Author's Notes: This is how Viral and Nia's story ENDS. I did not write the body; chapter one is the intro and chapter two is the conclusion. The following takes place roughly in the final episode of the series and what happens afterwards. Perhaps someday in the future I will go back and write what happens in between, but for now, this is it. Thank you for reading!

Oh, and since it has been so long; the story is told from Viral's first person POV.

We made a promise; I promised her I would not cry on the day of her wedding. As I slip to my knees, I know fully well I'm about to break that promise. I break and weep for just the second time in my life because today her life will fade away and I will spend the infinite rest of mine remembering her. The God which some humans speak of cannot be, for if he were true, he would let her live instead of me.

She lets my head rest in her lap and slowly combs her fingers through my hair as she speaks to me in a soft voice.

"There is nothing to cry over, Viral."

I cannot voice an answer. She continues and I can hear that she is smiling. "I've lived my life to the full, I've known more joy than I could have ever imagined, loved and cherished by the two finest men in the Universe."

I look up and stare into gentle eyes that shine with the brilliance of the galaxy—she knows; she has known all along. She cups my face with both hands and I feel her thumbs trace and wipe away my tears. "I am a happy woman, and I've no regrets or worries except one: Who will bring you your happiness, Viral?"

"…No one."

Honesty, for pretending no longer has meaning.

"I have the gift… curse of immortality from the Spiral King. In time all beast men will vanish and I will be alone." I close my eyes and remember the scene—golden fields, a wife and family—and smile; it was but a dream.

"You have eternity ahead of you, you may find happiness yet."

I shake my head, sorry to disappoint her. "You have been the only good and happiness I have and shall ever know, princess. I can ask for no more."

I bow my head, narrowed eyes upon my bended knee. Soon I feel her fingers lift my chin as she looks at me intently, and I remember how stubborn she can be, unrelenting so that none might give up.

"Nothing is impossible."

And then she kisses me, lingering lightly on my forehead before she folds me into an embrace, face resting and smiling against my shoulder, and she whispers into my ear three words.

We hold each other until it comes time for the ceremony to begin; I wished it would last forever.


She is glorious, radiant as she walks down the aisle and into his waiting arms. A gasp arises when the corner of her dress begins to vanish; some turn away, unable to watch, but I witness it all.

Their eyes never leave each other.

Afterwards, I wait for Simon on the outskirts of town, on the uninhabited borders of wilderness where none will follow and find us. He sees me and stops as though he was expecting me. A minute of silence passes before either of us speak; he goes first. "What will you do now?"

"I don't know." I leave the tree I was leaning against. "Perhaps I shall explore the galaxy."

"I see." He continues walking, and as he passes me he pats me once on the shoulder. "Good luck."

Neither of us looks back; he, the savior of the world with his task complete and I a man condemned to eternity but given reason to continue existing.

She said, "Come find me."


I journey a thousand light years, then ten thousand, then a million. I travel and discover a thousand dimensions and worlds, then ten thousand, then more. I break the barriers of space and time over and over again as I search through the possibilities; generations of crews and ships come and go but I never retire.

Countless times I wonder during my everlasting pursuit the meaning of her words: Was it mercy? Hope for one otherwise doomed to despair forever? Perhaps, for the goal of my quest is so outlandish it can only be fantasy, my success less probable than a succession of miracles.

But as she said, nothing is impossible, and so I journey on.

And then I arrive.

The planet is much like the one I know, like so many others I've seen and found empty. There I find her in the middle of a field of flowers that stretch as far as the eye can see. I have waited so long for this moment I forget to run until I am already standing right before her.

She stands with her hands folded in front and smiles up at me, wearing the white and pink which are her favorite colors. "Hello, Viral."

I raise my arm slowly, afraid to touch out of fear that she may vanish—it has happened before. She takes my hand and holds it against her face; she is warm and real, and that's when I pull her into my arms.

"… I've found you."

Minutes, maybe hours pass as I rememorize her shape, her scent, her very being before I step back. "I can take you to him."

After so long, spiral technology had evolved to the point where time travel on a known plane was one of the simpler tasks one could perform.

She shook her head, rich curls shimmering under the warm sunlight and the blue sky. "Nia has already passed away, and so has Simon."

It was difficult to accept. "But this…"

"… Is real, because somewhere in the tree of all things potential there was the chance that I would be here, waiting so that you could find me."

Her starry eyes shown with mirth as she took my hands, her smile dispelling my doubts for the last time. "And now it's my turn to make you happy."


The End