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Can mankind honestly believe that there is little to learn about the world around them anymore? Little that hasn't been discovered, and even less which doesn't have a scientific fact behind it? Regardless of whether this is true or not about the Earth, isn't it short-sighted to believe that beyond this world there is nothing comparable to our planet and ourselves? For all the sceptics that exist, there is sure to be a very big surprise coming.

That is, if it isn't already here.


A Life in Peace?

Six Earth Months Ago

"I'm worried about you Harry," a voice said from the doorway.

From where he was packing up his trunk, Harry turned to look at the brown haired girl stood watching him, arms folded across her chest. "Hermione…" Harry said. "Please, just give it a rest."

The witch's expression hardened. "I can't Harry. We can't. What you're doing, it isn't the answer."

At once he felt annoyed. Why does she always try to read so much into everything? Can't she take anything I say at face value? "I don't know what you mean," he said out loud. "What's wrong with taking a break for a while?"

"A break?" she parroted back to him disbelievingly. "A holiday to France is a break, a trip to the seaside is a break: buying a house in the middle of nowhere and fixing it up to live in is something completely different."

He chose to ignore her, instead turning his attention to the broomstick in his hands. Would he need it? Unfortunately, probably not. Though he had no neighbours for miles, it was still a Muggle area. He laid it down on the bed and went on to something else.

"Do you see what I mean?" Hermione asked suddenly. "Don't you think I can tell what you're planning to do?" Harry glanced at her, only to see she was looking rather pointedly at the broomstick. "You're leaving everything magical behind. And the house, it's so normal, so full of electronic things. Can't you see, running from the Wizarding World isn't the answer?"

"I'm not running," he said stiffly. "I just need to get out on my own a bit now that Hogwarts is over and done with. And I'm not leaving everything magical behind- I'm still taking my wand with me, and the Invisibility Cloak!"

"Harry, that wand even goes to in the bath with you, I've no doubt you'd at least take that! But you ought to be looking for a job, or further training," Hermione insisted, not feeling the need to explain how she knew anything about his bathing activities. "If you wait too long to continue, you might decide not to bother and that'll be a waste of your education…" The girl trailed off, frowning. "Now look what you've made me do."

"What? Made you think I was Ron?" Harry teased. "Besides, I'm not running- I told you where the house was, didn't I? And I let you put those wards up, even though they'll fry anything electrical I don't carry through that tiny gap you left!"

"And Ron and I can visit whenever we want I'm sure," Hermione agreed. "But Harry, there's more than one type of running away, and you're not fooling anyone." She was silent for a moment, trying to organise her thoughts. "I've seen you, at night, pacing. And during the day sometimes you just wander around for hours, or you go play mechanic with Sirius' old bike, trying to fill the time any way you can. Harry, don't you think the rest of us feel the same way you do?" she asked. "We still miss all the people who died and-"

"Yes," Harry cut in, "but you didn't die, did you Hermione?"

If she hadn't known the event he was referring to, she could have taken great insult to that comment. As it was she simply fell silent and watched him debate over what to do with a Sneaker-scope.

It was difficult to ignore her when she was so intent though. "I just need a break Hermione. Just for a little while. I suppose I'm a bit confused right now, but everything will be fine after I try being normal for a change."

I just need something to distract me, take me away from all this, he added silently. These thoughts I've been having… Maybe it will make them go away…


Three Earth Months Ago

Two teenagers were sat outside Florean Fortescue's Ice cream Parlour in Diagonalley in the busiest part of the afternoon. Spoons clanged against glass bowls as they ate made their way through two large Tuesday ice cream specials, complete with non-melting charms to stop it from spoiling under the roasting autumn sunshine.

"Thanks for coming," Ron Weasley said to his best friend. "Though, you know, Hermione would be furious if she saw you here under that spell."

Harry shrugged as he ate another spoonful of ice-cream. The Notice-Me-Not Charm was a real blessing when the last thing you wanted was the stares and whispers of passers-by. When people glanced over to see the teenagers eating, their eyes would simply slide away again and they would continue on their way.

"Well, if you don't tell her I won't either," Harry said with a grin, and received one in response from the red-head. "The last thing I need is Hermione on my case about something else as well."

