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Haley excitedly prepared for the arrival of Nathan's big homecoming. It was winter break and that meant she got to spend all of her free time making up for their months apart while he was away at Duke. It had been hard for her initially to be away from him. The summer had flown by all too quickly, and before Haley knew it she was bidding him farewell with some teary scene by Nathan's SUV that she swears was scripted straight out of a movie. Nathan had pretty much laughed at her while she cried. It wasn't that he was being insensitive to her feelings but he often told her during one of their many late night phone calls that he had no idea what she found so great about him. He would say she was way more than he could ever imagine, and that being with her was the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. Haley of course cried some more upon hearing his heartfelt words before she proceeded to list for him all of the wonderful things that made him the amazing man she knows and loves. The relationship was moving along beautifully and with the promise of the future with each other, Haley couldn't have been happier. In fact she was downright giddy at times almost becoming unrecognizable to herself when she was in one of her moods, when she was hopped up on the love her and Nathan shared. It was almost as if Brooke had taken over her body at times, it was scary how upbeat she was. Haley didn't fret over it though. It was just one of the many pros to her being in love with the most wonderful guy on the planet.

As she continued dragging a brush through her hair, she smiled brightly at her reflection in the mirror knowing in just a few minutes he would be at her doorstep showering her with many kisses and vows of loves like he so often did from afar. She actually began to feel slightly guilty about just thinking about her and Nathan's reunion when she should have been thrilled to see everyone. It wasn't that Haley didn't miss her sister, her best friend Jake, Luke, or Brooke, but seeing Nathan after so long had really excited her to heights she could never imagine. She was sure everyone could understand it if she and Nathan wanted to be alone so soon after everyone had reunited. She needed to have him to herself for a while before sharing him with anyone. He belonged to her and only her for at least the first twenty-four hours, and Haley was not going to waste one minute of her time with him. Besides Peyton and Jake had officially been back in Tree Hill for a day and a half and catching up with them had already been somewhat accomplished as far as she was concerned. Brooke wasn't due in until 5 that evening and Luke would be arriving with Nathan any minute since they both attended Duke together. She figured she and Nathan weren't going to be too missed once they all began to chat away about all of their experiences thus far during their time away at college. It was enough to keep them busy while she kissed Nathan for an hour or two. She couldn't wait, she felt like she would burst any minute in anticipation for Nathan's arrival.

Hearing the doorbell chime loudly, Haley suddenly felt a nervous grumbling mixed with pure excitement coursing though her stomach. This was it, the moment she so desperately couldn't wait for the minute after Nathan had left. He was back and nothing could have made her happier. She looked over her appearance one last time making sure she looked absolutely perfect for him. She smoothed her ivory colored cashmere sweater over the skinny jeans she adorned before puckering her mouth one last time making sure her pink lip gloss was evenly spread over her eager lips. She left her room in a semi run colliding with her sister and Jake mid hall. They laughed knowingly at her as she shyly smiled before bouncing down the stairs happily.

"You know you could have said excuse me," Jake leaned over the banister teasing Haley.

She stuck her tongue out at him as Peyton couldn't stop laughing at the silliness between the two.

"Next time move out of the way, Jagielski," Haley said back while going to answer the door. "I'll have to run your ass over next time."

"Nice to know I'm loved," he said as him and Peyton walked down the steps to greet Nathan as well.

Haley smiled at him before turning with a deep breathe to open the door. You would think she was going on some sort of blind date where she was eagerly awaiting to see how hot the guy on the other side of the door looked. But for Haley this was sort of new for her all over again. Nathan may have been such a big part of her world for so long, but technically being his girlfriend was still so new. She wasn't sure how to act once their eyes met for the first time in a while. She knew exactly what she was opening the door to, her heart and soul. It was definitely a different feeling for her, but it was a fantastic feeling.

"Baby!" she said loudly nearly throwing herself into the arms of the guy standing on her doorstep.

Lucas wrapped his arms tightly around Haley giving her the hugest hug before she realized it had been the wrong Scott brother. Somehow Luke knew she was expecting Nathan, but he was so homesick and missing everyone he accepted the warmth of his good friend's body.

