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After about an hour Angelina got out of the St. Mundungos. Despite the many attempts from the nurses and Alicia, Katie, Oliver and George.

"Seriously Angelina, you just got out of the hospital, you shouldn't be apparating! Or walking for that matter." Alicia persisted.

"Man Angelina, you haven't changed one bit. You were always trying to push yourself way too hard." Oliver laughed a little.

"Just give it up Alicia, she's not going to stop, and go back to that hell hole!" Katie said, referring to the hospital. She never was a fan of offices like that.

"Where are we going anyway?" George asked.

"Hogwarts." She replied.

"What?" They asked in unison.

"Yeah, there's something I need to do there."

"But you can't apparate. I don't want you to get hurt again." Alicia said.

"Oh come Alicia, I'm fine." Angelina replied, and apparated on the spot. Alicia and the others side and all disappeared with a crack.

They appeared on a grassy hill of the Hogwarts grounds. Memories flooded back as they looked at the giant castle that was a second home to them for 7 years. All of their eyes were drawn toward the quidditch pitch, where they spent more time than their own dorms.

"Good memories here, huh?" George asked, a little distractedly.

"Yeah." Katie replied, particularly looking at the spot where her and Oliver happened to share their first kiss.

"I miss them. Things seemed so simple then. We were just stupid kids then." Oliver, also looking at that spot.

"It seems like so long ago when I am just at work, but here, it seems like it was yesterday." Alicia added.

Everyone looked up, and Angelina was already half way down the hill.

"Wow, for a girl who was in a coma, she can move!" George joked. Alicia smiled to herself. From what she could tell at the hospital, George had changed. But now, she saw a little of his old self shining through.

"Where is she going?" Katie asked. But then she realized, that they were going to Fred's grave.

There was a special cemetery, made for the people who died at the final battle, or fought in the cause toward defeating Voldemort.

George stopped at the entrance gate, even though Angelina had already walked through.

"What's wrong George?" Alicia asked, staying behind while the others followed the determined Angelina.

"I don't think I can do it Alicia." He replied. "I haven't come since the funeral."

"Even when you're family came?" He shook his head. "Made up excuses. What about you? Have you come?" Alicia looked a little guilty.

"Couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't think that any of us could."

Angelina bent down next to the grave of Fred Weasley. The white marble grave stone said this:

Fred Collin Weasley

We will dearly miss your amazing jokes,

You always had a smile on your face,

And we will always remember you.

Son, Brother, Twin, Fiancé, Joker, Friend, Vetron.

Fred Weasley died for the cause to defeat Voldemort.

"I'm sorry Fred." Angelina whispered. "I know, I know that I should have come earlier, that I shouldn't have just left. It was stupid, and cowardly, and, and horrible! I was horrible. And I wasn't happy. I just want to let you know that. I wasn't happy when I wasn't with my friends." Tears were threatening to break the barrier of her eyes, but she held them back. "I miss you. I want you to know that too. I never forgot you. I never will." She assured him. "It's not possible, to forget someone like you. I love you Fred. I love you." She dropped her head to her hands. Fresh tears were running down her cheeks, she wiped them away. "I could never love anyone as much as you." She slowly got up, and went over to sit by their favorite tree.

Katie walked over after she saw that Angelina had left. "Hey Fred." She sighed. "Well, uh. How are you?" She laughed a little bit. "Well, that was kind of a stupid question. But, uh. Well, I know that I haven't come to see you in a while. I've been busy. I made it on the Harpies you know! We've been on tour. " Katie looked down at her shoes, at a loss of what to say. But she continued on as much she could. "It's no where near as good as our old team. You, me, Alicia, Oliver, George, and Angelina of course. We were pretty good." Katie looked down at the grave. "Oh Fred, why'd you have to go?" She dropped to her knees. "You were the glue! Or part of the glue. Look what happened. We broke apart without you. We need you Fred! But I guess you can't come back." She sighed and walked off to the lake.

Alicia took her spot, and knelt down. "You know, Katie is right. You kept us together. Or maybe we all kept each other together. Maybe, maybe if any of us died, this would have happened. I don't know." She sighed. "You know I wish things had been different. I wish that we all came out of that alive. Joking and laughing like always. I wish, I wish," She sighed again. "I don't know what I wish for. I guess that nothing had changed. You see, I'm not the most social person anymore. I know, crazy right? Well it's true. I barley talk to anyone when I don't have to. I'm quiet now, not at all what I used to. I think about you guys everyday. I'm just glad we're back together again. But it's not the same without you." She looked around, and then joined Katie by the lake.

It was Oliver next. "Hey you little trouble maker. I haven't seen your jokes in a while. I miss them. I miss you. We haven't been very good friends you know. All of us I mean. We didn't come to see you, and we didn't go see each other. Alicia was right, we didn't stay friends. But we're back together now, and I guess that's all that matters. You know, I honestly thought that we were unstoppable. But I guess not. It's not your fault though! It could have happened to anyone. But it really woke me up, from my little world filled with quidditch, and of course her." He laughed, looking at Katie. "You always knew I liked her. You were right. I got really jealous when I saw her with that other guy. But get this Fred, it was her cousin! I don't really know where we stand now. I never really did." Oliver glanced over and realized that George was still waiting. "I think someone wants to talk to you, I'll just go then. Bye Fred." Oliver said, leaving to go join Katie and Alicia, Angelina had joined them too.

At last, George came over next to his brother, and sat criss cross on the ground. "You're a git, you know that?" He asked the pearly white headstone. "Just, taking off like that. It wasn't fair. To me, or to anyone else! I mean, you left me all alone, to run the whole shop! And look at Angelina, she ran away! She was heart broken! Probably still is."

George continued to play with the grass, as he was lost for words. "Even though you are the biggest git in the world, it's not the same without you. Nothing is the same. It won't ever be. The world is a little less bright without you Fred. You were always there for me. And I will never forgive the bastard who took your life!"

"That's sweet." A voice said. George looked up, to the identical face of his, only with two ears.

"Oh my god, I'm going crazy!" George exclaimed.

"Well, you never were sane." Fred replied to his brother.

"Oh, and you were?" Fred shrugged at his mirror image's comment. "What are you doing here anyway? You're dead."

"Well that's a real way to greet your brother. Good to see you too!"

"Yeah, yeah, but seriously, what are you doing here?"

"I happen to be a figure of your imagination, coming from our extreme twin bond, and you missed me!" George rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I missed you." George heaved a sigh again. "You know I mean everything I just said. It's been hard, really hard."

"I know, I've been watching." Fred replied. "You, and the rest of the team."

"You've been watching? Why didn't you send a sign or something?" George inquired.

"I've sent plenty of signs. You just haven't noticed them." When George didn't speak, Fred continued. "Look George, you're my brother, and I want you to be happy. Angelina is, or was my fiancé, and I want her to be happy, Katie Alicia and Oliver are my friends, and I want them to be happy. So, all of you go be happy!" He exclaimed.

George opened his mouth to protest, but Fred yelled, "HAPPY!" Pulling him up, and pushing him a bit.

He walked down to the others. As if it was a magnet, and they were medal, they were drawn towards the quidditch pitch.

They got out brooms from the closet, and flew around, playing tag, and quidditch. Laughing and smiling more than they had in years.

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