Seeing Is Believing


Disclaimer : I'm an author, not an artist (though I'd like to think I can draw a wicked stick figure ::grins::) and so therefore I don't own NARUTO.

1. The Truth.

Uzumaki Naruto.

Just mentioning the name would bring a deep blush to her face, instant sweaty palms, certain stuttering, some more deep blushing, a heart pounding into overdrive, fleeting thoughts...and a bit more stuttering and blushing.

Hyuuga Hinata had been totally smitten with one Uzumaki Naruto (the golden haired Adonis with eyes as blue as the sky itself and skin kissed by the sun goddess Amaterasu) since the Academy days, when he had oh so proudly stood before the entire class and declared that he would be Hokage one day...and if anyone wanted his job they'd have to kill him first.

Uzumaki Naruto was everything Hyuuga Hinata wanted to be...and yet couldn't...bold, energetic, proud, happy, loud...but most importantly...she wanted to be as brave and as confident as him. Uzumaki Naruto, in Hinata's eyes was perfect.

But Hyuuga Hinata knew he would never notice her.

Nother, Hyuuga Hinata, the girl who rarely spoke but when she did stuttered...the girl who had the long dark hair and the creepy white eyes...the girl who covered up to hide her almost goddess-like frame...not her, the "dark, weird girl who always blushes and looks away when I look at her"...he'd never notice her.

At least not when Haruno Sakura was around.

Haruno Sakura. Short rose pink hair. Beryl green eyes. Lovely hourglass figure. Loud. Sexy. Confident. Strong. The apprentice to the Godaime Hokage, for heaven's sake!! Another person Hinata wished she could be more like...but knew she couldn't.

See, even before Uchiha Sasuke left, Naruto had been totally in love with the pink haired girl. However, the young kunoichi hated Naruto, she was taken with the handsome last Uchiha, Sasuke. Like every other girl who had attended the Academy. Well...every girl besides Hinata.

But yes, even Hinata had to admit that as a child Uchiha Sasuke was handsome.

He was taller than most boys at age twelve...Hinata remembered him being much taller than Naruto, (but then again, Naruto was one of the shortest of the Rookie 9, something he was ridiculed for back in the day, which subsequently stopped when he came back taller than everyone else from his two year trip with the Gama Sennin, Jiraiya.) and he was always seen in dark colours, whether they being navy blue or black. He had layered obsidian hair that fell into his sharp onyx eyes when not tied back with his hitai-ate that bore the symbol of Konoha, his pale skin that made Umino Iruka's skin look as black as night...not to mention his deep hard-toned Avenger's voice…who wouldn't fall for him?

But see, Hinata wasn't like most girls.

She knew Sasuke wasn't a happy person like Naruto. He was...once. But things change.

People change.

Hyuuga Hinata too, strove to be different. But not in the way she did...never in the way she did.

This, dear readers, is the story of how just one moment could change a person's life forever, and it all started with that one name.

Uzumaki Naruto.