IMPORTANT NOTE: Okay... now I am more than likely going to disappoint allot of you, because I've chosen not to continue this any farther, this is the last chapter and it's going out with a bang. I'm sorry, but my idea for it would have added maybe two chapters, and it wasn't even that good, and plus after learning the hard way once, I'm not going to draw this out to much and kill it

It was ten thirty at night and the dance was now over, and the few couples who remained until the end were dispersing to go home and to their own devises

Sakura, Ino, Anko, and Hinata were all now exiting the gym doors to the out side. Sakura turned to Hinata "what are you going to do? go home?" she asked

"No... I think I'm going to go with Anko tonight... tell my father I'm spending the night at one of your guys house" the Hyuga replied

"ooo gonna have a little 'fun' huh?" Ino teased, Hinata blushed and looked away

"what are you two ladies gonna do?" Anko asked

"Well... Tonight's to good to end it by going home to our parents..." Ino said

"Why's that?" Anko asked

"Our mothers found out about me and Ino... they've ignored us and been bitches since" Sakura sighed

"Well... Anko... can they come with us?" Hinata asked

"...meh why not?" Anko shrugged "If they want to"

"'s better then going home" Ino said

"...I guess... lets go" Sakura said

"Follow me to my car" Anko said and she walked into the parking lot up to a medium sized, black four door car, and she unlocked it and the girls got in. Hinata sat in the front with Anko, and Sakura and Ino in the back

Anko started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the road


Anko pulled up to a parking space in an apartment complex and they all got out, and followed her to the third of the four floors where she went to the door, unlocked it and let them in

they kicked off their shoes and Anko led them to the living room where she flicked on a light on the wall, before that the only other light was that off some sort of Terrarium which Anko walked towards first "Make yourselves at home.." she said before getting to the glass tank which had a rock a fake tree branch and artificial sand or dirt on the bottom, and she looked at it before walking to a cage she had down the counter and she opened it up and pulled out a little white mouse from a few other white ones, and closed the cage before walking back to the large glass tank, and she popped the plastic top off, which had the lamp in it and she reached

"aaawww its so cue" Sakura said looking at the mouse, but just then her face dropped when she saw Anko drop it in the terrarium and saw a green python slither from the fake branch and towards the mouse

"Those that are faint of heart should look away now" Anko said, Sakura turned awayand Ino walked up to watch

Hinata was sitting on the couch waiting, and by the time Sakura looked back the only thing of the mouse sticking out of the pythons mouth were its hind legs and its long tail

The green serpent contorted the muscles in its mouth and neck to force the mouse down and once it was gone Anko reached in and picked the snake "there... enjoy your meal?" she said to it, as it loosely tied up and around her arm and she pat its head with her finger, and the snake seemed to not mind at all having her touch it like this

"wow... that's a pretty tame snake... can I hold it? Ino asked

"no... it's not tame at all... only with me, probably because my other snake was the mother to this one and died not long after so it was a bitch keeping this little guy alive..." Anko explained

"feeding that helpless mouse to that snake was cruel" Sakura said

"no, it's nature..." Anko said... Sakura lost that one "there's not much else you can feed a snake any ways"

Anko pulled the snake off her arm and put it back in the tank on its fake branch, ad she closed the tank "okay now that that's taken care of..." Anko trailed off waking into her bedroom and out of sight for a minute

Sakura and Ino sat down next to Hinata "So... doesn't that bother you? Sakura asked

"What the snake thing...? no not really..." Hinata shrugged

"so where are we gonna sleep...? we'll share something" Ino said

"Uh... I think she might have you guy's sleep on the couch here... it folds out into a bed" Hinata said

"Cool..." Sakura said

"Don't go to sleep just yet ladies..." Anko's voice came from her room and she stepped out from her room in nothing but a black lace bra, and black lace panties, and holding a lavender double sided dildo "we're gonna have some fun first" she said

"eehh?" Hinata gasped "w-what do you mean?" she asked

"We're going to have a foursome!" Anko grinned "it was your idea Hinata"

"WHAT?" Hinata snapped blushing insanely

"you asked me 'can they cum with us?'..." Anko said

"Yeah, as in GO with us!" Hinata defended

"Well you knew we were going to have sex tonight, so you should have been more specific, now I'm hell bent on it" Anko grinned

"Don't we get a say in this?" Sakura asked "Yeah... I'm not to sure I'm comfortable with having sex with my teacher..."

"yeah..." Ino agreed

"This coming from the smuttier one of the two of you" Anko said "it's just fo fun"

"Hey I'm lustful in certain ways okay... but that's... " Then something clicked in her head, and she wnt to Sakura's ear "remember how hot we got when we saw the two of them have sex from another room?" she whispered

Sakura nodded "... but still..."

"Ankoooo" Hinata grunted trying to get her attention "I didn't intend for th-" she was silence when Anko started walking to wards her and she straddled her lap "A-Anko-sensei?"