"I missed you too, Hales," he chuckled taking the time to mess with her slightly.

Haley's face dropped a bit as she pulled away to a smiling Luke. He couldn't help but notice the slight shift in her happy face.

"You weren't expecting me," he laughed.

"NO, no, it's not that," Haley quickly said smiling as she once again hugged him tightly. "I did miss you Luke, I just thought you were Nathan," she sighed.

"Sure you did," he teased.

"Sup dude," Jake greeted as he and Luke did their manly hug thing. "How are you? Blue Devil land treating you well?" he asked.

"Jake, you have no idea," Luke said. "I am king down there….well Nathan and I," he laughed. "It's everything I expected and more."

"Awesome," Jake said.

"Hi Luke" Peyton said sliding in between the guys to hug him. "I missed you so much."

"Hey skinny girl," Luke hugged her. "I missed you too. New York sure has treated you well. Damn girl," he said twirling her around as he pretended to check her out. Jake glared at his friend before bursting out into laughter.

"Stop checking my girl out, dude," Jake laughed. Luke put his hands up in mock surrender all the while smiling happily at the couple. It was good to joke with his friends again. He sure missed them all.

"Thanks," Peyton laughed. "You look good too," Peyton complimented as Jake and Haley looked on.

"Not to interrupt the reunion," Haley said losing a bit of her patience. "But where is Nathan?" she asked Luke who released Peyton from their second hug.

He looked to Haley with a small bit of sadness in his eyes that she knew couldn't have meant anything good for her.

"I'm so sorry, Hales. He's not here," Luke said regretfully.

Peyton gave Jake a look while he hunched his shoulders being completely in the dark himself about Nathan's whereabouts.

"What do you mean he's not here?" she asked. "Where is he then?"

"Well you know how he was supposed to come home today?" Luke said.

"Yeah," she said getting aggravated by Luke.

"Anyway we were all packed up ready to make the drive back to the Hill and coach phoned Nathan on his cell saying he needed him to stay behind for at least another week or so to work on some of his conditioning for the upcoming tournament."

"A WEEK!" Haley screamed. "Luke, please tell me this is some sick twisted joke. WHAT DO YOU MEAN A WEEK?! she yelled. She couldn't believe this. So much for her reunion with the guy she loved. Now she had to wait another week.

"I'm sorry, Hales. He was just as upset as you are. He wanted so bad to see you, in fact that's all he talked about for a month was getting home to you during break. The guy is sick over this."

"Yeah I bet," she sighed heavily running her hand through her hair. "He could have at least called me and said something instead of having me wait here like some fool while he never showed up," she angrily spat. She knew it wasn't Nathan's fault but she was still so mad. The anger had to be taken out on someone.

"Hales, you should calm down," Peyton said. "It won't be so bad. You have us."

"Yeah, you have us," Jake agreed. "It won't be so bad. Before you know it a week will be up and Nathan will be right by your side just like the two of you planned."

"That's right," Luke said.

"No offense guys, but you don't understand," Haley said with some sadness in her voice. "You Peyt have had Jake for as long as I can remember. You two have never been apart. And Luke, when was the last time you were in a relationship? I needed him here, I wanted him here," she told her friends. "You guys don't know. I'm sorry, I can't…. she started to cry as she ran upstairs leaving them behind with worried faces. Once she made it to her room Haley flopped into her large bed letting the sobs rack her small body. No one could say anything to her in that moment to relieve her of the disappointment she felt. This was supposed to be a happy day for her, but now it turned into a nightmare as she could only cry and sulk over her boyfriend not coming home. Her life sucked.

"Maybe I should go talk to her?" Jake suggested.

"I think it's best to leave her alone for a while," Peyton said.

"Yeah especially since Nathan will be here in an hour or so," Luke smiled wickedly looking to both Peyton and Jake who looked dumbfounded by his admission.

"Wait, what?" Peyton said.

"Yeah dude. What are you talking about?" Jake asked.

