A/N: Saw "The Kids Are All Right" last week and this damned plot bunny just came roaring from nowhere when I saw that sequence with Dean and Ben on the park bench. Written quickly and unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine.

Characters: evil!Dean Winchester, Ben and Lisa Braeden, Sam Winchester, John Winchester and Bobby Singer, YED, Ryan Humphrey and his gang of bullies, mention of Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer's family, and Mary Winchester.

Warnings: Implied violence, character deaths (mostly implied), some rough language.

POV: Dean Winchester

Timeline: AU – very dark fic; up to Pilot. First, second and third season (except for The Kids Are All Right) never happened.

Spoilers: The Kids Are All Right

Pairings: Dean/Lisa (so how do ya think Ben got here?)

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just playin' with 'em for a while.

Summary: Dean discovers he has a legacy after all.

Writing this stuff is my version of Paxil. I'm a sucker for reviews, so don't be shy.

Lone Wolf Teaches Cub

by silver ruffian

Dean can smell fast food grease and sugar, too much body odor and not enough soap and water coming off the fat kid in waves. The Fat Kid Who Should Lay Off The Burgers (AKA Ryan Humphrey) stands in the middle of his little group of friends, head down, concentrating on the Ben's hijacked video game, and it's such a pitiful excuse for a wolf pack that Dean tries not to laugh. He cocks his head slightly to one side, drops his gaze on the kid like a gunsight, and he's secretly pleased when Ben copies the motion.

"No! Don't go over there!" Ben had said moments before, when Dean offered to go over and retrieve the game from the chunky little bastard. "Only bitches send a grown-up."

"You're not wrong," Dean replied with a smile, and he actually felt hopeful when the kid answered, "And I'm not a bitch."

Hope was something Dean hadn't really allowed himself to feel these last eight years. There had been too many near misses and disappointments, and he had better things to do than sit around getting all emo. Too much drama actually made his head hurt sometimes. That was something Dad and Sam couldn't understand, and never would.

Lisa hadn't been too happy to see him when she opened her front door to find Dean on her doorstep.

"We spent one night together a million years ago," she'd hissed, her eyes widening slightly. "What are you doing here?"

Figures she'd have a different interpretation of their time together. He was in a mellow mood though. "I was in the neighborhood," Dean said mildly, blinking in the bright sunshine. "Just thought I'd stop by." Eight years and one kid later, and Lisa still looked good. Pretty damn good, as a matter of fact.

She was a lot more agreeable by the time Dean left.

Ben's all coiled energy yet loose and relaxed, and Dean watches as he gets up and walks over to the Fat Kid and his kiddie wolf pack. They turn as a group and sneer at Ben, and Dean watches with hooded eyes.

Ben turns around and glances at Dean, and he gives Ben a thumbs up. Dean can almost hear John's soft rumble of a voice inside his head: "Baby steps, Dean. Baby steps." Practice was repetition, over and fucking over again, and when he was older Dean thought it was boring and pointless. Marine drills, done just for the sake of doing it.

Dean appreciated all that sense memory once he started hunting, though. Had to give Dad credit for that, at least.

Ben turns back around, and they stand there for a moment, the bullies and the bullied. Dean can easily make out what's being said, but he concentrates on Ben instead. Kid's first time out, and Dean's not adverse to giving a little nudge, a little helping hand here and there, if he has to.

Think of a balloon filled with water, Dean had told Ben. Full-on Swayze that sucker, grab it by the middle and give it a really hard squeeze.

Ryan's eyes widen then, in pain and fear and just utter disbelief, and the fat little sucker doesn't stand a chance. He drops like a rock to the ground, his blood already cooling, the electrical energy in his brain stopped cold. He won't have to worry about childhood obesity, heart disease or high cholesterol ever again. One less drain on the healthcare system, Dean thinks as he glances around.

Dean shifts his perception to the people in the park around them. No one reacts. They don't see anything, he makes sure of that. Got the idea from those penguins in "Madagascar."

That movie cracks Dean up each and every time he sees it.

He's stunned when the other bullies' eyes widen and they drop to the ground dead as well. Dean jerks back, feels his own eyes widen in disbelief.


"Thanks," Ben chirps as he snatches the game from Ryan's cold dead fingers. He's practically bouncing on his toes as he heads back to Dean and the bench.

Dean actually feels his chest swell with pride. Up until then he'd always thought that was an expression that some hack writer would dream up, words he might'a read in one'a Sammy's school books, back when he was helping Sam with his schoolwork.

All that seems so fucking distant, a lifetime ago.

Dean stands up, and Ben runs right up to him, no hesitation at all, and hugs Dean around the waist. Dean ruffles the kid's hair, and he feels something loosen inside his chest. He'd waited so long for this. Just one kid, he'd prayed often at night. Just one. Is that so hard?

The yellow-eyed shadow in his dreams just laughed at him. Yeah, it is.

It gets lonely on the road. Sometimes it gets downright unbearable.

"Time to go," Dean murmurs, and Ben nods, his face still buried in Dean's jacket front. It'll be good to get moving again. Dean gets kinda edgy staying in one place for too long. He glances down at the top of Ben's head and, on impulse, ruffles the kid's hair again. Ben wiggles happily underneath Dean's touch.

It's good to be needed again, too.

Dean glances over at the Impala, and even though the car is so distinctive it turns heads, he's still glad he kept it, didn't ditch it like maybe he should have. In one corner of his mind he can feel Sam, can feel Sammy's disapproval at what just went down.

He can see Sam sitting on the edge of the bed, half a state away, in some cheap motel room he and Dad and Bobby are holed up in. The older men stare warily at Sam as he pulls his shaking hands away from his pale face. Dean can feel the yellow explosion of pressure and agony in Sam's head, right between Sam's eyes, and that's one thing Dean's always regretted. He doesn't like causing Sam any pain.

"Dean's…Dean's found one," Sam stammers. John goes pale and turns away, and Bobby curses under his breath.

They've been on the road for so long, the years and the constant motion are taking its toll, but they're determined, and Dean knows they'll never stop until they find him. They'll never forget, and they'll never forgive him for what he did to Jessica, to Bobby's family, and to Mom. Sam has these visions sometimes, and Sam's the reason they're one step behind Dean most times.

If he was the total bastard they think he is, Dean would've dropped Sam like a bad habit. Literally. But he can't bring himself to do that.

Not yet, anyway.

Sometimes Dean thinks Sammy's just jealous.