Anko didn't saw anything and she just pressed her lips to Hinata's and grabbed her large breasts and started kneaded and fondling them, Ino and Sakura turned to their left and saw this

Anko slid her tongue deep into Hinata's gentle wet mouth and swirled it around, battling with her tongue, as the younger girl moaned through it, and she felt Anko's hand leave her left breast, only to minutes later fell her panties pulled out of the way and the dildo pushed into her pussy "MMMMMMM" Hinata moaned and blushed with bliss, and she pumped her hip hard once and then began rolling them

Anko got off her lap and between her legs for a better angle and she began ramming the dildo in and out of the younger girl

Sakura tightened her legs ad felt her nipples harden, and Ino felt the same but didn't tighten her leg, and only spread them a little to watch and rub her clit through her panties and under her skirt

"ahhh-ahhh yeah... yeah" Hinata moaned as she felt the almost rubber plastic like toy was rammed deep in her pussy and pulled almost all the way and repeated in less a second, because of how vigorous Anko was

Pre-cum was leaking and be flung out a little from Anko's efforts and Hinata grabbed her own breasts an started rubbing them and rolling them, and she puled her dress down from around the shoulders and pinched her hard nipples pulling and twisting them slightly

Sakura's legs were grinding up and down and her fingers her digger into the fabric of the couch, and she her a slight squeak and a moan come from her right and she turned to Ino watching the scene and rubbing her clit "C'mon Sakura.. ahhh touch yourself... I can tell ahhh you horny... do it aahhh" Ino said through moans

Sakura looked back and saw Anko with out her under wear anymore and she slid the other end of the double sided dildo in herself as she bounced up and down, driving the toy deeper into Hinata and herself, both girls moaned and groaned in bliss

"oh... I see" Ino said and she scooted close enough to be pressed against her lover and she slipped a hand between her legs and began rubbing her through her panties, coaxing deep moans and a gasp from Sakura as her body rolled and felt the tingle run through it

"Sakura... touch me..." Ino asked wanting, Sakura happily obliged and slipped one of her hands between Ino's legs and under her panties and began finger her "aahh ooohh" Ino decided to do the same for Sakura and she slid her hand under her panties and started fingering her

Both girls looked over and saw Hinata's breasts bounce up and down and Anko pumped hard and fasted, driving the toy deep, and cum leaked down onto the floor and couch and both of them nearly screamed and threw their head back and cum blasted from Anko's pussy soaking Hinata's hips and Hinata came about two seconds later with cum blasting up on Anko and dripping to the floor

Anko pullled off and took the toy out of Hinata, soaked in cum, and sucked it clean on both ends

"Hey... aaahhhnko, you got a aahhhspare one of those?" Ino asked

"Yeah..." Anko smiled seeing them finger each other, and walked into her room and came out not a few seconds later and tossed them a double sided dildo "there ya go... fuck each other good heheheh" Anko chuckled

Ino pulled her finger out of Sakura and stood up before pulling her dress down and pulling her panties along with it and she slid the toy in her self and slid its other end in Sakura, as far as it could in both of them, until their pussies made contact and they grinned, pumped and rolled as they moaned, groaned and gasped

this was one of the fastest orgasm's Sakura ever achieved, because of how horny she was to start, and Ino came a few seconds later their cum mixing and soaking their hips "Damn,..." Sakura said

"That was awesome..." Ino panted

"ooookay then switching time..." Anko said and she pulled Ino off of Sakura and pulling her off the dildo

"hey..." Ino reacted to the sudden action

"Do you want to fuck Hinata first or me?" Anko asked

"uuuhh..." Ino trailed off

Anko rolled her eye's and reached around to the girls front and slid her fingers into her pussy, and rolled them around

Sakura looked over to Hinata, who looked at her "do you... want to?" Sakura asked

"...o-okay..." Hinata nodded and Sakura scooted down the couch

"do you want to be on the bottom?" Sakura asked

"t-thats fine" Hinata replied nervously

"okay lay on your back..." Sakura said, Hinata did just that on the length of the couch and Sakura got on top of her and pressed heir pussies together before pumping once... twice and she slowly got in a rhythm

Sakura grabbed Hinata's breast and groped it and squeezed it "You know Hinata.. I've always envied you for these breasts... their so big and soft... so much to touch..." Sakura said softly

"S-Sakura...?" Hinata said

"I know... my inner-self is taking over..." Sakura said and she kissed Hinata on the lips and sucked on the upper one

Hinata's face kept it tone of blissful red as her eye's went hazy and she started sucking on Sakura's lower lip in exchange, and she wrapped her amr's around her as their pussies rubbed and grinded against each other almost in a passionate slow way

Ino pressed her back into Anko as she was fingered, her left breast was groped, and having her neck sucked on "ahh... aah ohh" Ino gasped and moaned

"What's it like watching your girlfriend fuck another girl like that? is it hot... is it infuriating?" Anko asked

