Summary: Ron is the moth attracted to Harry's Fire

Disclaimer: I'm not J.K. Rowling I did not write Harry Potter.

Warning: This is slash if it offends anyone then you need to learn to broaden your horizons. There are many types of love and it is ignorant to say that only one type is morally right.

People look at Ron's glowing red hair and fiery Irish temper and are tempted to call him Flame. But Ron isn't fire. In the metaphor of life Harry would be that ever burning candle and Ron would be that poor sap of a moth with a death wish. Ron used to wonder why the moths were so stupid to lose themselves in the fire. But now Ron understands. He sees the spark in Harry's eyes when he looks at Draco. Ron sees the fire in Harry's emerald eyes. Though Harry will never admit it, Ron knows that when Harry is cumming inside him it won't be Ron's name that Harry moans. Ron knows this but he can't seem to make himself care. As long as Harry keeps touching him like that. Ron has no illusions. He knows that when Harry has discarded him, he will die. But Ron now knows why the moths are so attracted to the flame. It just feels so damn good to be swallowed up by the all consuming flame.