"Nathan did have to stay behind like I told Hales. He just will be here in an hour or so, not next week," Luke laughed.

"DUDE! What the hell? Why didn't you just tell her that? You know how excited she was," Jake said.

"Exactly," Luke laughed. "You see Nathan was mad about coach wanting him to stay for a bit. But he figured he could have some fun with Hales and act like he couldn't come home," Luke told the couple.

"I don't get it. Why?" Peyton asked what Jake had been thinking.

"You know how much he loves Hales. He just wanted to surprise her I guess when he came home. Make their reunion all the more special," Luke said.

"AWW," Peyton cooed while tucking herself into Jake's arms. "That's so romantic," she said holding her hand over her heart. "Why can't you be that romantic?" she slapped Jake playfully.

"Because I'm not that corny," Jake laughed as Luke joined him.

"It's not corny, it's beautiful," she said. "Nathan could teach you boys something."

"Yeah ok, no thanks," Luke laughed.

"That's why you are always single," Peyton teased Luke. "You need to learn how to sweep a girl off her feet. Have you met any interesting girls down there at Duke?"

"A few," Luke said nonchalantly. Truth was no girl could ever interest him like Brooke. He had kept his promise about waiting for her, not even once going out on a single date with any girl since he attended Duke University. "Nobody worth 'sweeping off her feet', but you know," he told Jake and Peyton.

"Man, there has to be somebody," Jake said. "I'm honestly afraid for you. I mean you are entering dangerous territory, my man."

"Dangerous Territory?" Luke asked.

"Monk-dom. When is the last time you were laid?" Jake asked.

"OK," Peyton said holding her hand up cutting the conversation short. "This is definitely not a conversation I should be here for," she said to the guys who began laughing. "I think the point is Luke, it's time for you to start being serious. You can't float skank to skank forever. Eventually you'll want to settle down with one girl. It'll be so worth it when you find the one," she smiled lovingly into Jake's eyes. He was definitely her 'one'.

"The one," Luke chuckled sadly. "I thought I found 'the one'. I'm just not so sure she thinks so," he said. Luke had talked to Brooke on many occasions since they all had started college. She still held him at arms length without really saying anything about them, and he was really starting to get the feeling she would never be ready for them to try the whole couple thing. He was so saddened by that.

"Where you'd go?" Jake asked snapping his fingers in front of Luke who seemed to be in a trance.

"Have you guys heard from Brooke lately?" Luke suddenly asked out of the blue.

"Yeah, we did," Peyton said. "Her flight is due in from California at 5 this evening. I'm supposed to pick her up at the airport."

"Hey Peyt, would you mind if I go meet her instead? I really have missed her," he said.

Jake and Peyton shared a small look before Peyton agreed to let him meet Brooke at the airport. She didn't really know too much about Brooke's feelings for Luke, but she had a small feeling that her besty definitely wanted something more with him than the friendship they currently shared. Brooke had confessed to Peyton about her and Luke's time together telling her how wonderful he had made her feel, how special Luke was to her. Peyton had told her to give him a chance and to open her heart again. She knew of Brooke's slight reluctance to be vulnerable after the whole situation with Nathan had gone down. But somehow Peyton knew things would be different, and being with Luke would provide her friend with all the happiness and love she deserved if she just gave him a chance, opened her heart completely. Brooke could have it all, if she wanted it was there for the taking.

"I think I should get going," Luke said looking at his watch. He wanted to be there in plenty of time before she arrived. In his mind it was the first step to showing Brooke he would always be there for her when she needed him. He needed to prove that he would always cherish her, show her that he was a reliable enough man to hold her heart and always protect it. And to be honest he was a little nervous. He hoped his heart could stop beating out of his chest before she arrived. How would it be seeing her beautiful face once again? Would she even be happy he was there?

"Good Luck man," Jake said slapping his hand.

"You give her a big hug for me when you see her," Peyton said hugging Luke. "Tell her how you feel," she whispered in his ear before pulling back and giving Luke a wink and a smile.

"Thanks guys. I'll see you later," Luke said leaving the couple behind.

"Think everything will be ok?" Jake asked as he held Peyton in his arms.