The third part of their trio was something of a sore point for Harry at the minute. Just last month, the two had undergone a major blowout and hadn't spoken since. The black haired wizard knew that that put Ron in a tight spot as, for once, he simply wanted to remain neutral in the disagreement betwenn his friend and his girlfriend.

It didn't help that the argument was over trivial things (well, at least as far as Harry could see it was). Had they still been at Hogwarts, the argument would already have been patched over by their forced close proximity, but as things stood, the two of them had been avoiding each other ever since.

At Harry's brief mention of the argument, Ron's face fell. "It's just that she worries about what you're doing on your own, you know," the other teen felt the need to explain on his girlfriend's behalf.

Six months ago, when Harry had moved out the Burrow, feeling he had encroached on their hospitality long enough, his reasons for leaving had been pretty firm in his own mind. Just because he hadn't felt the need to explain them didn't mean he didn't have them. And things which had developed even more over the next three months had made him certain there was no way he would consider going back. Really, people should just take his word for it. Wasn't he normally right about these sorts of things?

"I'm nineteen years old Ron," Harry reminded Ron, his tone a little sharper than he had intended. "Hermione should know I can do whatever I want when I'm on my own!"

The red head seemed to struggle with an equally sharp response of his own before he finally managed to suppress it. Harry was surprised- Ron was normally more of a hot-head than even him, easy to anger and quick to take offence, especially on his girlfriend's behalf. It seemed his best friend had really grown up this past year and for a moment he wondered how he had failed to see it before.

"I know that," Ron admitted. "And she knows that as well. But the truth is, even though she knows it, she just wants to do what's best for you. If that means inviting you for dinner every Sunday and hastling you about finding work, then that's what she'll do."

"And it is every Sunday," Harry said, trying to inject some humour into his tone.

To his relief, Ron smiled. "No kidding mate. Though, you know, you might want to take us up on one of those offers. My cooking has really improved since Hermione made me take all those lessons with Mum."

Harry felt a genuine smile tug at his lips. "I'll take your word for it then."

It was odd really to think how much his two friends had achieved really. Ron was training to be an Auror, a position the government had quickly snapped him up for due to his past experiences, something Harry had once suggested would be his own ideal career. Ron's strategic thinking had put him ahead of the other trainees, many of whom were older than he was. Meanwhile, Hermione had gone into Advanced Learning, something that not many people did in the Wizarding World, as it was an invitation only affair. Her teacher came highly recommended, what with being the son of Nicholas Flammel himself. Together, the two of them were renting a flat over a shop here in Diagonalley, and Harry wouldn't have been surprised if the two of them didn't tie the knot sooner or later.

Harry stired his spoon round his ice cream bowl. "But yeah, you two sure have managed to achieve a lot this year. You're doing really well for yourselves."

And what have I done in that time? Well, I'd of managed a lot more if it wasn't for the fact that-

Harry wondered if Ron had been thinking the exact same thing, for the next second he had fixed an oddly serious expression onto his face as he spoke to his friend.

"It took a lot of effort, you know?" Ron said. "It wasn't easy, but I didn't want to let Mum and Dad down, not after… Well, everything that happened."

Harry felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he remembered 'everything that happened'. The Weasley's had suffered a lot during Voldemort's second rise to power, and he couldn't help but feel guilty every time it was brought to his attention.

"I mean, I had to work hard at it, I'm not really as good as you or Hermione," Ron continued on, unaware of Harry's sombre thoughts. "I mean, it's not as if I had anything to fall back on if I failed. My family doesn't have a lot and I didn't want to rely on their money. I couldn't afford to mope around the house-"

"Unlike me," Harry bit out. Suddenly, he was aware of where this conversation was going. Sure, it was in a more roundabout way, but it was the same spiel everyone else kept feeding him.

Ron looked shocked for a moment. "No mate, that's not what I-"

"Why did you bring me here, Ron?" Harry demanded. "Was it just so you could hash me out for Hermione? You spend so much time with her, you're starting to sound just like her."

Ron's eyes narrowed. "Well, you'll just have to get used to it," the red head bit out. "See, I wondered if you wanted to be the best man. I've asked Hermione to marry me, and she said yes. The wedding is in four month's time."

