this particular wedding, and his agreement to participate had given Lois a sense of completion that she hadn't expected to possess.

Her gaze shifted left, gliding over the stocky form of her father who for once did not have a cigar in his mouth, her eyes continued their search as she wondered if this time he would really quit.

Suddenly her eyes rested on the object of her affection. Clark Kent stood proud and tall at the head of the proceedings, his hands folded neatly in front of him. Every so often his eyes would lift to the back of the crowd in anticipation of her arrival.

He looked so regal standing there, a fitted gray suit that had been tailored specifically for his dimensions. Lois grinned as her mind brought back to her remembrance their conversation about then second most important suit he would ever wear.

Are you sure you're okay with gray? I'm going for an elegant motif, but if you'd rather wear something less monochromatic..."

A chuckle had rumbled low in his chest. "Lois...I wear 'something brighter' every day. Monochromatic will be an excellent and welcome departure from primary."

She stepped closer to the window, careful to conceal the majority of her dress behind the lace curtains of Martha's room. "Looking for someone?" she whispered, her voice teasing and barely audible.

At her words, Clark's dark head lifted in her direction his face alight with joy. Their eyes met over the distance and Lois' heart pounded against her chest. She marveled at his ability to reduce her to a pile of goo at a glance....and a hundred yard glance at that.

His smile widened, letting her know his sensitive ears had heard far more than her words.

Lois returned his smile and put a lace covered hand over her heart. "I trust all is well with the world and you'll be there when I come down?"

Clark's eyes sparkled as he shot her a look of mock offense. He nodded almost imperceptibly.

"I love you Clark Kent. I would wait a hundred years if I knew at the end of them you would be my husband." she whispered over the emotion building in her throat.

Clark raised his hand and put it over his own heart. Hurry. he mouthed.

"I'm nearly ready. I'll be there faster than a speeding bullet." she beamed through her tears.

His baritone laugh traveled across the yard and Lois sighed contently as she rose to make her way toward the door.


Clark watched the curtains f his mother's room fall closed. Lois was on her way. He resisted the urge to peer through the wood and glass to sneak a peek of her in her gown. He still couldn't believe he'd found himself at the alter where Lois Lane would become his wife, and he didn't want to tempt fate by disobeying tradition.

He exhaled and straightened his tie over his chest. There was no Kryptonian symbol beneath his fingers. Today, this was the only suit he wore. Perhaps he had superstitions of his own. Hopefully the absence of his usual suit would for one day cancel the need for it.

A bit of movement caught his attention, and Clark turned to see Frank and Edna Briesemeister sitting at a place of honor in the front row. Frank was dressed to the nines, his quiet and calm demeanor a dynamic opposite to his wife who was waving with frantic affection in Clark's direction.

Without his parents here, it was an extra blessing to see these people whom he loved so dearly step into this place of support. They had done that and so much more with their agreement to help Ben take on the overseeing of the farm. Clark grinned and wiggled his fingers at Edna.

There was a footfall beside him and Richard stepped into his scope of vision.

They hadn't spoken much since they had returned to Metropolis. It had been a week before Clark had even spied Richard outside of his office. The man had been avoiding him and Clark had thought it wise to give him the space he needed.

Then, one not so special day, the time had been late, Lois was out chasing a lead, Clark was putting the finishing touches on a fluff piece destined for the middle of the paper and Richard had materialized beside his desk.


"It's true, right? I didn't imagine it." Richard raked a hand through his already disheveled hair.

The two men had stared at each other for a long time. Clark didn't insult him by asking to what he'd been referring. The moment at his mother's funeral was still vivid in his mind. Clark hadn't mentioned it to Lois in case he'd been wrong, but now, looking at the man standing so expectantly in front of him... he knew no denial would dissuade Richard of what he already knew...the question much...

Clark took a breath. "It's true." he said quietly.

Richard nodded once. "Thank you." he rasped. Richard pulled a chair from the vacant desk beside them. The aged wood creaking as he sank heavily into the seat.

An awkward silence stretched between them.

"I never thought to ask her. I mean... you're the last person anyone would ever suspect." He gestured and leaned back in the chair. "And when you were in India or whatever, she never mentioned you, not once. I just never figured you for the kind of man who would leave his son without a father."

The barb found its target and Clark lowered his eyes to study the floor. "I didn't know..." He lifted his pain-filled gaze to the man before him. "I didn't know...I didn't...I never could have left..."

Richard exhaled. "I know it, Clark. It's just easier to hate you a little if you had known."

"I'm sorry I didn't say anything, Richard..." Clark offered.

The editor nodded. "I suppose it's not exactly an easy thing to bring up, Clark. How do you work something like that into a conversation? 'Nice to meet you Richard, by the way, the child you're raising in mine.'" A bitter laugh burst forth from his lips.

Clark forced a humorless smile as his eyes once again found their way to the floor. There was nothing he could say. Nothing to defend. There was no changing the past. He needed to ride out the storm until Richard could find his way through it.

"I guess part of me always knew..." Richard turned the chair away from Clark. "I mean we both know you weren't in India..."