"I think everything will be fine," Peyton sighed happily.

Luke tapped his foot anxiously standing just outside the gates of Brooke's flight from California. He couldn't stop the huge tidal waves in his stomach as he watched passengers slowly file one by one off the plane. After seeing so many people exit within ten minutes of the flight's arrival, Lucas was beginning to think that maybe Peyton had screwed up on the flight info and was definitely waiting in vain in front of a Brooke-less flight. Just as he was surely ready to give up and phone Peyton, he saw the most beautiful vision literally floating on air as she struggled a bit with her carry-on. Brooke was always beautiful in Luke's eyes, but now she was absolutely breathtaking. Her sun-kissed skin literally glowed, her brunette locks were much shorter than he remembered framing her flawless face to perfection. He took in her beautifully tanned legs peaking out from beneath the denim skirt she wore, her pink painted toes cutely placed into her flip -flops. California definitely agreed with the one and only Brooke Davis. Lucas couldn't breathe watching her walk so perfectly out of the terminal. Somehow after openly gawking he managed to get his legs and brain to cooperate moving towards Brooke who hadn't noticed him yet. She probably was expecting Peyton so of course looking for Luke was not exactly what she was thinking.

Lucas waited until she was quite some ways out before walking behind her to surprise her.

"You know," Luke said startling her. "Tree Hill is not exactly California. You'd think a girl would dress accordingly," he laughed. Brooke who looked as if she nearly had a heart attack judging by her wide eye surprised expression turned quickly to see a smiling handsome Luke.

"Lucas," she sighed jumping into his arms after realizing he was there for her. "I missed you so much," Brooke said as her body was lifted slightly off the airport floor into his more than willing arms. She buried her head into the crook of his neck taking in the fresh scent of his cologne and the warmth of his body surrounding her.

"I missed you too, pretty girl. You have no idea," Lucas said closing his eyes soaking in the shared hug. She felt perfect in his arms and Luke hoped she would soon be there for good.

"You look beautiful," he whispered continuing to hug her as he ran his hand along her back. Lucas never wanted to let her go if he had a choice. Brooke belonged with him. He knew it.

After a minute Luke let her down seeing she seemed just as nervous as he had been ten minutes ago. Brooke tucked her loose hair behind her ear before finding the courage to open her mouth once again.

"What are you doing here?" she asked with the brightest smile he'd ever seen. "I thought Peyton was coming to get me."

"She was, but I thought it would be a good idea if I came. You're not too disappointed that you have to settle for me instead of your best friend…are you?" Luke asked hoping that wasn't the case.

"NO!" Brooke said a little too quickly before shuffling her feet nervously. "I mean…I," she stuttered. "I'm really glad you came," she finally got out as she twiddled her fingers looking at the floor.

Luke couldn't help but smile at how cute she was being. All of his nerves seemed to fall away knowing she was just as anxious as he was. "Brooke?" Lucas called hoping to gain her attention as she continued looking anywhere but at him. She finally met his gorgeous eyes after trying so hard to avoid them. They literally sucked her in by the minute. He was hypnotizing.

"We should get your bags," he said trying to ease the nervous energy surrounding them.

"Yeah, Ok," she agreed as she began walking over to retrieve her three bags. Lucas followed closely behind doing something he knew could possibly cross the line with her, but it was an innocent gesture on his part so he went for it. He grabbed her swinging hand letting his long slender fingers intertwine with her smaller daintier ones.

Brooke smiled at him before taking in their connected hands that seemed so perfectly fit for each other. It was like his hands were made just for her.

The journey to the car was spent in comfortable silence, both sucked into their own thoughts that were floating through their minds as their hands never left each others. Brooke appreciated the thoughtfulness of Luke taking care of her. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this way. Her stomach fluttered wildly, her arms felt goose bumpy, and the chills flushing through her had nothing to do with the breezy Carolina weather. Brooke felt on top of the world.

"You should wait here," Lucas said once they exited the doors at the front of the airport. "I'll go get the car so we don't have to lug these monstrosities you call luggage too far," Luke laughed.

