Because of my love for you

I stared into your eyes,

Realized that you were my best friend

You had been there for me

when I needed it

And now,

As you lie there on the earth

You look so


As I wait for you to get up,

And put that big grin on your face


tell me

That everything will be great

And you will one day become what you

Really want

For people to

Recognize you

For who you are,

And what you can give



Isn't something anyone else


But not anymore

The search

For something I didn't want to get.

This way

Is probably best,

For both of us that we leave it at this,

On the ground

Where you lay,

And I weep over the body

that I couldn't bring myself to kill,

Because of my feelings for you,

Because of my love for you.

Zen: alright, here's the deal, I haven't been able to post anything new for a while but im going to try to start being more efficient in that :D sorry for the delay