Harry blinked in surprise. What?

However, it was too late for Harry to ask any questions about that fact. "You know what?" Ron said. "If you ever actually decide to stop playing the martyr, as if you're the only one who did anything to stop V-Voldemort last year, you'll actually remember that we're all supposed to be your friends. There are plenty of people worrying about you Harry, like me and Hermione, and my Mum, even Ginny, though who knows why after the way you treated her!"

"I didn't ask them to worry about me!" Harry snapped, so angry he couldn't even think past Ron's first words to form a proper argument. Stop playing the martyr, stop playing the martyr, stop playing the martyr.

"You don't have to ask! We're your friends; we treat you just like family even! When you stop acting so self-centred, why don't you come help plan the wedding? And maybe you can put a bit of effort into actually being alive, and stop acting as if it's the worst thing that ever happened to you, that you actually survived!"

During his speech Ron had stood up quickly, knocking his chair back against the empty table behind theirs. Harry stared at him in disbelief, torn between surprise and the growing undercurrent of anger.

"When you're ready to be my best friend again," Ron finished, "you know where to find me." Then he turned and walked away, back ramrod straight. Though he hadn't completely lost his temper the whole time he spoke, the red of his ears that was visible as he left indicated just how angry he really was.

Even as the other teen disappeared into the milling crowd, Harry continued to sit there staring at his melting pool of ice cream. With Ron gone, there was no one to yell at in response to the insults that had been thrown at him. Why couldn't everyone just mind their own business! Why did they feel the need to poke their noses where they weren't needed or wanted! Had Harry ever told them how they ought to go about living their lives? No, never, and he wasn't ever going to! So why did he have to sit here, and listen to accusations of being lazy, anti-social and anything else they could think of to tack on him? A martyr, him? When did he have a chance to die? No, people were always bothering him, needing something from him- always, always, always! Why couldn't they understand that what he was doing was for the best? Why didn't everyone just-

There was the sudden sound of glass smashing, followed by shocked screams. Harry looked quickly round in surprise, only to see the other customers sat at the ice cream parlour were the one's responsible. On all the tables arranged out the front of the shop, the glasses had suddenly shattered, spraying the people nearby with glass shards and droplets of ice cream. People had jumped up away from their tables, and were asking each other what had happened. Then one little girl started crying as she held out her bleeding palm to her father.

Harry stared around in surprise and guilt. I know I was angry but… No, surely not-


7th October, England

Harry sat staring at the surface of his pond for a long time. Every now and then, a sunbeam would break across the water and blind his eyes, but, fortunately, he was not relying on them for this particular exercise.

One life form, two life forms, three, there's four… Nine. Nine for sure. The young wizard furrowed his brow as he concentrated. That's the large life forms- probably the koi carp. Smaller?

This time, the sensing worked faster and easier. Twenty-three smaller, probably insects. Over six dozen plants-

-Feel the movement of oxygen in and out, the shift of particles in the air-

-Even smaller, there are over a thousand small organisms just drifting in the water.

-Bacteria, single-celled organisms moving through the decaying matter. Digesting, multiplying, shifting through the water all the time-

But how many exactly? Millions! Millions and millions!

-The water itself, molecules made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Simple. So simple. Each molecule with the ability to join to another, making up the pond, and letting more complicated molecules, which made up organics, pass through it. It was a universe all of its own. Thousands of things happening in such a small space-

With a start, Harry's eyes snapped open. Sweat ran down his forehead and dripped onto his eye, making him blink and shiver. He flopped backwards onto the grass, feeling as if all the strength in his body had drained out of it. The book that had previously been in his lap tumbled to the ground next to him.

"Merlin," he muttered to himself, before running a hand down his face. And I was so close that time too.

Then he had nearly lost himself in the stream of life playing itself out before him. The temptation to lose himself within it had been almost overwhelming. But no, that wasn't his goal, not at all.

Control, he thought, I have to learn more control. I can't let this thing in me take me over.

