Before I die.

This song/poem is in Souren's perspective..this poem is not meant to rhyme or anything like that..I am just bringing out Souren's thoughts.Under each para,there are Rimudo's lines,so that its easier to relate to Rimudo's guilt,pain and anguish and his love for Takiko.

Rimudo-sama,the wounds on your chest,
is nothing compared to the scars of your heart.
Anger and bitterness about your destiny,
were the feelings you were never able to defeat.

"For something like a prophecy,Taaru had to die for me?" -Rimudo

I could never heal the wounds of your heart not with herbs nor with Nigahakari,
nor with my role in your unfortunate destiny.
You were grateful I was by your side,but it never healed you.

"You must be feeling bitter towards me,Souren,Your father and you were caught up in my destiny.I am sorry" -Rimudo.

It is the territory of your heart you never acknowledged to anyone except when you killed your father's assasins in the cold fury of your wind.

"I'll kill you!!I'll kill you! Temudan!!You won't GET AWAY!" -Rimudo

I had lost hope,Rimudo-sama that you can ever be happy ,to prove me wrong ,the legendary Priestess of Genbu arrived.

"My real name is Rimudo,no,I am URUKI!" -Rimudo

How is it,that her small,soft hands could slowly heal your wounds?
How is it when her head is upon your chest,
you feel content?

"Your voice is gentle Takiko,I feel completely at peace" -Rimudo

How is it,that you tell her to return to her world for her own safety but you secretly wish for her to stay?

"NO! Don't go! Stay here,Takiko!" -Rimudo

How is it that you smile for the first time I had seen you when the Priestess returned to this world in a flash of silverlight?

"You idiot,why have you returned?"-Rimudo

How is it that you were happy when you caught her before she fell into a ravine?
I never dreamed such a person would come into your life,Rimudo-sama.

"From now on,I am by your side"-Rimudo

Rimudo-sama,before I die,
I let you know that I am glad that you found the girl you love,
and companions to fight alongside with.

I am content.

Author's note: Well then,how was it?Please review. I don't think I entirely captured Uruki's self-hatred,guilt over Taaru's death,guilt and grief about how Taaru and Souren were caught up in his destiny.He hated himself as Uruki but in chapter 10 he tells Shigi and Hien (despite the fact he cannot act as spy any longer)"I am Rimudo,no,I am Uruki!"-that just shows how much he is in love with Takiko,because that was the first time he called himself Uruki.
As for Souren,I like the mentor-brother mixture relationship Uruki has with Souren. Souren often dreamed Uruki will ascend the throne of Hokkan...he often wished Uruki to be happy.He is the first one to notice Uruki had feelings for Takiko.

And you might also ask why in this fic I kept calling him Rimudo while I call him Uruki in my notes.Well,I thought it suits the mood of the fic that his name will be written as Rimudo.But in truth,like Takiko,I like calling him Uruki!