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"For the next two weeks?" exclaimed Tucker, clearly surprised. "How in the world are your parents going to survive without hunting ghosts?"

Sam glared at the techno geek. "It's not that long. Besides, maybe something exciting will happen there, being home to the Teen Titans and all," she said hopefully, trying to make her two friends feel better.

"Yeah, I guess," said Danny. "Well, what do you want to do before I leave tomorrow?"

"Ooh! We could eat here and then go and, well… uh…" Tucker turned to Sam for help.

"And go over to my house to watch a movie of something," the Goth said with a sigh as she finished Tuck's sentence.

"Yeah!" said boys in agreement. The trio went up to the counter to get their meals.

Robin stepped away from the counsel as the TV screen turned into a large map with a red dot at the bank. "Aw man, not another bank robbery!" whined Beastboy upon noticing the location.

"Stop complaining and get moving already," said Raven. "For all you know, it might not be a regular robber."

Beastboy scowled, but transformed into a hawk. The team flew from the building, Cyborg in the T-Car and Robin on his motorcycle, and to the bank.

The arrived just in time to see the robber exiting the building with a sack filled with what they could only guess was money in his hands. The guy wore a black ski mask, like most of the non-creative ones. He noticed the team of superheroes arrive, and took off in a sprint, bag of cash over his shoulder. The teens sped after him, and managed to corner him in an alleyway.

"The jig is up, and you're coming in," said Robin, brandishing a pair of handcuffs and putting them on the criminal. The team went back to the tower, where they finished their now cold breakfast. For the first time in several weeks, no other crime was committed during the day.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker enjoyed Dead Teacher VII and Dead Teacher VIII. Once both movies were done, Danny's ghost sense went off.

"See you guys in two weeks," said Danny as he transformed into his infamous ghost half.

"See you dude," said Tucker. Sam waved as he flew through the ceiling and followed his ghost sense to a warehouse.

"Where in the world is that ghost?" he asked himself.

"I AM THE BOX GHOST!" yelled a voice as the blue overall wearing nuisance appeared in front of the ghost boy, hands waving in his face. "You will beware my square boxes of DOOM!"

"Shut up, will you?" said Danny boredly. He took out the Fenton Thermos and aimed it at the Box Ghost. He pressed the button, and captured the creature. "Now to get home…" he said quietly.

He heard an ecto-gun charging behind him. "Your not going anywhere, ghost," said Valerie.

Danny mentally groaned and turned to face her. "What did I do this time?" he protested angrily.

"You're a menace to the town, that's what!" exclaimed Valerie. "No matter if you and your cousin were right about Vlad, you're still dangerous"

"Wait, what?" asked Danny, eyes wide.

"Mr. Masters being an evil half ghost, just like your cousin," said Valerie. "You were right."

"How in the world did you find out about that?!" demanded Danny. "Vlad's gonna kill me now!"

"I saw him transform, but he didn't see that I saw him," said Valerie. "Now you're going down!"

The ecto-gun charged, and Danny hurriedly put his hands out in front of him. "Wait! If you don't like my archenemy because he manipulated you, why don't we actually work together for once and call a truce?"

Valerie scowled. "I'll think about it." With that, she turned her glider around and flew away. Danny turned invisible and flew back to his room in Fentonworks. He transformed and fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Danny woke up to the blaring sound of his alarm clock. He was careful to actually turn it off and not blast it like the last twenty times. He yawned, sat up, and stretched his arms. He then slowly got up, got dressed, and grabbed his suitcase. He managed to carry it downstairs without tripping, which was a miracle in itself.

He put the bag by the front door and entered the kitchen where his mom and Jazz were sitting at the table. "Where's Dad?" he asked groggily.

"He'll be down any minute now," said Maddie impatiently. "Whatever he's doing up there shouldn't take this long."

His dad came down twenty minutes later, and they got into the GAV. His mom took the wheel, something both siblings were thankful for, and they started the six hour drive.

The alarm sounded at five in the morning and the team rushed to the control room. Cyborg entered the password, and said quietly, "It's Slade." They all glanced at Robin to see how he'd react.

"Titans GO!" yelled Robin, an angry glint in his eyes. Cyborg took the T-Car, Robin took the R-Cycle, and the rest flew. The site where he had been spotted was a construction site. The workers had yet to arrive.

"Let's go look inside," Robin ordered, and walked into the building. The others followed him, exchanging worried glances as Starfire made a starbolt and Cyborg activated his light so they could see. From the inside, the building looked like all it needed was lights, windows, and paint. After they turned a corner, they saw about fifty of Slade's robots. The group stared at them in shock, and Robin gritted his teeth in anger. He jumped and attacked one, the others following his lead. The starbolt and light faded as the battle began, making it difficult for everyone to see. Only Robin, who had been trained by the master of darkness, and the robots were able to see.

The leader easily beat five of them, and he caught sight of a dim light out of the corner of his eye, and signaled to his team to take it from there. He ran down the hallway to the light.

It had been three hours since the Fenton family had set out for Jump City. Danny mentally reprimanded himself for forgetting to bring something to occupy his time during the long, boring drive. His mom was still driving and Jack was asleep, mumbling about fudge and ghosts. He glanced at the cars passing by and turned to his sister. "Hey Jazz, what are you reading?" he asked. He needed to talk to someone to keep from falling asleep.

Jazz shot a glare at him and turned back to her book. Danny sighed and glanced out the window once more. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

Robin opened a door and quietly entered. The only thing in there was a chair, it's back facing him. "Well, well, well Robin, you easily took down those robots…" said Slade as he stood up and faced the boy wonder. Robin glared at him and Slade smirked under his gaze.

"What are you up to Slade?" demanded Robin, angrier and more frustrated than before. He wanted Slade to be gone once and for all, so he would never bother anyone anymore! He had almost lost his friends and the reason had been Slade.

"What you didn't figure it out? Looks like you're losing your touch," taunted Slade, knowing that would make Robin even more frustrated

"What's there to figure out; you're in an incomplete building in almost complete darkness where there's nothing useful for you!" Robin yelled at him, his face burning with anger.

"Temper Robin, temper…. I'm here for a mere chat," said Slade with a smirk.

Robin gritted his teeth to hold back his anger. "Since when do you ever want to talk?" he snapped.

"Since now, I thought I'd let you know that I'm back… and you'll soon see me again," said Slade darkly, as the room darkened and he disappeared.

Robin clenched his hands into fists and ran out to the other Titans. The robots had probably disappeared when Slade had left, and his friends were tired and badly beaten. They walked out and headed back to the tower.

"Danny, wake up sweetie," Maddie said.

"Huh?" mumbled Danny as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat back up straight.

"We're almost there, but you can see some of Jump City from here," Maddie said with a smile and turned back to the road.

Danny looked out the window in front of him and saw that what his mom had said was true. Sure, you could only see a little bit, like the tall buildings, but that counted for something. Danny gazed at it for a while before he grew bored once more.

"How many hours or minutes until we get there?" he asked, crossing his arms.

"About an hour," she answered. Danny sighed and looked out his window, forcing himself to stay awake. His mind involuntarily turned to the Nasty Burger incident, and the face of his evil future self. Danny forced the thoughts from his head as they passed the sign that said, Welcome to Jump City, Home of the Teen Titans!

"Jazz, who are the Teen Titans anyway?" asked Danny, having only heard of them from Sam.

"They're supposed to be a team of teen superheroes," she answered. "I'm sure you'll fit right in," she added jokingly.

Danny just rolled his eyes and looked back out the window.

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