TITLE: Bite My Shiny Metal…

AUTHOR: Erin Giles


DISCLAIMER: I do not own, not me, not I. I don't own Green eggs and ham said I. Nor do I own Torchwood or Futurama! ;)

SUMMARY: Ianto knew there was a reason he "accidentally" ordered an extra box of post-it notes.

The first time Owen was early into work he was met with the sight of Ianto on the couch. Jack's great coat was draped over him and Owen could make out the white earphones of an iPod.

What put Owen off most though was the fact that there was a post-it note attached to Ianto's backside that read 'Do Not Disturb'.

When Jack came to wake Ianto, a cup of tea in his hands, he found his own post-it note had been replaced, 'Bite my shiny metal ass, Captain!'. Jack resisted the urge and instead woke Ianto with a kiss.