Brooke laughed as Luke released her hand after laying a small kiss to the back of it. She couldn't help but notice the loss of warmth as she watched Luke disappear to get the car. Brooke brought her hand to her cheek taking a huge whiff of his lingering scent as she closed her eyes. She stood there in a Luke induced fog not even realizing Luke was back before she knew it standing in front of her daydreaming figure.

"You ok?" he asked startling her.

"Luke," she blushed. "I'm good. I didn't even know you came back," she said before realizing how stupid she sounded and burying her head in her hands.

"It's ok," he laughed. "I figured as much," Luke said grabbing her luggage. Brooke stopped him suddenly biting her lip nervously. Lucas watched her curiously wondering why she halted his movements so abruptly.

"Hey," he said cupping her face with concern. "You're sure you are ok?"

"I'm fine," she said quietly. "Lucas?" she paused a little unsure of herself and of her next words. "I think I'm ready," she nervously told him.

Luke watched her briefly. She was ready? He was a bit confused before what she was really saying smacked him dead between the eyes. She was ready, ready for them, ready for him, ready for it all. She was ready.

"You mean? You're ready?" he asked trying to keep the excitement out of his voice. He didn't want to jump to any conclusions just in case she was talking about something completely different. That would have crushed him.

"Yes," said with a small smile. It got brighter by the second almost as if she had discovered some sort of secret that no one else was privy to. It was just her and Luke in on it.

"Brooke, are you sure?" he asked. "Because if you are…" he said before Brooke closed the small gap between them by covering his lips. Lucas' lips were paralyzed by shock as he stood completely still before totally losing himself with Brooke and the kiss. He was on cloud nine as the girl he loved for so long was finally ready to give it a go.

The kiss became intense as their tongues dueled with so much pent up desire and want that neither could relinquish it even if they wanted to. They both were gone to places impossible to return from as every spec of love was poured into their first real kiss that didn't spur from any deceit or betrayal. It felt wonderful, it felt fantastic. It was a moment that Luke knew would always be with him.

Brooke reluctantly pulled away when air became an issue. She didn't want to stop kissing Luke, but her legs felt wobbly under her. She collapsed into his chest letting him support all of her weight. She never had experienced such a defining moment with a guy where she felt like this. Luke had become everything she used to think Nathan was for her.

Lucas wrapped his arms fully around her petite figure, both were breathing harshly as their hearts thumped rapidly in their chests. Words didn't need to be spoken in that moment as both stood there absolutely sure and happy about the new developments in their relationship. Lucas smiled happily kissing Brooke atop her head lovingly while soaking up the moment when she truly became his.

"I'm so happy," Brooke mumbled into his chest where she felt safe.

"Me too," he agreed.

"I bet you never thought the day would turn out this way," she smiled lifting to see his face.

"No, but I hoped," Luke admitted stroking her face. "You know Peyt told me to tell you how I feel."

"She did?" Brooke asked surprised.

"Yeah, and now I know just how right she was. I love you, Brooke," he said confidently. "And I know you may not be ready to say those words back, but there it is."

"I love you too," she smiled to a shocked looking Lucas. "I think I knew long before now, and I don't want to waste another minute apart from you, Luke. I want all the same things you do."

"I don't know what to say. I wanted to hear those words from you for so long" he said.

"Well now you have," she smiled. "Nothing can stop us, Luke. It's you and me."

"You and me," he whispered pulling her back into another long hot kiss sealing their new commitment to each other.

Haley slept soundly in her bed with no clue that Nathan had arrived. As far as she knew he wasn't coming home for another week, and she pretty much cried herself to sleep with that weighing heavily on her mind.

Nathan crept slowly into her bedroom with flowers tucked under his arms. He took in her beautiful peaceful tear streaked face looking heavenly as she was off in dreamland. Nathan hated the fact that she was crying over him and he wanted nothing to ever make her sad again as long as she lived. He was determined to make up for his late arrival.

