Paying Respects

Molly had gone to many funerals this week. She would bury her own son tomorrow, but today she one thing she had to do. She was a Weasley and she was a Prewett. Her family and the Black family had history in common. It wasn't always a good history, but it was her history. They were pure bloods of the longest lines. Molly had killed one of theirs. Granted she had killed the foulest thing that had ever lived with the exception of Voldemort. Still she had killed.

She knew Andromeda felt no loss over her sister. She had said as much when Molly tried to apologize. Andromeda considered it a balancing of the scales. Bella had killed her daughter and things were as they should be. An eye for an eye suited her just fine. Maybe that was the Black family way.

It was not Molly's. She had killed. . She did not revel in the killing as so many seemed to do. She did not regret it, and to save her daughter she would do it again without a seconds hesitation Still she had killed. There was a responsibility when one killed, and this was one duty she intended to fulfill.

Arthur watched as she changed into her formal robes. He knew he should argue with her. He also knew he would lose. With a sigh he flicked his wand and changed into his formal attire.

Molly came into the kitchen to find Ginny and Harry in their formal robes waiting for her.

"Just what do you two think you're doing?" She half hollered at them.

Harry was prepared to argue. He owed Narcissa Malfoy, and had planned on going with or without anyone's approval. Secretly he was glad the Weasley's would be there. It was good to have moral support , even if they were unaware of it themselves. He didn't look forward to walking in the lion's den. Narcissa had saved his life. He owed her for that. Bellatrix no matter how foul was her sister. He knew well enough one did not pick one's family.

Before he could argue or beg, Ginny interrupted. Very quietly she stated. "We're coming. You killed her because of me. We're coming." It was a statement, and there was no changing her mind.

Molly looked at the little girl, actually now the young woman looking so evenly at her. It seemed her daughter had grown up overnight. Their eyes locked and Molly understood Ginny carried her own portion of the responsibility of this too. She nodded and motioned her daughter outside. Harry and Arthur followed quietly behind.

Outside all the Weasley men stood in formal attire waiting. Molly looked like she was going to explode. Bill diffused the situation. "We'll all behave, but we are not letting you do this alone."

"Not letting me..." Molly said her voice rising.

"We go as a family." Arthur stated evenly looking at Molly. "We all go and we will all act accordingly. Is that understood?" Arthur said looking at the boys.

Molly nodded. Rarely did her husband raise his voice. They would all go.

With a pop they all appeared outside the Black family plot. The Weasley's and company watched as several people came their way wands drawn.

Lucius Malfoy at the lead pointed his wand directly a Harry. "Come to see the ruins,boy?" Lucius snarled waving his wand dangerously at his enemy.

Harry instinctively reached for his wand when from behind them another pop sounded and everyone turned at the ready.

"Put that away you arse, this is a funeral. Hasn't Cissy taught you how to behave in public yet? " Andromeda scolded Lucius like he was a child.

She looked over at Molly. "You're right. She's my sister.." Andromeda started walking through the gates to where they would bury her sister.

"How dare you..."

Lucius never finished his sentence because Narcissa Malfoy appeared behind him. She looked from Molly and then to her sister.

"Why are you here?" She asked Andromeda. There was no trace of anything in her voice. Not the anger or the grief Andromeda had expected.

"She's my sister too, Cissy." Andromeda stated waiting for her sister's reaction.

There was none. Narcissa looked over at Molly and Harry,"Are you here to gloat?" Her voice was tinged with bitterness.

Harry didn't know what to say. He was here from obligation because he owed her. Now that he was facing her at her sister's funeral it sounded so petty. Maybe it was better that he not come at all.

"No...I..." he stumbled over the words he was trying to say.

Molly spoke softly, but there was iron in her voice. "No Cissy, we're here paying respects to family and friends."

Molly waited. She had once been girlhood friends with Cissy and Andromeda. She wondered if Cissy was remembering that now, or if she even cared to remember it at all.

After what seemed forever to Molly, Narcissa looked at Andromeda,"Shall we show them the way?" And turned waiting for them to follow her. They all walked silently into the Black family plot.