The Promise

A/N: Not usually all that big of fan of this pairing... still hoping that Elizabeth comes back. But hey, that's what drabbles are for!

He's marrying a woman with golden skin and brown hair, all smiles and designer jackets. His fiancé is everything that she could never be, from the enchanting foreign accent to the charming books she illustrates herself. Ten years and two galaxies later, but they still cannot be together; they will never be together.

Flinging the letter aside, she runs from the room.

The corridors of her adopted home are somber and silent, and she increases her speed. There are no faces that she knows, no comfort to be found behind the walls. She wants to slow down, but the past is catching up and she doesn't want to face a decade's worth of broken promises and shattered hopes.

Seeing a door she recognizes, she stops herself abruptly, disregarding the chime and throwing her fists against the door. Her sobs match the rhythm she pounds against the alien steel and she can't help the tears that escape from her eyes.

He opens the door, sullen and annoyed, but one look at her and that's all gone.

"Sam?" he asks softly, but she's already moved past him, sliding into the room.

"He's gone," she whispers, and her crimson eyes betray everything.

Before he knows it, she's crushing her mouth to his lips, and the room is spinning around them. He pulls her hips against his and her hands drift lower, bringing them closer together, if only for now. This is nothing, they promise each other, nothing.

The lie stays on their lips even as their bodies entangle on the bed, drowning themselves in each other.