He's Watching Over Me

I can't count the nights I've just lain here. Wondering if he's okay.

He's strong, sure. I am, too. Or, at least, I used to think so.

I'm not really sure anymore.

I miss him. Part of me, perhaps the better half, is missing.

I can't close my eyes anymore, I see his face smiling back at me. It eats me up inside to know that we may never be together again. That he may find someone else.

Or find something worse entirely. Death.

I can't sleep. I haven't been able to now for what seems like forever. I lay staring at the creases in the curtains of my four-poster bed, crying.

It's not like me to cry, not really.

But I've never hurt so much.

When I do slip into sleep, after hours of crying myself into a fitful slumber, I scream.

My dreams came true. He finally noticed me, finally loved me. I finally was his, he finally was mine.

But, if sometimes dreams come true, then what of our nightmares?

That's all I've had lately. I see him. Lying there. The light has long since left his eyes, and I can't help but wonder if could have done anything to prevent it.

I can't close my eyes without seeing his face.

I can't sleep without seeing his mangled body.

I can't blink without batting away my tears.

I don't eat much anymore. I'm just never really hungry.

Sometimes, I think that even Headmaster Snape notices. His face stays hung low as he watches me from his chair at the staff table. I think, maybe, he sees, perhaps feels, my pain.

He's different somehow. He's not the same ill-tempered potions master. I feel we both are losing our will to live.

There is an old question, do you have anything worth dying for?

Perhaps the better question is, do you have anything worth living for?

I know I do. My heart tells me so. Somewhere out there, he's alive. I know he's alive.

He can't be dead, because I can feel him watching over me.

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