Tenten : she is just about to understand she's developping feelings for our fellow Neji. She discovered her mother was about to get pregnant and her father is trying to gain her trust again.

Sakura ; Sakura is dealing with the wedding of a stepmother who's very mean to her ; Naomi. And she just discovered that the anonymous person she was chatting with wasn't Itachi but Sasuke. And last chapter she broke up with Itachi and went to see Sasuke but she only found him with his new girlfriend.

Ino : The yamanaka are welcoming an exchange student who is going to stay a few months at the yamanaka's. Ino is getting really nervous around that girl, thinking she's way more beautiful and stuff than her. And plus, she get along so well with Shikamaru… She will have to fight more than just apperances to finally understand her value.

Temari: her mother is dying… so lets see what's going to happen..!

Well that's all for our ladies, so now I'm going to continue on with the story got like this new thing pushing me up to do it ! Hope you'll like it ! ;)


I hate this dress.

What ?

You said that I don't know how many times.


What's wrong about it ? You are gorgeous …. I swear… Stop looking at me like that.

It's pink. Fuchsia! It has feathers… I LOOK LIKE A FREAKING FUSHIA BIRD…

Do you think, said Sakura as she got up of the bed with the same dress as Tenten on, do you reaaly think i like wearing this hideous thing ?

Seriously ! What Naomi wants…

… Naomi get it. I get it, I get it. But this just NO.

Pllleeeaaasse tenniiiee ! You can't leave alone on this ! She did …

What… WHAT IS THIS! Interrupted Tenten as she inspected her back in front of the mirror. IS THIS A TRAIL… I FREAKING TRAIL LINKED TO MY BUTT?

Yes… it is… Please, tennie-chan? She asked with puppy eyes.

Don't even try it! I am a girl, I am naturally immunized to this … oh my freaking god… stop looking at me like that… arrggghh… Okai, okai. Freaking girl. Your stepmother is crazy.

Talk to me about it… Like it wasn't enough, my father went all crazy on this thing of wdding. He was so happy for "us". Us, pfeu. Them, yeah.

I don't understand still… Why do you have to do all this?

My father's idea… If it wasn't for him, Naomi would be really happy to just forget my existence and began bitching about me to her stinking rich snobby friends. Ugh, I hate their communities…

You are part of it…

Don't say that…

It's true, you rich, there's nothing wrong about that!

Just don't like it…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Tenten complained for the hundredth time.

What… what is that again? Said a tired Sakura. Just at that moment, Shikamaru would have been ashamed of how Sakura beat him in the lazy-tired-of-it-all-attitude.

As she began to groan Tenten looked down at the bra who is supposed to go along with the bridesmaids' dresses. For the occasion, Tenten's and Sakura's dresses.

Is she crazy or something? Tenten argued. It is unbelievable, she said as she looked down at the size of the bra. I CAN EAT MY CEREALS IN THEM. WHY DID SHE CHOOSE THEM?

Because I have no boobs.

……Don't say that Saki… and anyway… everyone knows that boobs are overrated! It's so last season!

Ha! Sakura laughed a little as she sat down on the bed, looking at the floor. I wish everything was so simple than just "it's last season." Does it mean that this freaking nightmare of a wedding would be last season. Or that, this fucking step mother would just leave this home, and let me get on with my life, next season? Okai, she's not Cruella but still… she's mean and jealous and possessive and disrespectful…

Oh Sakii…Tenten sat down next to her.

I know what you're going to say, she whispered. But just don't say it, please, she sniffed. Everything is not alright. Everything will not be alright, she said in a whisper, her troat all tangled up. It's not going to be okay. I… I saw Sasuke yesterday… I was … I was hopeful okai? Don't get me wrong I'm not an idiot! I didn't want to jump him and hug him and waiting for him to hug me back. I didn't thought he would even talk. Maybe just nod and say something of the line "Is it all?" with his voice. His voice… deep, deep voice… I'm losing all! She cried frustrated. I'm loosing my nerves, my temper, my father…

… Sasuke?

Yeah, him too. A girlfriend, he said. A hot girlfriend, really beautiful. So taller than me and yet so petite next to him. They were the perfect couple. And with big boobs. Not Sasuke… th-the girlfriend. And I was the pink haired girl with an hospital outfit… I can't … I can't Ten… I can' do this wedding aymore.. Not with my little boobs and this girls and Sasuke…

Look at me… Sakura! Look at me, please, she asked as she held the girl's chin up.

Tears stained the naturally blushing cheeks of her friends. It was a look we all see from times to times. That look that makes you feel so useless. When your friend as the red eyes all puffy from tears and that there's that gleam that begs you to say something. To tell something true, something she needs to hear.

Tenten looked the the girl's emerald eyes with a fierce gaze:

You are perfect. She said in the most confident voice ever. Never let someone take that away from you. Your boobs are petite but not your brain, not your heart, not your dignity. Whoever that girl might be, she will never have to compare with a skilled and smart, and funny… and sometime scary … girl like you. You are strong willed. You are Sakura Haruno, you are my best friend and you have the most awesome eyes ever. And no one, no one will ever take away from you the people you love. Cause you are a fighter, you know that huh? Everybody feels down time to time but you, you are not any sissy girl. You are a some damn good looking girl who will kick some asses. I'm sure of that.

