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A Helping Hand

Her breathing echoed in her ears, sharp and desperate. Burrowing her head in her hands her mind reeled from what she'd just done. How could she have let it happen, given in so easily, this wasn't her she'd never been like this? But you want to be.

'Shut up!' her voice snapped out into the empty office. She had a fleeting concern for passers by. They'd think she was going mad, maybe she was. Not mad, just honest.

Memories kept flashing in her mind, setting every individual sense on fire. His hands on her skin, the weight of his body as he'd held her down. Pupils dilated, dark with lust, a thunderstorm brewing behind his eyes. Her moans, mingling with his breath, shocked and hungry, warm against her skin. Desire thrummed through her body building into an unbearable ache. You wish you hadn't stopped now, pushed him away. He could be between your legs right now, giving you what you need, what you want.

She squeezed her eyes tight shut, clearing her mind for a moment, dragging over a pile of papers, pen in hand as she flicked through them. Giving her body something to do. She couldn't resist fidgeting, body twitchy and uncomfortable desperate for release.

She stared at the words eyes flowing in and out of focus, exercising more effort than ever, trying to centre her attention in on what she was required to read, her concentration fractured and permeated with unwanted and alluring images and thoughts.

Dear Dr Cuddy,

We are writing to request a meeting at your convenience either within or outside your office, House' office, on his desk, him over you sliding his fingers beneath your skirt forcing it up over you hips, hours, which ever you'd prefer. We are pleased with all the hard, harder, screaming, as he hammers into you, each and every stroke a bolt of pleasure, pleasure to meet with you at the earliest opportunity.

She gave in, tossing her pen on to the table, papers fluttering to the floor from her protest. She couldn't concentrate; her whole body burning with a need that couldn't be sated. He's only down the hall.

Her mind was seducing her with every word and image, because House doesn't need to, you want him already.

She had to do something, her mind was interfering with every aspect of her work, unable to pay attention for anything long enough to absorb a single word she'd read. Her eyes flicked to the blinds, a guilty sensation seeping through her, knowing what she needed to do, something she could have never imagined. It wasn't what she wanted, but it could give her what she needed for now.

She rose; the ache pounding with every step, skin over sensitive and tingling. She let the blind cord slide through her fingers, snaking its way up, as the blinds crashed down one by one hiding her from observing eyes. With a loud click, the door was locked, and she was secured within the walls of her office. The air hummed with tension, seeming thicker, her nerves on high alert as she slumped back down into her chair.

She felt better behind her desk, having her hand hidden beneath the wood, eyes unable to see what the mind knew was happening. She forced her skirt up over her thighs, sliding her hand between them. A gasp fell from her lips when she hit her clit, pleasure emanating through her body from that single point. The panel of lace was wet, desire seeping through the mesh onto her fingers as she slowly dragged a single digit over herself. The stimulation made her limbs tingle, forcing herself even closer to the edge, thoughts falling on the one man she desperately desired.

Bump, bump, thump

House couldn't get his mind off her. She'd driven him to the point of insanity, unable to focus on anything other than the memories he now had of her imprinted on his brain. She'd been within his arms for only a fleeting moment and yet he now craved her like a drug. She'd seeped into his system and left before he could experience the high, like a single puff of a joint, leaving the dizziness with no joy.

Bump, bump, thump,

He remembered the way her lips had felt, silky and smooth. He trailed his tongue over his own, detecting the taste of her lip gloss lingering, a light tingle on the tip of his tongue. Her eyes, they'd been wild, the normal light grey giving way to deeper darker emotions like a storm building within her. They'd clouded over, reflecting the desire beginning to burn within. The image of her thighs, creamy flesh gripping his hips as she was splayed out beneath him, wanton, open, possessed with passion.

Bump, bump, thump,

And then she'd changed her mind. Like waking up from a trance, eyes wide with shock, the clouds clearing. She'd taken in what was happening and chosen to flee without so much as an explanation. She'd had her way with him for a few moments, fuelling his desire for her changing it from a gentle burn into a raging inferno and then hadn't doused it, leaving him hard and aching for her.

Bump, bump, thump,

He'd been staring at the wall for sometime. The blood had finally flowed back into his system, feeding his mind along with his thoughts. He had a new puzzle, one which he couldn't leave alone. He needed answers and he intended to get them, now.

Bump, bump, thump,

With one final fling of his ball watching it bounce, floor to wall and then rebound into his hand he let it fall from his fingers. He then lunged, mind finally made, shooting up from his seat. Grasping his cane, he hurried from his office and down the hall.

Her nails dug into her desk, the other hand working its way between her legs, the soaked panel now pushed aside, fingers buried deep within her as she worked herself into frenzy. She imagined it was him; how he'd feel, his cock buried deep within her, hot and hard, reaching beyond the depths of her own hand. How his voice would sound in her ear, ruff with passion. It won't work you know. She ignored the voice, the alternate ego still muttering in the recess of her mind. She desperately needed to topple over the edge and yet was hovering right by it.