Clark's blood ran cold. " you mean?"

"Jason was watching me one day as I was fixing our car. The bumper slipped and fell off the block...Suddenly the car is three feet away from me and I'm laying there without a scratch..." It was Richard's turn to analyze the floor. "I never said anything to Lois...God knows she never wanted to talk about Jason's father...but I knew...." Richard eyed him very carefully as if monitoring his reaction.

Clark stared, wide eyed at Richard, unsure if he silence betrayed him.

"What I didn't know was that ... he is you." An agonized sigh escaped him. "It was always a given to me that Jason was Superman's son. The business with the car only confirmed it. But when I saw you with her and Jason in the cemetery, It all came rushing in. Jason looks just like you. He moves like you. And he can bench press a car. I may have been blinded by love before, Clark but it was only a matter of time before the journalist won out."

"Richard-" Clark started.

I'm right...aren't I?" he interjected. And never lie."

The muscle in Clark's jaw leapt to and fro as he chose his words. "Some secrets...must be kept."

Richard lifted a cautionary hand in Clark's direction. "Oh no...Don't misunderstand. This isn't an interview, Clark. I'm not trying to work out a confession so I can expose you. This conversation is strictly for the maintenance of my sanity. It goes no further than this."

Clark eyed him warily.

Richard stood up. "It's not because I'm selfless that I would vow to keep this secret. I love Jason, and making you public would eventually make him public too. And regardless of my feelings on the matter...I could never subject him to that." his words shook with the force of his conviction.

Clark let out the breath he'd been holding. Slowly he leaned forward in his chair and rose to his feet, stretching to his full and imposing height. He paused a moment before reaching up and sliding the glasses from his face.

Though the confession did not surprise him, Richard gasped at the transformation of the man in front of him. Clark Kent the bumbling klutz was gone and in his place stood Superman wrapped in a tweed suit that did nothing to dilute his powerful air.

"Richard, I've always known you to be a man of your word." Clark's voice was rich and full of authority and somehow conveyed his inflexible stance without being threatening. "I trust you when you say this will go no further than us." Clark extended his hand.

Richard pause a moment as if wondering whether his bones would be crushed to dust when he entered into this handshake. The thought was a fleeting one and he firmly seized the hand of the most powerful man in the world. His word was his bond, he would keep this secret to protect Jason, and maybe just show Superman he wasn't the only one who stood for truth.


Time has past and with it, the tension between the two men had eased. They had settled into a functioning work relationship and in ever increasing moments - friendship.

Richard had hardly batted an eye at the news of Clark's impending nuptials and somewhere in the swirl of pre-wedding activity, Richard had found himself agreeing to stand up in the wedding beside Clark's bow-tie toting best man.

And as the string quartet lifted their offering of Pachelbel's canon to the heavens, Richard found himself smiling only a little wryly at seeing the sight of Lois Lane take to the aisle at a wedding in which he was not the groom.

And what a sight she was. As the assembly rose to its collective feet, the sight of Lois in her wedding gown drew a number of appreciative gazes.

But none more appreciative than that of the groom. Clark's face was the very manifestation of a man in love waiting for his destiny to begin. His face was awash in the glow of the setting sun, stray beams lending sparkle to the tears in his eyes. Such was the magnitude of this moment, of this love, that Richard was not surprised to find his own eyes stinging with unexpressed tears.

Lois' countenance was the only face that could compete with that of Clark's. The sunset at her back illuminated the edges of her silhouette, transforming her into an angelic apparition and Richard mused that it was on fitting for god o marry an angel.

Sam Lane lifted the shimmering veil and laid it lovingly over his daughter's hair. The military man kissed her cheek, his own wet with tears.

Lois reached up and gingerly wiped each of them away. Her father took her hand and led her toward her groom. Clark extended his own hand and the General joined their hands together but not before giving Clark one last thinly veiled if-you-break-my-baby's-heart-I'll-kill-you look.

Clark gathered Lois' hands in his and laid a kiss across their intertwined fingers. Below them stood Jason, still vest-less, holding a small pillow holding two very significant rings.

Pastor Nemeth smiled at them both and opened the well-loved Bible in his hands. "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to bear witness to an event most treasured in the eyes of God. A knitting of souls. The transfiguration of two hearts into one. Today we join in marriage Lois Lane and Clark Kent..."

The true meaning of this union was largely lost on those who had gathered, save for a select few. The sun had set on one chapter in order to give birth to another. Today, a new family was being born and with them, a legacy continued on.

As vows were exchanged, so much more than a marriage promise was given. The heritage of two civilizations fused together to bring hope and a future for both, laying a mantle on the able shoulders of those to whom it was bequest.

Rings were placed, and with them a new circle of trust had been forged. A world changing secret had taken on new guardians, with reverence they carried on as those before them had done.

The sun shone one last glimmer of brilliance before surrendering itself to the horizon. A host of white stringed lights brightened and cast an ethereal glow over the pair as Clark leaned forward, ready to seal with a kiss the crest of their future.

A small chuckle rippled through the crowd as Lois, took his face in her hands.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."

The End