You really think say?

Hell yeah! In fact, I think we should rectify some things in here.

Li-like what-t? Sakura sobbed, narrowing a little her eyes in wonder.

First this dress, answered Tenten as she go up. All the other bridesmaid have black dresses. Just because we're the little "cuties" doesn't mean we have to look like strawberry cupcakes!

I-I like strawberry cupcakes… The other girl joked with her little shaky voice.

Well, laughed Tenten, that will be our next step, just after the "Ten things to do I you have a crazy Stepmother and a coldhearted bastard that screw your fucking life!"

Well, besides the title, smiled Sakura, it seems pretty good… Tell me about it.

Yes! Smiled Tenten. So, first take off that dress and put on something decent.

Sakura get up excited and whipped some last tears as Tenten gave her a nugde with the pillow in her hand.

Hey! Cried Sakura,a smile in her voice as she entered her bathroom. Okai, so what's next?

I never thought I'd say this one day… But we have to go shopping. That's the first thing.



How did you know you were in love with Tenten?

I'm not, he sighed.

Yeah, whatever…

Neji just raised a brow.

Were did you become so… emotional and … girly? Asked Neji.

What are you talking about… groaned Sasuke.

The only thing that makes us good friends is because we don't talk emotional like Uzumaki or Inuzuka.

Yeah right…

Ok… is it about your girlfriend Ritsu? Asked Neji.

She was here only for vacations, she's going back home in a matter of days or weeks…

And it makes you sad? Neji cocked an eyebrow.


God, you scared me, I almost thought you had emotions or worse… remorse, the long haired boy replied, narrowing his eyes at the last part.

So what's the problem?

Ah. I see.






Those icecubes bastards… they are crazy. Do not worry, I didn't understand them either… o.o

Oh myyyy Shiiiika! A pretty black haired laughed. Are you serious? Ahahah, oh my my!

God, please, anybody out there…. Kill me, thought Ino.

The three were contentedly sipping their latte in this beautiful afternoon. Yes, it was a peaceful, merciful and beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping.

But not for Ino. Not at all. Why did she have to support them. She didn't want to assist to a scene where you would have to gaze at the two. Why did she never had conversations with Shikamaru like that? Why hasn't he never looked at her like that? Why is she so wonderful to him? SO much funnier, smarter, interesting that she will ever be to him? Why would he laugh so much with this girl and not her? What's the difference? And why god had put her in a situation like this?

What does she have that I don't? she tought. Besides the beautiful black hair, the sexy accent, the know-it-all on all Shika favourites cars and video games, beside her supper duppa marks and all the other thing that makes her so wonderful… God this makes me sick. Look… LOOOOK at how he's looking at her! Like some gawking electrocuted fish…

I agree, it's gross, said her inner.

It's not only gross it's totally, uncontrollably demoralizing! How can I compete to that.

Now, now, young mistress. We got things she doesn't have… Like…

Like what?

Like… like our eyes!

Oooooooooouuuuhhh, this is going to get us far. No… I think we have to work seriously.

We are working seriously! We did shopping three times this week just to find the right outfit for Saturday's dinner.

Oh right… the yamanaka/nara/akimichi supper… Oh I hate it…

Yeaahh… totally greaaaaa--- hey uh what? You can't hate this supper. It's our only chance to get him!

When I was thinking "working seriously" I was thinking more of books… studying for upcoming exams…

No. I don't even see the point.

I know, it freaks me out too. But we can't go on like this…

Yes we can, check it ou, hmph!

It won't kill us.

That's what you say.

Come on… We have to. I think…


Because, I'm tired of this. Make up, hair, make up, nails… Etc. I've been getting on this freakin train of life for years… And that just for a boy who don't even care. How pathetic can it be? And I can't even blame him for not caring! It's only his choice… Can you just imagine how it is frustrating to think of him every single hour of a day only to finally understand he's never going to have an interest on me? Like never… If he was interested he would have done something. He would have said at least something … I don't know… ANYTHING better than this. And then, like an idiot I keep on thinking, hoping and for what? For seeing falling in love with an other in front of my eyes.

And you want to study… I don't know but in this situation normal chicks go on ice cream or chocolate or the two…

I just want something new… Something good for me.

Shikamaru is good for us.

You sure of that? Look at us. I'm not happy are you? It's decided. Things are going to change.

"I hate it. I seriously hate it. So baaddly hate it." Said Tenten as she was tugging on an other dress.

"Tenten… Stop complaining… At least you don't have to watch a beautiful woman snatch your man in front of your eyes…"Sighed Ino.

"Huh-Uh…" protested weakly Sakura.

"Oh, yeah sorry for Sasuke." Apologized Ino. "I didn't thought you liked him."

