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Craine: CHAOOOOOOOOSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake: Who the HELL said you could come here?!?!?!?! get the FUCK out!!!

Craine: (disappears in a flash of lightning, laughing maniacally)

Drake: The dragon graveyard shall DESTROY THEE!!

It was mid-day with the sun high in the sky above a small park with a play-ground in it, and a 4 year old Sakura was playing with another young girl in a small patch of flowers and picking different kinds

"Hey Sakura-chan" the other girl called out and Sakura turned around to see the other girl but she could'nt't make out er face or it definitions, and the girl handed her a hand-full of flowers "these are for you" she said, with what Sakura assumed to be a big grin... she could'nt't see her face but she did'nt't care, she was having fun with this girl

Sakura smiled and laughed as she took the flowers "Well I got to go home now, or my mom will get mad with me"

"Okay, You wanna meet here again tomorrow Sakura-chan?" the girl asked

"Yeah... I'll see you then, Bye!!" Sakura waved as she ran out of the park and away from the girl, who grew farther and farther out of sight and disappeared...


Sakura opened her eye's laying in bed and she looked at the clock, which read 7:03 am, and she took in a deep breath as she stretched and sat up in bed with the faint light shining in through her bedroom window "The same dream again... but why? and why is it some familiar? Thats the fourth time this week, and the tenth this month" she said to her self, before sh jumped out of bed and walked over to the closet and puled out her high school uniform, which consisted of a white and gray t-shirt, with a red bow around the collar, with a white skirt that went a little above her mid-thigh when worn, and white stockings which just went a little higher then her knees

She walked out of her room across the hall and into the bathroom where she took off her bra and panties and turned on the shower before stepping in

"Dammit... who the hell is that girl? Why is she so damn familiar?"

She quickly washed her self nice and clean, before getting out, and drying off to put her clothes on, combing her short pink hair, and she went down stairs where her mother was cleaning the dishes

"Hey mom" Sakura greeted

"Morning dear" her mother greeted back "I put some bread in the toaster for you"

"Thanks, it sucks thats all i have time to eat" Sakura said walking up to the toaster as it popped out the freshly crisped toast and she pulled them out and put one in her mouth and she walked over to the front door, and grabbed her bag and slung it on her shoulder "Bye mom" she said after pulling the toast out of her mouth and she opened the door

"All right see you tonight Sakura" her mom called back

With that Sakura exited her house and walked down the street toward her school ready for another day of the monotonous and annoying torment known simply as... high school...(insert the sigh and grunt now please)

Within ten minutes she reached her destination, and walked onto the school grounds of Hanayoki high school, and she walked in the front doors into the busy halls of her school and walked through the mass of crowd, and found her way to the hall that held her locker, and as she approached it, she saw her friend since she came to this city of Tokyo six years ago when she was ten years old

"Hey Hinata" Sakura said as she came up to her locker and began putting in the code to it and popped it open

"Hey Sakura" Hinata said with a smile, she was a bit of a shy girl but a very happy and kind person, she wore the same type of school uniform as Sakura... only hers was able to accommodate her large busty rack that, little did she know, most guys gawked over "you don't look so well"

"Yeah... I know" Sakura sighed throwing her bag in and pulling out her books

"Did you have that dream again?" Hinata asked

"Yeah... and I seem to be really tired and irritated on the days after, 'cuase its driving me nuts as to why its such a familiar feeling I get, but I don't remember a face or name" Sakura said slightly agitated, closing her locker

"Well, try not to think about it" Hinata said patting her pink-haired friend on the back

"Well its hard when its so vivid except the face of that girl... but I feel at peace and happy in the dream" Sakura said dreamingly

Just as Sakura came out of her fantasy land she turned the corner to see the object of her feelings... the one and only bad-boy of Hanayoki High... Uchiha Sasuke who was walking down the hall to his class, he did'nt't wear his uniform jacket and draped it over is shoulder while he wore only the white under shirt... to most ALL of the girls in the school he was the perfect guy... hell, some of the REALLY annoying fan-girls even had a Sasuke Uchiha fan-club set up by the school... and his older Brother was on the Football(to us Americans Soccer) team, and his family was one of the wealthier ones of the town

"Hey Sasuke-kun" Sakura called out happily as she walked up to him with Hinata

"Yo" Sasuke said with a tilt of the head

"How are you this morning?" Sakura asked sweetly

"Tired... I was up all last night studying" the Uchiha replied

"U-Um... Sasuke... do y-you know where Naruto is?" Hinata asked

"Pineapple-head? I think he's dropping cherry bombs in the toilets again..." Sasuke replied calmly

"oooh that Naruto... what an idiot... nothing like a straight-A student like you Sasuke" Sakura said

"yep... he's an ba-" they heard a slight bang "-ka alright"

Naruto then came running down the hall and slid to a stop next to the other three of his class-mates "Heyyy, whats up Hinata-chan, Sakura-chan" the blond-haired boy grinned, he had his gray jacket on, but it was open and un-buttoned

"H-Hello Naruto-kun" Hinata greeted poking her fingers together, and looking down slightly "H-How are you?"

