Chapter 1

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AU- Ginny never got the Riddle diary, Dumble's is still alive, Sirius in still in jail(Azkaban if you insist), Seventh Year, cannon ships. Might have some fun with the Pink... Umbridge I mean. James, Lily and Harry fled England for Australia and a farm. Harry is farm raised. Malfoy was not attacked by the Hippogryff in Third Year. Powerful Harry and the Mouldy one is back, but with Cedric's blood instead of Harry's, possibly DH compliant with the Horcruxes, maybe not.

Oh, Harry's wand is not the holly and phoenix feather, it's white emu feather and jarrah. He'll get the cannon one later. Again, eleven inches long.

Ron and Hermione wandered into what they thought was an empty cabin. Inside they saw a seventh year boy sitting against the window, a red leather bound book in hand.

'You can come in,' he said, his accent Australian.

'Thank you, normally this cabin is empty, Hermione Granger,' Hermione said.

'Ron,' Ron said.

'Harry,' Harry replied. He put the book down and looked at the two. Ron stood about six foot tall, bright red hair and was slim. Hermione barely reached Ron's shoulder, with a slim build. They sat down opposite Harry.

'I've never seen you at Hogwarts before,' Hermione started.

'Never been,' Harry said, interrupting. 'With my parents...'

'Why would you not go to Hogwarts?' Ron asked.

'Ron...' Hermione started.

'It is on the opposite side of the world,' Harry said, closing the book, leaving the book mark in.

'You live where?' Hermione asked.

'Australia, West Australia, a few hours out of Perth,' Harry replied.

'Okay, they have wizards in Australia?' Ron asked. He flinched as Hermione whacked his right arm.

'Yeah, we have our own way of doing things,' Harry said, with a shrug. 'I hope I can keep W and C.'

'W and C?' Hermione asked.

'Wards and Curses, have a look, don't lose my place,' Harry said, passing the book over.

I've never heard of that course,' Ron said. He looked at Hermione, whose eyes were as wide as the as the sun outside.

'This Auror level!' she gasped.

'Really?' Harry asked. 'Well, I guess it could be up here, don't know how you teach magic.'

'Can I borrow some books off you?' Hermione asked the second Harry finished.

'Yeah, do you want to start off with the first book?' Harry asked.

'Yes, thank you,' Hermione replied, passing the book back.

Three heads turned to see a young red haired woman walk into the cabin.

'Urgh, who let those monkey's onto the train,' Ginny said as she sat next to Harry, facing Ron and Hermione.

'Leon and Paul?' Harry asked.

'You know them?' Ginny asked, looking at Harry. 'Ginny Weasley.'

'Harry. Yes, they're my brothers,' Harry replied. He studied Ginny for a few seconds, his eyes sweeping over her figure, pausing briefly at her breasts, waist and hips. He tried to make it not look too obvious. Hello gorgeous, he thought. Jen might try to steal her from me.

The four paused as they heard a whistle, feeling the train leave the station. Ron and Hermione sighed, knowing they had the prefects meeting in a few minutes. They excused themselves to head for the meeting, leaving Harry and Ginny alone.

'So, do you have any more brothers or sisters?' Ginny asked.

'Only a sister, Allison, Allie for short,' Harry replied.

'Are they always like that?'

'No, only when they're really bored.'

'Great,' Ginny muttered.

'It could be worse,' Harry replied, with a shrug. She saw a scar running down one side of Harry's leg.

'How did that happen?' Ginny asked.

'Feral pig, boar got a bit too close,' Harry said.

'Have you been to Hogwarts before?' Ginny asked.

'No, first and last year,' Harry replied. He sighed as he heard Leon and Paul coming down the hallway. He heard another set of steps heading towards his cabin as well. He looked to see some other students looking at him. He winked at Ginny, before pulling her into a kiss. At first she was surprised, but soon relented. Harry heard the gasps and broke away as they started to die down.

'Sorry about that,' Harry whispered.

Ginny flushed with embarrassment briefly, hearing only Leon and Paul speaking.

'I told you he'd be at it, less than an hour too,' Leon said.

'You said it would be a red head, she's auburn,' Paul replied.

'Come on, close enough.'

'Nah, look at her blush.'

'Alright, you won.'

'So you got the stables for a month.'

'Don't remind me.'

'I won't remind you that you told me not to remind you,' Paul said with a laugh as they headed back to their own cabin.

Ginny blinked a few times, before Harry tapped her shoulder. He pulled out a wand, drawing an invisible line across the door to the hallway.

'I really am sorry about that,' Harry said. 'I...'

Ginny wasn't really listening to Harry, as her thoughts scattered. He is a really good kisser, she thought. And he hasn't tried to grope me yet. He's probably just waiting for the right time to try.

'Oh, sorry, no, it's fine,' Ginny said, trying to cover her embarrassment for loosing track of what he was saying.

'I'd like to make it up to you,' Harry said.

'No really, it's fine,' Ginny replied, trying to hide her small blush.

'I'd feel bad if I didn't,' Harry said, letting the subject drop. 'Do you have a boyfriend?'

'No, I dumped him before the end of last year...' Ginny said.

'He liked you for your breasts?' Harry asked.

Ginny blinked a couple of times, before chuckling. 'I wouldn't have said it that way, but yes.'

'Shame,' Harry said, he heard a knock on the door. A tall blonde boy stood outside, two larger goons other side. The door opened, Harry using a Wicca spell to open the door, his hand shifting to his wand.

The blonde boy stepped in, and scowled at Ginny, before looking at Harry.