Placing the flowers along side her he gently sat down beside her body kissing her slowly over every inch of her face. He started with a simple kiss on her forehead, before making his way down to her nose. Haley crinkled it, wiggling it as she remained sleeping. Nathan made his way kissing both her cheeks, smiling as she mumbled incoherently. Finally descending down to her pink plump lips, he took them in kissing her once, twice, three times until her beautiful brown eyes opened connecting with his very deep blue ones. Haley smiled brightly at him before it left her face. She hated these dreams that seemed so life like. Every time she had them Nathan would disappear just as things were getting good. Her eyes closed in preparation before she heard his voice sound through her sleepy fog.

"Hey beautiful," Nathan said.

That was different, she thought while her eyes remained closed. Usually in her dreams Nathan never spoke.

"I thought I would receive a better welcome than that," he chuckled. Haley opened her eyes to see him smiling teasingly at her. She realized Nathan was as real as they came right in her bed. She brought her tiny hand to his face just to be sure. Nathan covered her hand with his own before bringing it around to his lips. Oh yeah he was definitely real. Just then Haley saw red. The nerve of him showing up there. After she cried for hours. Punk. Oh, who was she kidding? She loved that punk with everything inside of her.

"I'm mad at you," she turned over facing her bedroom wall.

"I love you," he laughed.

"That's not funny, Nathan. What are you doing here?" she asked stubbornly crossing her arms.

"Didn't know I needed a reason," he said plopping down next to her. "I'm sorry, Hales. I should have told you I was going to be late," he apologized.

"You're damn straight," she said. "I waited for you and I get Lucas saying you won't be home for another week! Do you know how disappointed I was?! You could have at least told me, called me, something."

"Baby, coach needed me. I couldn't exactly say no," he said.

"I needed you," she whispered.

"Let me make it up to you," Nathan said turning towards Haley. He began to nibble lightly on her ear as their bodies touched slightly. "You have no idea how long I have waited for this, how much I missed you, how bad I want to kiss you," he said now making his way down her exposed neck with a few sensual kisses.

She had some idea. It was probably just as much as she missed him. Haley tried her hardest to hold onto any resolve left within her as her body felt on fire. She was not ready to give into him so easily, but he was making it very, very hard.

"Come on baby," he tried to coax as his lips continued working their magic. "You know how much I love you and how sorry I am. Don't be upset," he said kissing the column of her neck. Haley had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

Damn him, Haley thought. He was too cute and sexy. She couldn't take any more torture. He was killing her with his gentle persuasion. She turned her body so that she was able to look him in the face seeing his lusting eyes piercing through her soul.

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" he fake pouted once she was facing him. Haley had to fight not to laugh at his behavior.

"Yes," she breathed unable to keep the husky tone from her voice. Nathan turned her on. She couldn't help it. "I'm sorry I was such a bitch," she said with a small smile.

"No apologies," he said pecking her lips. Haley had other ideas as she pushed her eager tongue into his mouth hearing him moan with pleasure. Before she knew it Nathan's body covered hers, pinning her flat against the bed as they became engaged in a long over due heated make out session.

"I missed you," she moaned as Nathan devoured her neck. "I love you," she whimpered.

"I love you too," he said in a barely audible voice.

"Lock the door," she growled into his ear while running her hands through his short hair. Haley needed Nathan and she needed him now.

"I already did," he mumbled through kisses.

"Then make love to me," Haley said. "I need you so much."

Nathan didn't need to be told twice as he swiftly lifted the sweater over Haley's head with a little assistance from her. He stared in awe at her laced covered breasts before kissing slowly down the valleys making sure to heighten Haley's pleasure as much as possible. Nathan laid small kisses along her tummy making Haley slightly squirm while she let out a giggle. He looked teasingly up into her darkened eyes before connecting his lips once again to her stomach.

Haley could feel his tongue snake out sensually against the top of her jeans just where her belly button was. He sucked greedily while using his free hand to loosen the button on her pants. Haley's breath hitched in anticipation as she lifted her hips, helping him slide her jeans down her toned thighs until she laid below him in just her bra and underwear under his watchful lusting gaze. He was burning her to the core just with his looks of love. He looked at her like she was something so special it melted her heart.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he huskily said looking at the sexy barely there undergarments she wore.

