Sasuke walked into the school without expecting much.

High school. Whoopee. Well, at least now they had a set schedule and better activities. His old school had sucked major dick and, of course, the dicks from his old school were stalking him, he swore. He knew half the entire five hundred odd freshman class. Fortunately, there were new opportunities for him, like gangs, drugs, and sex.

Yeah, right.

Pulling out his class schedule, Sasuke checked his homeroom number. 603. Great. During orientation that had been one of the last classrooms they had seen. Partially because it was simply not important, and partly because it was as far away from the main entrance to campus as you could get. Sighing again, Sasuke braced himself for a long walk.


Ino strutted down the hallways, flicking her blonde hair back over her shoulder as she went. Sasuke, Sasuke…where was Sasuke? The little slut was trying to give her the slip, she swore. Oh, well. At least they had the same homeroom, if nothing else.

Catching a glimpse of Sasuke's black hair and leather clothing, Ino darted after him through the crowds.


Kabuto bolted for homeroom, swearing a few times. He knew his homeroom teacher, Orochimaru: he had had the sadist as a sophomore, as he was in Honors Biology. And the man loved long assignments: detailed lab reports, five-page essays, the like. In short, Kabuto loved him. He loved the challenges his teacher posed, and met them all to the highest standards. Orochimaru always seemed amused that Kabuto tried so hard: he once gave Kabuto extra credit on a test he had gotten an A on just for submitting the test first. He claimed it was a reward for studying and making a true effort, but Kabuto strongly suspected the man liked him for doing that every single test.

Still grinning, Kabuto ran a little faster. Orochimaru might not like him as much if he got to homeroom late.


Itachi stalked through the crowds, looking murderous. He hated his homeroom teacher: hated him. Son of a…

Pein was the World History and Western Civilization teacher, and he had made Itachi's life hell all three years he had had him. Luckily, Itachi knew some people who sold…illegal substances that could be stuck to doorways and rigged to fall.

"Yo! Uchiha!"

A tall, bulky eighteen-year-old with blue skin greeted Itachi with a sharp-toothed grin. "How's your summer, bitch?"

"I'm not your whore," Itachi mumbled. Kisame laughed.

"Mah, too good for football this season, huh?"

Itachi stared. "I never played to begin with."

Kisame's grin only widened. "Yeah, that's right. Too good to be a jock, not good enough to be a slut."

Itachi sighed. "Not in the mood for it."

"Hey, at least we've got homeroom together," he said, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "We can torture him together!"

A small smile teased at the corners of Itachi's lips. "Oh, yes," he said, new possibilities suddenly dawning on him. "We might actually have a good year this time around…"


"Hey! Freshman!"

Tayuya glanced at the senior who had called her. "You better not be talkin' to me, asshole."

"Whoa, freshman with attitude," the senior sneered. "Carry my books to class," he said, dumping his backpack into Tayuya's arms. Tayuya flung the backpack back at the boy, tank top showing off her smooth muscles and impressive strength-and enormous chest.

"Get your own whore," she snickered as the backpack threw the senior into the lockers. "I'm taken."


Kakashi surveyed his homeroom as the bell rang. Not much this year-he had a homeroom of freshman this year, and he was less than enthusiastic.

"This is homeroom. I'm pretty good about this, so do your homework, pass notes, chat, put on makeup, as long as it doesn't involve paper airplanes. Then other teachers see them and get pissed. And then the other teachers tattle, and then the principal pays us a visit, and then I get pissed. So! Anything illegal, except airplanes and projectiles. Have fun."

The students looked at each other, then back at their teacher. Kakashi seemed not to care: really and truly not caring. At all. A smirk overcame Sakon's features. He could have fun in this class…


Orochimaru stood leaning on a desk and reading over some papers. No paper airplanes…gum got banned this year…meh, nothing new.

"Starting this year, you are fined ten dollars for gum," he said absently, tucking several locks of ridiculously long black hair behind his ear. His earrings swayed with the motion as he straightened a bit and continued to read. "Why, don't ask me, just stick it behind your front teeth so I don't have to take your lunch money. Kabuto, nice to see you again. Sai, what the hell are you doing here? I thought you got expelled."

