I hope this fanfic is enjoyable. I came up with this idea on a whim a few nights ago, and decided to make it into reality. It's a weird fic; some concepts you know and love, some are ideas you've never thought of before. If I can get you to ask yourself, "Could this really be how it turns out?" then my objective will be accomplished.

Short Summary: Setsuna tells Negi about what Chao told her during the MahoraFest- that Chao was a "blood relative" of Negi. Negi already knows that Chao is from 100 years into the future, and he wants to find out how exactly they came about being related. So, with the help of Evangeline, he looks into the future- but what he sees is anything but good. Evangeline also aids him in going 50 years into the future, to stop the terrible tragedy he foresaw. But, what will Negi do when he begins to fall in love with Chao?


Chao x Negi

Yue x Nodoka

Chisame x nobody (yet)

Kazumi x Sayo

Natsumi x Kotaro

Ako x OC

Eva x Nagi

Setsuna x Konoka