Flash was zipping through the Watchtower, just looking for something to do. He just happened to pass a certain room for the fourteenth time when something caught his eye. Inside was Superman, sitting on a chair, staring down intently on a chessboard. He was apparently in mid game, but there was no one else in the room.

"You playing yourself in chess?" Flash asked him.

"No," Superman answered, finally moving a white bishop forward. "Your move!" He shouted to no one in sight.

"Knight to E3," called a distant voice.

As Superman moved the appropriate piece, the Flash entered the room and looked around, trying to find the voice's source. In the wall opposite Superman he saw that the maintenance hatch was open. The Flash turns to Superman, "Why is you opponent in the maintenance hatch?" he asked

"He is fixing the water heaters on the fourth floor," Superman answered him, not looking up from the board.

"Who is it?" Flash asked.

"Batman," Superman answered, he than started to move a piece but quickly put it back.

"How does he see the board?" the Flash continued.

"I. Don't. Know," said Superman as he finally moved a piece. "Your move!" he shouted into the hatch.

"You don't even tell him what you moved?" Flash asked.

"Nope...said he doesn't need me to," he answered.

"Bishop to C3!" Batman shouted back immediately.

Superman moved the specified piece. Then he stared down at the board with a look of pure disbelief in.

"What's wrong?"asked the flash, as he stared down at the board, knowing nothing about chess.

Superman collapsed back into his chair in disbelief, "Checkmate...," he muttered.

Batman walked out of the hatch holding some small piece of malfunctioning machinery, "Damn, piece of junk, it was really hard to get this out. Now I'll have to order another one and wait for a month for it to get here," he said, not even looking at the chess board.

"How did you do it?" Superman asked.

"I had to take off the front cover, remove two circuit panels...," Batman began.

"No! How did you beat me?" Superman asked.

"Oh. Your easily predicted," he answered.

"So you knew every move I would make, from the very beginning?" Superman asked.

"No, but after I started moving, I could guess how you would react," he looks down at the board, "Looks like I was right. Mostly..."

"Mostly...?" Superman prodded.

"Yes. I thought you would have moved that pawn instead of that one," he said pointing at the pieces. "That would have been a better move." With that he walks out of the room.

The Flash laughed out loud as Superman slumped in his chair. Then he turned to his friend, "Cheer up Supe, I know what will make you feel better," he told him.

"Really. How?" Superman asked sarcastically.

"Play me," he answered.

Superman smiled.

Forty minutes later Superman stomped out of the room, his feet nearly breaking the floor. "Sorry Supe," Flash called after him, "Really I've never played chess before. You have to admit that was really good for the first time though! Right...Supe?"