Pass The Note

Chapter 1: Science Chaos.




"DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!" yelled a blond haired boy.

"S-sorry Anko-sensei." mumbled a black haired girl.

"Ahh… what I am going to do with you…" Anko sighed. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GET UP AND GO SEARCH THE CONCIERGE!"



Hastily, Naruto and Hinata get up and exited the classroom. After the whole incident, the class returned to her previous activities; laboratories.

"Please, students try to NOT make another disaster like Naruto." Anko signaled returning to her desk.

'Still lucky that he didn't burn the class this time…' the science teacher sighed.

After some minute Anko checked up her watch and screamed:

"Class, time is up! Go reach your desk! Time to write the notes!"

The class groaned and students headed back to their seat while Anko began to write some formulas.

"So you have, in example…" Anko began to explain.

"INO! SHIKAMARU! TEMARI!" Anko began to yell again interrupting her class.


"Troublesome." A pineapple haired guy sighed.

"Tche." A four bun haired girl snorted.

"Yes." A blond haired girl replied angrily.

Trying to not burst out in fury, Anko returned to her lesson.

"So, as I was saying before being interrupted…" Anko trailed off scanning the class for potential students who could interrupt her. "There's a huge difference between bacteria and virus. Could you tell me one of them?"

Some students raised their hands up.

"Yes, Sakura?"

"A virus isn't really independent, he can reproduce only if he infects a cellule but a bacteria can live by her own resources. Plus, it isn't all the bacteria that are toxic." a pink haired answered.

"Excellent!" the teacher grinned.

"Tche, that wasn't really impressive." A dark haired boy snorted at Sakura at the other opposite of the class.

"What do you want Sasuke!? If you're so of a smartass answer by yourself!" Sakura snapped.

"No, I don't have to prove myself to the class like you."

"What the hell!? Didn't you hear the teacher says 'Could you tell me one of them?' Dumbass…"

"What did you call me!?" Sasuke hissed getting up and glaring at her.

"I called you a Dumbass, isn't it what you are!?" she hissed back getting up and glaring at him too.


The two sit but kept their glaring contest.

"SASUKE! SAKURA! STOP GLARING AND LISTEN DAMN IT!" Anko screamed at the top of her lungs.

"So, NOW I WANT YOU TO SHUT UP AND TO LISTEN MY DAMN EXPLAINATION!" she took the time to take her breath and enchained, "The bacteria has some characteristics that the virus doesn't, you'll write it down." She said beginning to write examples on the black board.

A bun haired girl sighed and took her baby blue notebook beginning to write down the information. Once she finished there were 15 minutes left to the end of the class. Bored she took a loose leaf and wrote something on. Then she slipped it at the desk behind her.

The long haired boy looked up saw the bun haired girl slipping a piece of paper on his desk.

"Tenten…" he mentally sighed yet smirking at her oh so not subtle behavior.

He looked over seeing the teacher was busy with an orange book, it took the note and read it.

'Neji, why Lee isn't there today?'

He took his pencil and wrote an answer then aimed for her head.

'He said something about Gai-sensei and their youthful youth.'

'Youthful youth? Do you think…' she passed the note.

Neji rolled his eyes at this message.

'Don't think that way!'

'I wasn't… and why do you thought I was thinking about sex?'

'I know you Tenten, you're not my best friend for nothing.'

'Aww Neji! This is sweet!'

'No, it isn't.'

'Yes it is!'

'What's sweet in that!?'

'I don't know it's just that, it will be like 10 years!'

'Yeah, in exactly a month.'

'Aw, you still remember?'

'Yes. How could I forget our 'best-friendship birthday'?'

It was something really childish but it was their tradition since they meeted each other when they were only little kids. And they didn't want to get ride of it because well, it's symbolized their friendship even if it was in a childish way.

'Oh, oh. I think that Sakura and Sasuke are going to fight again look at your right!' gave the note back.

Neji turned to see a fuming Sakura and turned to the other side seeing a smirking Uchiha.

'Yes I think that you're right… Someday they will go out together they're so clueless about their feelings; it's totally pathetic.'

'Feelings? Those two have feeling for each other?'

'Yeaaahhh… a lot. You're a girl. You're supposed to know those thing.'

'Not necessary!'

'Yes necessary, you have that woman intuition… No? Anyway check on Shikamaru side I think it's getting hard for him.'

Effectively, when Tenten turned her head to the left she saw Shikamaru with the most bored face she never saw with the two blond of the class over him glaring at each other.

'Yeah, he's in deep shit. Aren't Naruto and Hinata a little late?'

'Yes… I think…'

'Ohhh, maybe they're doing stuff.'

'Such a dirty mind!'

'Neji, stop glaring at the board I was only joking!'

'Hope so! If he touched her I will so kick his sorry ass!'

Tenten rolled her eyes but giggled.

She slipped the paper and then….

'TENTEN, NEJI! WILL YOU STOP PASSING NOTES!?' Anko screamed at the two.

