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I came up with this crazy idea and just had to write it as a one shot, even though I'm pretty sure there some rule out there that says this can't happen but meh. Please tell me what you guys thing!


It was so simple. He laughed at himself for not thinking of it sooner, never once acknowledging the fact that it was really Misa who had come up with the idea originally.

He had of course, thoroughly tested it before implementing his now completely fool proof plan. There was no chance that L would survive this. He pulled out his pen, writing out precise instructions before sealing it with a single name.

He regarded the page with unmasked delight. L's fate was sealed, with this there would be no need to struggle to find the detective's real name. He smirked, setting his pen down, rereading what he had just placed within the death note.

'Tomorrow at 11am a fight will take place at headquarters and in the resulting conflict L will be shot and killed by Tota Matsuda who will then shoot himself.'

He'd tested this, it would work. "And that's checkmate L," he declared to his empty bedroom. A loud ring made him start. He quickly reached into the pocket of his coat, pulling out the cellphone in there. He flicked it open, hitting a button before placing it against his hear. "Hello?"

"Light-kun," answered the voice on the other end.

"Ryuuzaki," replied Light with genuine surprise. L had never called him at home before. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, something urgent just came up and I have to leave Japan for a bit."

Light sounded utterly calm as he spoke, "When are you leaving?"

"Right now. I'll be back in three or two days. Until then you're taking over my position as L. Good luck, Light-kun."

The teen didn't hear the phone click out or the dial tone after that. His eyes fell to the page before him, all colour draining from his face.

'L will be shot and killed by Tota Matsuda...'

And as of that moment, he was now officially L.