Her arm ached, the muscles cramping, but she remain focused knowing she wouldn't be able to end the day without an orgasm, her mind too full of him and all the things he could be doing to her. If she'd remained his head could be between her thighs right now, his tongue, hard and insistent against her. She dragged her thumb over the sensitive nub, the bolt of ecstasy shooting through her only serving to frustrate her further, her fingers now soaked with her juices, wet and warm, coating each digit.

I keep telling you it won't work; only he can make you cum, you want him, his hand on you, give in to it.

She only served to work herself harder, refusing to believe it. The desire for him only complicated everything else. It wouldn't work, she couldn't give in. She focused on her fantasy, playing the scene in his office over in her head only this time adding a different ending, one where she hadn't run away. In this fantasy she'd let him touch her with his hands, pleasured her with his mouth, her thighs thrown over his shoulders as she came.

Her mind couldn't focus on anything else but her desire. She didn't hear the lock click and the door swing open, or the gasp that followed. She did, however, feel a hand as it covered her own, the one currently working so hard within her.

He'd hobbled through the clinic. The moment he arrived outside her office and seen the blinds drawn his interest had been peaked. He knew her door would be locked, not wishing to face the consequence of her actions but this time she didn't have a choice.

Whipping his head round to ensure no one was watching, he slipped a tiny gold object from within his jacket pocket. Pushing it into the lock his ears strained to hear the almost inaudible click. He flinched, assuming it would alert her to his presence.

However when he swept in he immediately halted in his tracks, frozen to the spot by the surge of lust that hammered through him at the sight that met his eyes. One hand was burrowed beneath the desk, her body slumped forward as the other hand tangled within her hair. Her eyes were tight shut as her right hand rhythmically moved up and down, no question as to what was currently occurring under the desk. Her cheeks were flushed, the cherry red hue spreading over her skin, little gasps breaking free from her lips with every stroke.

He inhaled sharply, arousal hitting his system. He was fascinated by the woman before him, lost in the walls within her mind, playing a fantasy behind her eyes.

He let his cane fall from his fingers, the sofa softening the sound, not wanting to wake her from her trance. He came to stand beside her. His angle now gave him the perfect view, his eyes able to see the scene previously shielded from his sight. Her skirt was high on her thighs, fingers shining with her essence.

He knew he shouldn't. He suspected her reaction wouldn't be what he wanted. She hadn't heard his entrance, thinking she was alone, but he couldn't resist. She was working herself so hard, so desperate, and he'd wanted to have his hands on her again ever since she'd left him aching only a few moments ago. With a fleeting glance, first at the door then her face, he slid his hand down, gently covering hers with his own.

The seconds seemed to slow, her eyes snapping open gazing into his, wide eyed and frightful, still darkened with lust. Suddenly the mist vanished, the flush over her skin burning into a vivid red of embarrassment. She went to open her mouth to say something but her words were quickly silenced when his fingers slid into her, his actions fast and furious unwilling to let her have a chance to resist him. The warm lubricant leaking from between her legs coated his fingers now gliding smoothly through her folds. His eyes watching as her head snapped back, a loud moan bursting out. Her legs fell open wider, spreading herself for him now lost to his hand. He could feel her muscles fluttering around his digits, already so close to the edge before he found her. He curled his fingers up towards her navel, raking them over the pleasure point, a bundle of nerves. Her back arched, crying out his name as she came.

Her eyes remained closed, lost in the aftermath of her orgasm, her breathing was harsh as her lungs grappled for air. He absently brought his fingers to his lips, lapping her from them. The taste was unique, all her own and a flavour he'd never forget.

He hovered, mind unsure as to his actions, not knowing whether he wished to remain. Her emotions would be raw, open and unstable. He'd made this decision for her, to take her when she wasn't able to resist, mind already incoherent due to her own administrations. Was he willing to face the anger knowing he'd get no answers.

He had a choice, fight or flight?

When she'd opened her eyes and seen him inches from her she hadn't known what to do. Embarrassed at being caught in the throws of passion her immediate instinct had been to run, but he'd soon vanished the thought from her mind. His hand had felt so good, grinding against her, giving her the edge she'd so desperately hunted out and helping her tumble over into the abyss.

Now she was currently collapsed in her chair, letting her breath level out, the thrums of the aftermath slowly pulsing through her, like lingering static after the event. Her body was numb to any emotion, unable to stir up anything within. She was still in shock, the chemical reactions within her brain having died out after the explosion within her mind. A smile graced her face before realising she'd have to open her eyes and face the consequence of her actions. Emotions began flooding in, anger, confusion, fear, distress and denial. She'd just given herself to him; let him have his way with her; only, his mind hadn't been hazed over, he'd been able to analyse her at her most vulnerable and now she had to deal with what was to come. Smugness, pride, gloating? How could she have let this happen, how had she got caught? What was going on with her? Why him? And the worst thought of all, what would he do with the power he now had over her head?

Her thoughts were halted however when she heard her office door click shut. Her eyes snapped open and she surveyed the room, frowning, eyes adapting to the light now leaking in as she whirled round taking in everything around her, noticing everything in her office was as it should be.

Except it was now empty of anyone but herself.


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