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Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly on the beautiful summer morning as Danny leisurely walked down the stairs to the kitchen. He had a whole month of relaxing left during break, and he intended to spend as much time as he could not fighting ghosts. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, cereal, orange juice, and a fork, and sat down at the kitchen table.

He had just dipped the fork into the orange juice when he was interrupted by his parents entering, Jack practically bouncing in joy. "Guess what son!" he exclaimed loudly.

Danny blinked, not comprehending what his father had said. "Huh?" was all he managed to say.

"We're going to a Ghost Convention in Jump City!" answered his mother Maddie happily.

"Cool," said Danny groggily, still not really listening. For all he knew, they were discussing some new weapon. He once again dipped the fork into his concoction.

"The best part is you and your sister are coming too!" said Jack, grinning broadly at his son.

Danny's fork dropped with a clatter, and his cereal splashed all over the table and himself. He now understood what his parents had said, and that seriously interfered with the relaxation time he had well earned. "What? Why? I mean, what would we do there?" asked Danny hurriedly. His mind was spinning; who would protect the town if he was gone?! And what about Sam and Tucker? The trio had planned to spend the summer hanging out together.

"There's tons of stuff you can do there sweetie!" said Maddie, also smiling at her youngest child. "For example, you could make new friends. You have close to none as it is!"

"Sam and Tucker count as friends!" protested Danny.

"But that's not enough," said Maddie firmly. "You could also watch the Titans save the city."

"B-but, there aren't even any ghosts in Jump City!" complained Danny, hoping there would be some way, if any, out of this.

"Yes, we know, but now is the chance to see if anyone can fix my broken inventions!" answered Jack. Danny shifted in his seat, knowing he was referring to the weapons that worked perfectly; they just keyed in on his ecto-signature when he was human.

"Plus, you can explore a new place and have something to tell your friends when you get back," said Maddie, completely oblivious to her son's feelings about the trip.

"Fine," sighed Danny, realizing it was useless to argue with his parents. They were set on going anyway. "When are we going anyway?"

"We're leaving tomorrow morning at five o'clock because the drive is so long. We should be back in about two weeks," answered Maddie.

"Great," said Danny sarcastically. Jack bounded from the room, clearly going to make some new weapon.

Maddie then eyed his half-spilled bowl of cereal. "Danny, what in the world are you eating?"

The boy blinked and gazed down at his usual breakfast, and then winced upon seeing the little o's floating around in orange juice. "Uh, breakfast?" he answered, wiping a bit of juice from his hair.

Maddie sighed, and said, "Well, as long as you clean it up…" with that, she went to join her husband.

Danny put away his dish and mopped up the mess. He then went back upstairs, took a quick shower, and changed into clean clothes. He then grabbed his cell phone and called his best friend Sam.

"Sam speaking," the Goth answered.

"Hey Sam, its Danny," he said.

"Finally up, Sleeping Beauty?" she joked.

Danny scowled. "Ha, ha, very funny. I need to talk about serious stuff now."

"Serious like… what?" asked Sam.

"My parents are dragging Jazz and me to this stupid ghost convention in Jump City, and half the reason they're going is their inventions 'don't work,'" Danny said with a sigh.

"Wow," she said. She paused, and continued awkwardly, "Well, at least you get a break from fighting ghosts.

"Yeah, I guess that's something," said Danny. "How about we meet up at Nasty Burger?"

"Sounds great," said Sam. "I'll save you the trouble and call Tucker."

"Thanks," said Danny gratefully. The two exchanged goodbyes and hung up.

Danny walked down the stairs and left the bright red building. He casually walked down the sidewalk; hands in his pockets. Birds chirped happily, and people talked about who knows what as Danny realized something. It was actually…peaceful today! It was never peaceful in Amity Park, for there was always one ghost or another attacking. He made it to the Nasty Burger within fifteen minutes, and entered the popular fast food place.

He looked around and spotted Sam and Tucker at their usual booth, sitting opposite each other. Danny sat down next to Tucker.

"Hey Danny," greeted Tucker as he slid over to make room for his friend. "Sam filled me in." Danny nodded. "So, how long will you be gone?"

"The next two weeks," said Danny with a sigh. "I can't believe this!"

In another town far away called Jump City, there stood a tower in the shape of a T. It was just as unusual as in Amity Park; the usually troubled town was peaceful. The same could not be said for the residents of the tower.


"WELL IT'S NOT LIKE YOUR LAME TOFU IS ANY GOOD!" replied Cyborg angrily.

Robin sighed, clearly annoyed at the two. Raven turned the page of her book and said, "Why don't you guys just do the same thing you do everyday instead of arguing. Cyborg, just make breakfast, and Beastboy, just make yourself some tofu." She hadn't looked up, but annoyance was clear on her face.

"Fine, but I get to cook my food first!" said Cyborg as he made his way to the kitchen.

"No way dude, me first!" complained Beastboy as he rushed in front of the robotic man. The two kept bickering on their way to the kitchen.

Raven sighed exasperatedly, and rolled her eyes. Those two always seemed to go from one argument to another! The others tried their best to ignore the useless squabble, and went about their own business until some food was made, like usual. Robin was attempting to watch television, but the aggravation was obvious and he was gripping the remote so tightly that the channels kept changing. Starfire was watching the senseless little argument increase.

Finally, about half an hour later, Beastboy was making his tofu with a smirk on his face. Cyborg was grumbling incoherently, and glaring at the changeling. About ten minutes later, he got to make the rest of the breakfast. Beastboy seemed satisfied and ate his tofu at the table.

The other three soon joined Beastboy at the table; waiting for Cyborg to serve them. He finally came over with the dish, and placed it on the table. They were about to eat, when lights blared red and the alarm went off. Robin rushed up to the computer and typed in the access code.

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