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Andromeda walked away from Bella's grave. She had been Bellatrix Le Strange, Voldemort's most devout slave and worshipper. Now she was a corpse left to her family. They would not even mark her grave. Fear of vandals the family and ministry had said. In reality, it was because they wanted to forget she ever existed. They would write her out of the Black family tree and history.

Andromeda remembered the scorched mark that had been Sirius' picture at Grimaldi place. The pureblood superiority of Black family, the farce and the lie that was now buried in the dirt with her sister. She almost laughed aloud at the insanity of it all.

It was almost easier to mark who Bella had not killed rather than count who she had. She tried to remember if her sister was ever worthy of love. She stopped and motioned the others forward. She turned around and went back to the grave. She stopped at the pit that the workers had started covering with dirt and motioned them away. She took her wand and muttered softly. Silently the top of Bella's coffin opened. Andromeda looked at her sister's face closely for the first time in years.

This was her sister. The one who left her family and everything that had ever mattered in ruins.

She thought of her Ted, Nymphadora and Remus, and silently shook. She hated her, she absolutely hated her.

Narcissa came over and looked down at her sister in the grave for a moment. She looked at Andromeda, who was shaking through a haze of tears. Narcissa placed a hand on her shoulder.

"The insanity is gone. It's Bella, again," Narcissa stated softly.

Andromeda looked at Bella again. This was her sister often arrogant, prejudiced, and cruel, but still her sister. The sister, she had loved as girl.

Narcissa removed her wand and motioned at the coffin. Andromeda nodded her head and Narcissa sealed the coffin. Bella had returned to them finally. They were a family again. Silently the sisters walked away from her grave.