'So you're Harry Potter?' he asked.

'So what if I am?' Harry replied.

Ginny almost fainted from shock. The Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter kissed me? she thought. Aren't I rather plain?

'Draco Malfoy,' Draco said, introducing himself. Harry looked at the offered hand.

'Rather not, at least the animals I work with are clean,' Harry replied.

Draco scowled. 'You'll meet the same end as your parents.'

'What? Madly in love with my wife and family?' Harry asked.

Draco stormed out of the cabin, his two goons following him. Harry started to chuckle, while watching Ginny's expression change from shock to amazement.

'You're Harry Potter?' Ginny asked.

'That's me.' Harry replied with a smile.

'Your parents?'

'James and Lily Potter.'

'What about what you said?'

'Madly in love? Yeah, that's an understatement.'

'I don't want to know.'

'You really don't want to know.'

Ginny opened her mouth, only to shut it, hearing Padma and Parvati enter the cabin.

'I'm Padma...' Padma started.

'I'm Parvati. We were wondering...' Parvati said.

'If you really were dating Ginny?' Padma asked.

'Only if she wants me to,' Harry replied, enjoying the look of shock on their faces. 'Ginny?'

'What, yes I'd... no wait, err,' Ginny muttered.

Padma and Parvati giggled, in the way which set of a shudder in Harry, before leaving the cabin.

'I made an idiot of myself, didn't I?' she muttered.

'I think so, sorry about that, I'm...' Harry started.

'Don't be sorry,' Ginny started. 'I don't know you at all, but you're the best looking guy at Hogwarts, now,' Ginny said, the flush returning to her cheeks.

'Great,' Harry replied with a smirk. 'Hottest guy in Hogwarts?'

'Are you seeing anyone?' Ginny asked, a tiny spark of hope appearing in her eyes.

'No, no-one, but if you want to...' Harry started. He paused as Hermione and Ron returned from the meeting.

'Did you snog my sister?' Ron asked.

'Ron, it's not any of your business!' Hermione said.

'If I did, I did, you'll have to ask her,' Harry said, leaning back, both hands behind his head.

'Did he?' Ron asked Ginny.

Ginny shook her head, but Hermione raised an eyebrow. Ginny made a gesture that both Ron and Harry missed, Hermione nodding in reply.

'After Dean...' Ron started.

'No need to start that again,' Ginny growled.

'So, Harry, what do you do at home?' Hermione asked, as she and Ron sat down, Ron's arm around her waist.

'Work on the farm mainly, was a year ahead in my normal studies... muggle,' Harry said.

'So you do Muggle Studies?' Ron asked.

'No, Hermione, you know what I mean?' Harry asked.

'You were going to a normal school?' Hermione asked.

'Over the Net, yeah,' Harry replied.

'What about magic?' Ginny asked.

'Apparated to the school, worked on the farm in the holidays,' Harry said.

'Farm?' Ginny asked.

'Yeah, farm, got a couple of hectares always things to be done,' Harry said, looking at Ginny. 'I've got to thank Mum for the even tan charm she uses.'

'Your mother invented that charm?' Hermione asked. 'But that's not...'

'She was bored,' Harry said.

'Bored, so she created a spell?' Ginny asked.

'Why would you do that?' Ron asked. 'It's gotta be really hard, right?'

'No, not that hard, I mean if I took crafting, we'd be expected to create a spell for the end of year assessment,' Harry said. He stretched his shoulders.

'You'd be expected to?' Hermione asked.

'That's the way thing it's done in my country,' Harry said.

'Exploding Snap?' Ginny asked, pulling out a deck of cards.

They played for a few hours, until they all changed, Harry simply pulling on the black robe, not bothering to change out of the pants or boots he was wearing. A black haired girl passed by the cabin, seeing Harry opened the door.

'Just got a message from Dad, before we lost the signal, he saw a herd of feral pigs near the old Flamel place, think you'd help him get rid of them?' the girl asked.

'Yeah, I'll help him, did he say how he was getting us there Allie?' Harry asked.

'Portkey, said he'd get us from Hogwarts,' Allie replied, before walking back to her own cabin, Harry looking around at the expressions of the other three.

'What, those things destroy fences, and I've spent days trying to find all of the cattle that got out the last time those damned ferals got in,' Harry said.

'Okay,' Ron said, blinking a few times.

'Would you mind if I came with you?' Ginny asked.

'Well, it would be rather boring, but if you want to,' Harry said. He looked down at his boots, slightly scuffed and dust coated. Some entrance I'll make, Harry thought.

Harry sat down again, vaguely listening to Hermione talk about Hogwarts. Eventually he thought he'd have some fun, and nudged Ginny.

'I bet you that I know something about Hogwarts that Hermione doesn't,' Harry whispered to Ginny.

'Oh yeah, so what do you have in mind?' Ginny replied, a glint of mischief in her eyes.

'I get to kiss you again, anytime, anywhere,' Harry said. 'Not just a little peck on the lips either.'

'You have to wear a 'I love Snape' shirt for a whole week,' Ginny said, knowing there was no way she could be wrong.

'Hermione, you said only the headmaster can create Portkeys into Hogwarts right?' Harry asked.

'Yes, only the Headmaster or Headmistress can do that,' Hermione said.

'Since my Dad is neither, should he be able to get in?' Harry asked.

'No,' Hermione said confidently.

'Wait for Friday night,' Harry said, with a smile. Ginny looked at the smile, wondering if the bet was a good idea after all.