"it's... hot ahhh-yeeaahh" Ino moaned, just before Anko flipped her around and pushed her back first on the couch and she grabbed behind her left knee and lifted her leg up and pressed their pussies together and kissed Ino sliding her tongue in deep battling Ino's lustfully

As Sakura grinded her pussy into Hinata's she started licking and nibbling her earlobe, as she lift the Hyuga's right leg up and positioned it in front of her left shoulder and brought Hinata's leg up to her chest, and as the pleasure ran through her, her right foot start to twitch and roll, and bounce with the momentum of Sakura's pumps "S-Sakura, yes Sakura oooohhhhh" Hinata moaned as she whipped her head side to side

"Hinataaaa... Hinataaaa" Sakura moaned, and her finger dug into the couch and she came seconds before Hinata, both girls letting out loud groans of pleasure as they threw their heads back

Anko made Ino cum and she pumped for a few more seconds until she came and released a pleasure riddled moan in Ino's ear, sending a shiver up her spine

Anko pulled off and grabbed the double sided dildo and put one end in her self and walked behind Sakura who looked back in time to see her ram it side her pussy from behind

"Aaahhh Anko... I'm to tired" Sakura gasped

"No your not" Anko grinned again, and she pulled Sakura off of Hinata and started ramming in and out from behind

Ino got up and walked over to Hinata "Do you want to go with me too?" Ino asked

"sure... " Hinata nodded

"okay" Ino smiled before "any position you wanna do?"

"uuumm... could I be... the one in charge?" Hinata asked poking her fingers together

"Oh you want me to be the subordinate one for this? it's fine with me" Ino replied

"really?" Hinata asked

"yeah... let's see what you can do" Ino said "what do yu want me to do?" she asked

"lay on yer back, here next to me..." Hinata said, Ino did that, and Hinata got up and walked to where Ino's head was and she climbed on top of her with her pussy straddled over her face and she bent down and started licking the blond teens clit

"ahhh a 69 huh?" Ino asked, before she licked at Hinata's clit, and slid a finger in her pussy, twisting it around and going in and out making hinata moan and bounce her hips

Hinata nibbled lovingly at Ino's clit while slowly sliding her finger in and out of her pussy

Sakura gripped the couch and rammed her hips back into the dildo with each of Anko's thrust "That's right Sakura... take it, love it you horny little girl" Anko teased as she reached a hand around and started rubbing her clit "to tired my ass..."

Anko started licking and sucking on the soft skin of Sakura's back , Sakura was in a lustful daze yet her body subconsciously rammed back each time intensifying the pleasure

Sakura's pussy tightened and contracted before she came once again and Anko continued to pump as Sakura went limp and fell face first to the couch, she pumped until he came again and she let her cum drip off before pulling out and putting the toy aside

Hinata took all of Ino's clit into her mouth and slide her tongue side o side over the rolls of flesh and their gentle nerves, making Ino push her hips into it and she slid her tongued deep into the orifice of the Hyuga's pussy and twisting it around and she was rewarded with a mouth full of cum

Hinata threw her head back and moaned, before going back down and continuing so Ino felt as good and she parted her clit and licked it instead and Ino's pussy tightened before she came again

Ino gripped her fingers lightly into Hinata's hips with her orgasm and they both went limp

Anko got up and yawned "well it's late... I'm really tired now... c'mon Hinata lets fold out their bed and go to sleep" Anko said

Hinata nodded and got off of Ino and turned to her "thanks" she smiled

"Any time" Ino winked, as she stood up along with Sakura

"Anko folded out the couch to the bed and then she went into her room grabbed a blanket and two pillows and tossed them on the bed

"Okay... see you tomorrow ladies" Anko said with another yawn and she walked into her room

"wow after a foursome like that she's just in bed" Ino chuckled

"I know" Sakura said setting up the blanket

"well good night you two" Hinata waved and she stepped into Anko's room and closed he door leaving a crack open

"Night" the other girls replied and they got under the covers and cuddled up next to each other staring into each others eyes

"Well Ino... how did you like your first few weeks of life here and in Hanayoki?" Sakura asked softly, blinking slowly, falling to sleep

"I loved them... because it al really revolved around you..." Ino replied softly

"I love you Ino..."

"I love you too Sakura..." Ino said and they kisses passionately before Ino held Sakura's head in her arm and they drifted into slumber... they'll worry about their parents another time... right now... it was them laying there... just the way they liked it

THE END!!!!!!!

Well there you go my fans I hope you enjoyed the foursome, when I said I'd go out with a bang I meant it quite literally lol well I thank you all VERY much for sticking with this Fic of Yuri, odd things and strange happenings. I APOLOGIZE deeply for those who wanted it to continue but I have my reasons and their for the better of the Fic,I'm going to be doing an AnkoxHinata one soon too so look out for that if you're interested. Thank you and Good Bye