"Sorry Anko-sensei, we will not—" Tenten began.

"You little asswhole! Don't dare think you better than me! You're hardly better than shit!" Sakura blurted out interrupting Tenten and attiring the class attention by the same way.

"What!? I'm sure better than a bitch!" Sasuke snapped back.

"What did you say freaky gay!?"

"Shut up! I said that you were a …"

"Will you shut up, you punk girl!" another voice echoed.

"Me!? A punk girl!? I'm not! Maybe you put too much mascara in your damn eyes to see that!" Temari replied.

"What a lame reply!' Ino smirked.

'You're the who's lame! You and you obsession of being always soo slim, anorexic girl!"

"Maybe you should do it too! I mean come one loosing some weight would be good resolution for you!"

"Troublesome." mumbled a sleepy Shikamaru.



At the same time Naruto came in panting.


"WHAT!?" Anko yelled at him.

Neji perked up of his conversation with Tenten to glare at Naruto.

"What did you say!?" Neji hissed to him.


"NARUTO! WHERE'S HINATA!?" Anko yelled at him this time.

"Out there…" Naruto said pointing at the door.

"NO! Don't go!" Naruto prevented when he saw Neji advancing to the door.

"Why?" Neji growled.

"Because you will hit me if you see it…"

Ignoring his comment Neji pushed him off and opened the door to see Hinata arms crossing over her breast…

…With only a bra on…

"Naruto…" Neji growled.

"Calm down Neji." Tenten said now by his side. "I have an idea; I will pass my t-shirt to Hinata since I have a camisole as underwear."

Tenten take off her t-shirt leaving her with only a some what revealing camisole.

"Tenten you can't go like that in class." Neji said some frustration in his voice.

"That's the only way, come on! It's our last class anyway!" Tenten said closing the conversation giving the t-shirt at Hinata.

They walked in the classroom.

Total. Silence.

Sasuke and Sakura stopped arguing seeing what was causing the class to silence.

Temari and Ino stopped to glare at each other during two seconds to see what was the cause of the sudden silence too.

And Shikamaru… just thanked whoever made this silence and began to sleep.

Hinata was all red and took her sit as faster as possible. Tenten do the same, receiving some stare as she walked and a blink from Anko. Neji just glared at whoever kept their stare too long at his best friend.

"TENTEN WHERE'S YOU T-SHIRT?" yelled an extremely pissed off Anko once she get back from the little chock.

What? During thirty minute her students didn't stop to make her life a living hell.

"NEJI, RELEASE NARUTO NOW!" ordained Anko.

Neji growled but did it.


The nine concerned sighed but didn't protest. Soon the bell rang and students filled trough the corridor. Tenten get up and headed to her locker trying to do it the faster due to all the stares she was getting. Once she reached her locker she sighed in relief and took her things.

"Well, it's a new style?"

'Oh no… Of all people why did he have to see me like that? I mean why him?' Tenten groaned in her head.

"Not really." Tenten simply said not wanting to encourage any form of discussion with him.

"Anyway, I love it." The guy smirked caressing her cheek.

Tenten jerked away.

"Leave me alone, Deidara."

"What if I don't want to?" the blond boy replied.

"I'll make you." Another voice growled.

"Hyuuga." Deidara growled in return.


Before leaving the two best friends, Deidara approached to Tenten murmuring in her ear: "Don't you think I'm finished."

And put a piece of paper in her hand before disappearing with a smirk on his lips.

Neji and Tenten headed to the detention room.

Still confused about the meaning of what Deidara said to her it's only near the detention room she remembered the paper and decided to opened it. She read:

"It's only the beginning little girl."

She shivered slightly. It was from the beginning of the year, since a month ago, that Deidara began to annoy her. In first he was just staring at her, and then began to wait for her at her locker. Always saying something about how childish she looked with her hairstyle or how she was 'developed'. This was greatly annoying her and slightly scaring her. Deidara was from that gang, the Akatsuki. That gang was feared in all the school. Even if she was good at self defense she couldn't put up with Deidara. And these times he became more and more present in her life much to her dislike.

"What was that note?" Neji asked.

"Nothing important" Tenten said throwning the note in the garbage entering in the class.


"Now everybody sit down. Detention began." A teacher with a cigarette in his mouth said.

Tenten sit down next to Neji when a knock was heard.

The teacher opened the door revealing Deidara and Itachi.

"Sorre we're late, Asuma-sensei." Itachi said slight amusement in his eyes.

"Just you two this time?" Asuma said writing something down on a sheet. "Go take a sit."

Deidara headed to where Tenten was and seated on the desk beside her. She began to feel nervous but managed to appear as calm as possible.

"Seems like we're going to have some time to talk together, ne?" Deidara stated.

'Crap.' Tenten thought.

Chaos isn't it? Well, welcome to my life. I am the one called Tenten and this is my story, the story of my life but more important: how all started.


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