"To be honest," began Sakura "I don't even know if I love him, but I know there's something…"

"Yeah… we all know what it is," said Tenten as she kept on tugging the dress she wore on.

"You should say something Temari…" whined Ino. "It's like we're in the same ship… You should be annoyed by this girl! Ugh, I hate you stillness…"

"Is there …something about me… you don't hate?" Asked Temari still in daydreaming mood.

"Yeah… your hair…" She responded in a flat voice.

It was dead in the bright sunny room. Every girl was wrapped in her own thoughts. Sakura was thinking of a prideful mister who played with her hearth. Ino had to think about that little miss sunshine who kept on irrupting between her and Shikamaru with her bubbly attitude and her perfect pretty face. Temari thought of what happened past the few weeks and how she considered less and less Shikamaru as someone she could relay on. And Tenten was having the time of her life trying to make this short dress wearable for her.

"What's the dress for already?" asked Sakura in a lazy voice, all crashed on Tenten's bed.

"Ahhh… I told twice… It's for a supper at my mother's boyfriend's family… They are really into classical etc…"

"What boyfriend? YOUR MOM IS DATING AND YOU'RE NOT? Sheesh… When are you going to hook up with Neji… It's been yeaaars…. You two are annoying me… And I know I'M making to much pauses between my sentences… But still… I haaaave to thiiiink about all this non sense… He loves you like a mad… well as much as a trained expert ice cube can… AND YOU STILL PUSH THOSE FEELINGS AWAY..?" Asked Ino in a sleepy mood.

"Let her be Ino…" sighed Sakura.

"But.. She's right. We all know you have things going for him. Just accept it already."

"Forget what I said. You are like devil, Sakura! And you too Ino! Except than you are much worse!"

"My god!" laughed Ino. "The way you just reacted? Prooved us all we were sooo right!"

"True!" smiled Sakura.

"Stop it! Just stop it!" Tenten exclaimed.

"That sucks…" Commented Ino.

"Mmhh…mmhh…" Agreed Temari staring at nothing in particular .

"What are you staring at?" asked an annoyed Ino.

Since like five minutes she's been staring and sighing and daydreaming…

Ino looked in the way she was staring at and shake her hand in front of Temari's eyes.

"Godness…" Ino whispered. "That girl is gone in her lalaland again. It's for weeks now… You don't even check out Shika as much as you used too…Is there something you need to tell us…"

"I think" Said Sakura "We all have something to tell."

"True." Agreed Tenten.

"But where the hell is Hinata for God's sake!" Ino screamed.

"She's helping her father with some family thing…" Answered Sakura.

"I hate life. Life is like a cup of ice cream without chocolate sauce… Miserable…"

"Life is ugly…"

"Life needs a makeover…"

"Life… life… life is like a knife."

The three turned over their friend with eyebrows raised.

"Not becoming suicidal girls… I just think life has a sharp side and a handle to… well handle it." Explained Tenten. "If you go the wrong way – groan, tug her dress – you will get -RRAAAAHHH – cut… But… STUPID STUPID DRESS… But," She took a deep breath and blew away a strand of her bangles. "But, if you manipulate it with strength and carefulness, you can't get through the thickest things."

Did you ever wonder on the mean of "victims of love" ? Can we really victims of it? Everyone has fallen in love. Everyone has been hurt. Everyone did hurt someone. Love is like a subtle war.

"Ino?" asked a shocked voice behind her.

"Oh… huh, Sh-Shika!" she turned to the person.

"What are you doing in the school's library?"

"I uh… I huh…" she hesitated bitting her lip. "I… I am here to study my science exam." She said in a more confident tone. "If you excuse me.." she said before returning to her book trying to ignore his glaze and fighting the need to talk to him.

You have the one that makes you struggle with yourself. Take Ino for example. She never entered a library before her sudden change. What I want to say is that facing something so difficult, strange and sometimes care free as love makes you reconsider so much things. I do reconsider things when I have feelings for opposite sex. Like do my hair look okai today? I know I'm more tomboyish but hey!Every girl are like that misses..! I need to look at myself in the mirror and have faith in who I am.

Sakura wandered through the soft and glossy fabrics of the store. It was so beautiful. Her fingers traced the pattern of a dress and slid through an other one. She did the same for almost all the model. It was really beautiful, but none of them were her style. She was about to

Exit when there was this single black dress folded neatly on a shelf. She was made of silk. She felt the urge to try it on. It wasn't such a big deal, was it? She could always say it didn't fit… Just a try…

She let the tissue slid smoothly on her peachy skin as it fell in little waves to her mid-tight. The v neck and the end of the robe had silver patterns incrusted with pearls. She took a deep breathe and opened the door to examine her profile in front of the mirror. Why did they never install mirrors inside of the cabin? She never understood it. What a drag.

She went in front of the glass and held her breathe. She finally cracked an eye open but couldn't suppress the gasp that followed it. It was just perfect. She would have never admitted on her own but the way the dress hung on closely to her delicate waist and how her long legs we