Seeing Is Believing

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29. Revelations.

"What're we going to do with them, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune breathed as she reread the report her Hokage had given her for the sixth time in as many minutes. She knew something was up when Tsunade had summoned her to the Hokage's office, but it was also a surprise when the busty blonde had ordered the cancellation of prisoner Karin's interrogation. But Shizune understood completely now. "First we've got the kidnapped child of one of the Mist's most important Clans and then we've got her....!! I-I thought they were all wiped out years ago!! W-what'll we do--we can't hurt them in fear of war!" The dark haired woman's voice was near-hysterical.

"Shizune!" The blond woman barked, silencing the other immediately, "You need to remain calm. This is a delicate situation, I know. Especially regarding the girl. But we need to find Hinata, and so we have to control them somehow." She ran a painted hand through her hair. "I think we sway the redhead...but the boy..."

"I-I think we can work around that, Tsunade-sama. Kakashi-san mentioned that Houzuki-san was extremely protective maybe we can use her to our advantage?"

Tsunade suddenly frowned. "This was not how I planned on telling him, Shizune."

The Jounin lowered her head. "I know, Tsunade-sama. But perhaps this will all work out for the best...?"

"...I hope so. Dammit, I wish Jiraiya were back...but I guess I'm gonna have to make do with what I've got." The Hokage replied, rubbing an eye harshly. "Could you please summon Hatake Kakashi, Yamato and Uzumaki Naruto?"


When Suigestu finally came to he realised that he was in a clear glass tube designed very much like the one Orochimaru had him sealed in a long time ago in a pristine white room. The water that the large container was filled with was far denser than regular water--even denser still than the water Orochimaru had chemically designed for Suigetsu years earlier, the idea of such making the swordsman narrow his eyes.

How the hell did they know to seal him away in such a thing?

Suigetsu didn't know.

Though his body was still incredibly weak from the Hatake's electrical attack some time earlier (Suigetsu couldn't tell the time at all, there were no windows in the room), he forced his fingers into existence and attempted to tap them against the glass--though he instantly shrank back when crackles of lightning danced across the clear glass. Blue eyes narrowed into slits.

How the Hell was he going to get out of this one?


"Baa-chan, we really need to be heading off now--Hinata-chan's in danger! And Sasuke too--he can't fight Itachi now! Come on, surely this can wait a while, dattebayo!?" Naruto demanded once Kakashi closed the door behind the trio, the two Jounin also surprised at the sudden summoning of their Hokage.

They were just about to head off to look for Sasuke and Hinata again too.

"Naruto!" Tsunade snapped sharply, silencing the boy's protests immediately. She suddenly looked very old at that moment, and Kakashi couldn't help but feel the sudden chill of the room. Yamato too knew something was up, and looking at his Hokage's face he knew it was time to get his game on. "..This was not the way we intended to tell you this, Naruto, but we need your help."

Kakashi's visible eye widened in surprise, wondering if Tsunade was about to tell Naruto what he thought. "Tsunade-sama...?"

Tsunade's gaze flickered to the paler-than-normal Jounin and bowed her head. "Jiraiya is out of the village, so you were the next best person to be here, Kakashi." The woman murmured, and Kakashi's blood turned to ice.

Yamato's eyes widened in disbelief. 'She's going to tell him now!?'

"...I suppose you're right, Tsunade-sama...but even still...shouldn't you wait for Jiraiya-sama?"

"No it can't." Tsunade's eyes were hard.

"...What's going on?" Naruto asked softly, "What's gotten you both so sad-looking? ....Baa-chan? ...Kaka-sensei?"

"Naruto, I think you should take a seat."


Tears streamed down his cheeks as Naruto bolted toward ANBU headquarters, his mind foggy in disbelief and in seething rage.

Why'd He pick him, why not some other kid? ...Why didn't anybody ever tell him the truth??

Why, why, WHY!?

Naruto rubbed his face with his jacket sleeve roughly, ignoring the sharp stinging sensation in his eyes.

He didn't know how to feel.

Didn't know whether the tears were those of happiness of anger...he didn't know anything anymore.

And given his emotional state at that moment how the HELL could he face her now, knowing what he had done--he'd left her with Mitarashi Anko without hesitation--he didn't deserve forgiveness.

He knew Kakashi was following behind him, but he didn't want to talk.

Kakashi had known all along too.

The man Naruto considered a father had kept silent for all those years he'd been his student.... Naruto had seen the looks the Jounin had given him when he thought he wasn't looking....they made so much more sense now....

He looked so much like Him after all.

But it wasn't the Yondaime that had him so upset at that was his mother.

Slamming open the door to the Interrogation room, the blond wasn't all that surprised to find Shizune waiting for him.

"Naruto-kun." The woman greeted calmly, brown eyes soft.

"Take me to her."

Shizune nodded and led the blond to the room he was looking for, and peering at the young woman beyond the glass, anger like nothing he'd ever felt before filled him....and instead of succumbing to it like he had always done before, instead a choked sob escaped his lips. He brought his fingers to the glass and ignored the questions of Morino Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko, staring at the teenager whom he realised did look a lot like the woman in the picture Tsunade had shown him...if that bright red hair was anything to go by. But he noticed that there was more than just red of her hair in the white room...and turning to Anko, his eyes flashed crimson.

"She'd better be alright, Anko." He murmured, before stepping into the room.


Though Karin couldn't see very well at all, she couldn't help but freeze when she felt that monstrous amount of chakra enter the room.

Sure, she felt him coming only minutes before...and even if she had told Anko she wouldn't be able to break her, something told her that this young man could.

"What, planning on blind sighting me with your monster-chakra, eh blondie?" She demanded when he got close to her, crimson eyes narrowing as her vision got clearer.

She was long-sighted after all.

Karin did notice however that the blond's face was all puffy and his eyes were all red....(had he been crying?), but ignoring that (something told her that it was in her best interests not to push the boy's buttons at that moment), she managed a smug smile. "Or has my interrogator asked you to tell me that they've given up and you're gonna let Suigetsu and I go to find Sasuke?"

The blond suddenly smiled weakly. "You wish, Red."

Karin's eye twitched in annoyance at the name he'd given her, her cheeks puffing. "WHAT WAS THAT, BLONDIE?!"

He smirked. "You heard me."


And when he spoke next, his voice laughing, Karin forgot how to breathe.

"You'd kick the ass of your own cousin, are you serious?"


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