AN- Not three days after Concerto ends and I'm already writing another. I am a shameless addict. Hmm...Spoilers up until book seven, then I kidnap the DN Universe and have my wicked way with it. This is sitting at T for Teen right now, and I don't know if it will turn Yaoi or not. I really don't. Just another little psycho-story of mine, don't read if you don't like mind games or if you have L down as an archangel. Cuz he's not.

Step Lightly,



Prologue- The Proposition

Now is as good a time as any.

L stood slowly, setting his tea down.

"Light-kun, would you please come with me?" Light looked at him as the debate at the table halted, and L almost smiled to feel the calculated stare fall on his shoulders. He heard Light's chair scrape the floor and headed towards the door.

He could hear Light's footsteps behind him, and one last time, he ran through his options. This could work. It was completely up to Kira however. That was really the only risk he could find in the situation…Kira not being open-minded. The door slid shut, and L turned to watch the camera in the corner. Fifteen seconds later, the tiny red light clicked off, and he smiled.

"Ryuuzaki…what are you doing?"

"Setting the stage, Light-kun. Please wait another fifteen seconds."

The blue light faded out as well, and the microphones were dead. Now they could talk. L turned and leaned on the wall, hands in his pockets.

"Don't interrupt me, because we have exactly one minute in which to complete this conversation. Nod." Light tensed, glancing at the door again, then at the cameras…he nodded slowly.

"I will not repeat myself, and you are a genius, therefore I will not elaborate. Nod."

What the hell is he doing?, Light nodded again, coming stand directly in front of the detective.

"I have a proposition for you, regarding your future. We are both aware of you current occupation. It is…lacking, in both legitimacy, and stability. Even if you achieve your dream, it simply can not last." Light's eyes widened. "It would be an insult to both of our intelligences to assume otherwise. You do not have to agree with me yet. Nod."

Light did, mind racing. L was that sure of himself?

"I'm offering you the opportunity to continue your work, under slightly different circumstances. You would work with me instead, legally, and under no restraint save my own. We could save the world without slaughtering half of it. Nod."

"…Good. This is a one time offer Kira. Consider it. If you decline, it will not be made again, no matter the circumstances. I trust in you to clean up your own mess and in such a fashion that I will not have undue stress. I'll have a hard enough time clearing this with my superiors anyway. Take care of it, and I can give you what you want. As for whether or not I'm telling the truth…Well, The only real difference between Justice and Revenge is the number of people involved. You have week to respond one way or the other. Be careful."

With that, L left him and returned to the investigation room. Light stared after him, and dimly realized that the camera came back online almost the exact second that the door shut after him.

Light had always believed that the ends justify the means. He also was unable to think of justice as being black and white. L himself, with some of his off-color techniques, just served to further that ideal. Light laced his hands behind his head and closed his eyes as he thought. He knew how insanely powerful the detective was…that part was not a lie. He likely could still create a utopian world…

He'd get to kill Misa…

The thought made him chuckle. No, better to sleep on it. He had a week to make his decision and put everything in place.