The teen sighed and kicked his feet up on the desk. "I did."

Orochimaru sighed and shook his head, going back to the paper. "Okay, basically, no illegal drug traffic. Man, these are going to be the best five minutes of your school day. If I catch drugs, I send you to Sarutobi. And we all hate liver spots, so everybody keep your mouth shut and your gum under your tongue. Now do all the summer work you were planning to blow off so you can at least pass first quarter."

Sasori grinned and leaned over to his best friend, Deidara. "Master of sarcasm," he whispered, gesturing to Orochimaru. "Don't mess with him. I had him for Honors Bio when I was a sophomore with Kabuto-he's a bitch any time before noon. The coffee can't get through his system fast enough."

The blonde gave him a cheeky grin. "Bitch, seriously? Great, I can turn the room into art, un!"

Kabuto turned around, smiling when he saw his friends. "I wouldn't," he said, still smiling. "Like Sasori said, he's the master of sarcasm. Don't mess with him, he will kick your ass."

Deidara's smile only widened. He got the feeling he could mouth off with this one…



The Nara spun around, searching out the girl's voice.


He spun her around and kissed her, dropping his backpack in the process.

"What changed? I thought you were going to Sunaga High!"

Temari grinned. "Nope! Chose this one, Konoha High. I missed you."

Shikamaru grinned. "Who's your homeroom teacher?"

Temari pulled out her class schedule, looked it over, and said, "Konan."

Shikamaru smiled. "Konan!"

"Come on, let's go!" Temari urged. "She won't let us get away with making out in the back if we're late!"


Asuma glanced out over his class. Juniors again…oh, boy. But on the bright side, he had had a few of his homeroom as Algebra 2 students last year, so he knew a few people. Lee, Tenten, Neji…a few others, but not many. He sighed, going over the rules.

"No food in lockers? Jeez, where are you going to keep your lunch?"

A long-haired girl in a green tank top and camouflage pants shrugged. "Our backpacks?"

Asuma shook his head. "Nope. Stick 'em in your lockers, and if

anyone has tuna…pray."

Dosu grinned and elbowed Zaku. They were so bringing tuna tomorrow!


Class Schedule: Uzumaki Naruto

Homeroom: 204, Pein

Locker Number: 2358C

Period 1: Algebra 1, Sarutobi Asuma, rm. 308

Period 2: Spanish, Yuuhi Kurenai, rm. 407

Period 3: P.E., Tsunade, rm. GYM/Computer Fundamentals, Maito Gai, rm. 105

Period 4: Western Civilization, Pein, rm. 204

Period 5: Science, Orochimaru, rm. 508

Period 6: Lunch, Jiraiya, rm. CAFETERIA

Period 7: Study, Konan, rm. THEATER

Period 8: English Literature, Hatake Kakashi, rm. 603

Naruto scratched his head, staring at the schedule with a blank stare that could only imply being completely lost. He was standing at his locker, looking for his homeroom, and just looking around.

Well, he wasn't going to get very far just standing here. With renewed determination, Naruto began wandering around, looking for his homeroom.


As the first bell rang, Orochimaru sighed and tossed some papers down on his desk. It was only the first day, and already he wanted summer back. Oh, well. He only had classes first, fifth, and eighth period, so between that he could do whatever he wished. It was nice, being so spaced out, because he could nap in between classes. He stood up as his first period juniors entered the classroom, and leaned back against the board.

"Welcome to first period Biology. Get here before the bell, or I'll bite your ass off."


Shikamaru ran through the crowded halls, searching for room 308. Algebra first period-sucked. Well, at least he and Temari had four out of eight classes together: if they got there early enough, they could make out in the back before class.


Asuma grinned at Shikamaru. "Yep, I teach here, too. But only mornings."

Asuma had been Shikamaru's honors Algebra teacher in eighth grade, and

Shikamaru had been a star student, In Asuma's opinion-when he motivated himself. Which was rarely.

"Well, then, Shikamaru, you know just what to expect. Sit down, and spit out your gum. Lest I take your lunch money."

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