Haley had bought them especially for this occasion wanting him to see her as a woman, and not the girl she was when they first were together.

Nathan could care less about her wearing the lacy bra and panties. Haley didn't need that as far as he was concerned, she was sexy as hell all on her own.

"Come here," she said pulling him back until their mouths were fused together in another passionate kiss. His hands kneading her legs as he could feel all Haley's heat radiating off her red-hot skin as he lay in between her legs. She detached her lips from his so that she was able to lift his polo shirt above his head and toss it aside into a heap with her clothes on the floor. Oh how she missed that perfect chest of his. If it was possible it was more defined and sculpted than she remembered as she traced each line of his abs with her hand. Her touching him was like something Nathan had never felt. He could never remember such simple things being such a turn on. But with Haley, everything seemed like a new experience.

He made work of ridding himself of the jeans he wore as Haley watched him behind heavily lidded eyes. Just knowing he belonged to her for real this time had her getting emotional as her eyes became glazed over with fresh tears. A few slid down her flushed face immediately causing some worry with Nathan as he gently brushed them away.

"Hales," he said coming beside her. "We don't have to do this," he said sweetly cupping her face.

"No, it's not that," she tearfully laughed. "I want to."

"Then what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. You'll think I'm being such a girl if I tell you," Haley said.

"Hey, you are my girl. You know you can tell me anything," he said continuing to wipe at her shed tears.

"It's nothing really," she said embarrassed. "I'm just happy."

Nathan laughed gently kissing her on the forehead. "Well then I'm happy," he confessed shyly. "As long as you're happy Hales, I'm happy."

"You're so sweet," she said. "It makes me love you more if possible."

"I love you more," he said.

"NO, I love you more," Haley said.

"No me," he said playfully pinching her bare side.

"How can you say that? It's definitely me," she said.

"Hales, don't be so selfish," he laughed. "I definitely love you more."

"Are you going to keep arguing with me or are you going to show me how much you love me?" she asked lifting her brow.

"I can definitely do that," Nathan said covering her lips. His hands made their way to the back of Haley where he expertly unfastened the clasp of her bra letting it fall away and expose the most perfect breasts known to man kind. His mouth nearly watered seeing them as he took one of her ample nipples into his mouth showering it with some much needed attention. Haley whimpered as she felt his tongue swirling around her hardened rosy nipple. He bit down supplying Haley with the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain while she gripped harshly into the toned muscles of his back.

"Baby, please," she begged. "I need you."

Nathan continued to take his time lavishing every inch of her chest thoroughly. He wasn't trying to torture her, but he wanted to take his time to enjoy every minute of this. He knew Haley would appreciate the sentiment later on. Their time together needed to be cherished, not rushed. The moment was too important for the both of them.

Haley lay awake satisfied in the strong arms of Nathan. Neither she nor Nathan particularly had the strength to do anything after they had made love three times. It had been perfect and while she felt as if she would burst from the mere want for him. It was so much better that they had slowed the pace of their love making to simply enjoy each other and become one. It was quite the experience to be connected with him in the deepest way you could connect with someone you loved. Haley felt as she could conquer the world. It was incredible how one beautiful act of love could control your whole mood, your whole being.

"What are you thinking?" Haley asked kissing Nathan's bare chest.

"I'm thinking how much you wore me out, and now you won't let me sleep," he joked with his eyes shut. "You can't possibly have this much energy left, Hales."

"I do," she said. "I guess I'm just so excited to be in your arms. I feel like if I sleep it will all fade away, this moment. I want it to go on forever."

"It won't end, baby," he assured. "I promise you. I am going to spend the rest of my life making you feel this way," Nathan said holding her tighter and a little closer to him.

Haley sighed happily letting her eyes flutter shut with Nathan's promise on her mind. She had no doubt that he would keep it. What they shared was real, true, honest, and definitely strong enough to see them through for a long time to come. Nathan was her everything, her forever, and she couldn't wait to see what exciting things were ahead for them in the future.


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