"goo-" Naruto was abruptly cut off when Mizuki, the security Gaurd grabbed him by his hair as he walked by tugging him along painfully

"C'mon you 'lil shit... you can't just drop cherry bombs in the toilets!" he said in a very angry manor

"OW-ouch, YEOWCH-gahaha it hurts you jackass!!" Naruto barked as he was dragged down the hall

"Oh my" was all Hinata said, Sakura shook her head, and Sasuke shrugged

"Idiot" the Uchiha said, and they all heard the bell ring and they all dispersed to their classes Sasuke to a different class than Hinata and Sakura, who had History, and they were only a hall away, so they soon reached their class

They flooded into the room and took their respective seats as a man walked in, it was no other then a nicely dressed and mask-less(!!!!) Hatake Kakashi

"Okay class... first order of buisness this morning is we have a new student..." Kakashi said setting up his stuff on his desk

"For once Kakashi-sensei was on time?" Sakura and nearly the entire class thought in unison

Kakashi hen turned his attention to the class "Okay the new student we're getting today, is named Yamanaka Ino, she's just moved here so, none of your usual crap..." he said and ten turned to the door "okay, come on in"

The door opened and in walked a beautiful blond girl, with a long pony-tail, and turquoise colored eyes and she stood in front of the class and bowed her head "Hello, I'm Ino" she said with a smile

Nearly every guy in the class was gawking at her like the imbeciles they were... some even drooling.. .to them, a hot girl in the sexy short-short skirt with the school uniform for girls

Sakura got an odd feeling the second she looked at the girl

"Well now, Ino if you'll take a seat somewhere so we can get on with class" Kakashi said turning to the chalk board and began writing and on it

Ino found her way up the stairs to a desk that just so happened the one right in front of Sakura's seat, Sakura bit her lower lip wonder what this feeling was... it was weird... like she knew her but she did'nt't at all, like nostalgia and confusion mixed up into one... not to mention she kept thinking this girl was one of the most attractive to ever enter the school


The class passed by quickly, for Sakura, as she sat there the entire time staring at Ino, trying to figured out why she felt so odd in the gut and chest, and when the class ended Ino rose from her seat and exited the room, Sakura gathered her things quickly and went after the blond haired girl

Hinata watched as Sakura went after her out of the room, and she tilted her head in confusion, before exiting herself

Sakura caught up to Ino and tapped her on the shoulder, an she turned around "Yeah, can I help you?" Ino asked

"Uh... well I don't think so... but I was wondering seeing how your new if you wanted to hang out or something" Sakura offered

"Sure why not... I got nothing better to do, when?" Ino asked

"Uh meet me here after school okay?" Sakura said

"Okay" Ino nodded with a smile

"Well what class are you going to next?" Sakura asked, and Ino Held up a sheet of paper to read it "... Sexual-education with Mitarashi Anko..." she said

"Really? Same here, my names Sakura" the pink-haired teen said

Hinata walked up next to her friend "introducing yourself Sakura?" she asked

"yep... Ino, this is Hinata Hyuga, she's from a rich family, but she pesters them to stay in public schools" Sakura giggled with a smile

"What? I hate private schools..." Hinata said

"Well we should get going Sex-ed is on the other side of the building on the second floor" Sakura said

"all right lets go then" Hinata said and they all headed for their next class


Hinata Sakura and Ino walked into the classroom with all females

"Just be on guard Mitarashi-sensei is crazy..." Sakura said

"how crazy?" Ino asked curiously

"you'll see" Sakura said as they took three seats that were next to each other

After several minutes and the second the bell stop ringing the door was literally kicked open and in walked a woman with purple hair, a seemingly evil smirk, a tan jacket and a long skirt with formal high-heel sandals

"Okay then... lets get down to it you horny lil bitches" Anko snapped "As I'm sure all of you are dripping wet with anticipation... like m-so lets get right down to the nitty-gritty, today we're talking about the spine tingling toe-curling euphoria that will have you comin' back for MORE" she grinned


Anko gave them a short yet VERY VERY detailed description of what all th sexual positions they could get in, what feels best, though its a matter of opinion, and how oral sex works, she did this in 15 minutes flat

"Okay now I need one of you to come up here, so I can show you the one thing that we women all have as out greatest weakness... even I haven't figured this out yet..." Anko said and about three girls raised their hands, but she picked one that did'nt't even raise her hand... Hinata... the perfect choice for what she had in mind

"How 'bout you Hinata?" Anko asked

"Hhhm? Me? B-But why?" Hinata stammered, sex was'nt't something Hinata was to good with... she was to bashful and shy, but she did as her sensei said and rose to her feet and went to the front of the class

"Face that wall please" Anko said pointing to the left wall where the door was, and Hinata did so... reluctantly "Allow me to demonstrate..." she trailed off, and all of a sudden, out of FUCKING no where she reached around Hinata and Grabbed her large supple breasts tightly in her hands and began grope squeeze and kneed them with out mercy or any sings of stopping

Needless to say, Hinata was a furious shade of red, but she subconsciously began breathing heavily, holding back upcoming moans in her throat "agh..ahh" she squeaked quietly, feeling her knees shake, as Anko continued to massage and fondle her fleshy mounds and she even began feeling Hinata's nipples go hard

"damn... she ain't wearin' a bra, this kid's kinky!!" Anko thought before pinching them sightly... the classed gawked at the scene before them... I mean SURE Anko was crazy... but this... this was... new

Hinata moaned slightly, nearly unnoticeable and Anko smirked "see... she's moaning... she likes it" she said releasing Hinata's breasts to bounce slightly "it our only weakness... men have balls we have breasts... be carefully heheheh"

"W-Why did you-"

"why did I what?" Anko asked

"...nothing.." Hinata said, straightening her shirt out and she felt the heat between her legs subside as she walked to her seat and sat quietly with a blush still on her face

"She was going to ask me why I stopped... heheheh" Anko laughed inwardly "Okay, moving on..."

Sakura and Ino turned to Hinata "What the hell did that feel like?" Sakura asked

"Did yo really moan? I could't tell" Ino said

"I... don't want tot talk about it please..." Hinata stated

Ino and Sakura looked at each other and giggled slightly


Well, that was the precursor of what is to come, so hope you enjoyed the hotness and the twinge of comedy, till next time