His eyes glanced towards the old book. It was so ancient, the cover had almost disappeared entirely, and the writing was purely in Ancient Greek. To progress this far, he'd first had to learn the language, which had been surprisingly simple in the Muggle World, and didn't come with any awkward questions. To be honest, the whole book had been a gamble. It was the only text he had managed to get hold of about the subject back when it had been practiced quite freely, before it was decided to be far too dangerous to be used so carelessly. He had had to pay a large sum of money for it, and probably to some people who would use the money for not-so-savoury purposes. Unfortunately, he hadn't had a lot of choice in the matter, though the feeling of blending in well with the Malfoys was present every time he thought too much about it.

Now, all he had to do was master the contents, and as quickly as possible.

His intention to give up on the magical world for a while had done him no good. When he had wanted nothing better than to disappear for a while, even more problems had cropped up. But he could handle it on his own. He could, and he would.

It had started with his wand, when it had once acted without him even thinking, to cast a spell to protect him from Voldemort. As he and Hagrid fled from him on an enchanted motorbike at what would have been the beginning of Harry's seventh year, his magic had first shown signs of what it was capable of.

Since then, his abilities had been expanding at a furious rate. At that time, it had been through his wand, but now, not even that was necessary. He was plagued by accidental magic, all the time, all around him. Not even training his magic to go through a wand as every other witch and wizard did had helped. Driven by his emotions since Voldemort's second rise, Harry knew he had trouble controlling them, and, as a consequence, his magic. However, it was only the incident from three months ago (one of the last times he had seen Ron), and a few similar ones, that had finally convinced him to do something about it.

I need to be isolated until I can work this out, he thought. I want to know what I'm capable of, what I can do with this. And how to do it without hurting anyone.

After a few minutes, Harry finally climbed slowly to his feet. It took a lot of energy, even for Sensing, the third technique in the book. The aim was attune oneself with nature, before moving on to altering and shaping it. It wasn't the same thing as learning to stop accidental magic, but he hoped the control that came with this would carry over to that as well.

At least he had done a good job of driving everyone away. The thought brought a grim smile to his lips. It had been one argument after another, even before it had become obvious to him that his magic was out of control. But they had served their purpose. Now, he was free to do what he liked, whenever he liked.

Am I hiding now Hermione? I don't think so. After all, there's no one left to hide from.

At least he had the house. Staggering towards it, Harry was immensely grateful he had gone out on a limb and bought it seven months ago. Even if it had been one of the main causes of contention between him and Hermione, it had been totally worth it. All his life, he had been going to other people homes, or to the Dursleys, or to Grimmauld Place, where there were too many bad memories for it ever to be somewhere he could feel truly comfortable. Now, at last, this place was his.

It had two floors, a back garden with a pond, a garage with Sirius' old motorbike inside, and Hermione's ridiculous wards. He owned it, all his meagre possessions were all kept inside. Eventually, he was sure, he would make it feel like a real home.

- -

Naturally, as pleased as Harry was with the future potential of his house, it was understandable that he was more than a little annoyed when all the rear windows were blown out at ten past three in the morning.

Jerking upright in bed, the sounds of shattering glass ringing in his ears, Harry snatched his glasses up from the night stand and stared in surprise at the hole where there had once been a pane of glass. Hundreds of shinning slivers dotted the carpet and even his duvet, blinking with an orange glow that shone in from outside.

The young wizard's heart was hammering in his chest, a novel experience for someone who had found themselves practically incapable of being frightened by threats to his person; this being the result of willingly walking to his own death at Voldemort's hands just over a year ago. He quickly drew his wand from where he still slept with it under his pillow and padded across the floor, banishing away any glass that got in his way.

A cold breeze ruffled his hair as he stared out at what had once been his back garden. Molly Weasley had come round herself to plant a vegetable plot for him, and that section had been a mass of flourishing green shoots only a few minutes ago. Next to that there had been a small pond, where Luna had claimed all manner of unusual creatures had taken up home. Now, however, neither was visible. Instead, there was a rather large crater, with steam rising from where the pond water had evaporated as a result of some great heat.

"Bloody hell," he muttered lowly, his hand tightening around the wand in his hand.

Even as he spoke however, an even stranger sight met his eyes. A creature suddenly stood up from the crater. It was tall, easily bigger than his house, and its grey body glimmered in the moonlight. It was a mass of curving shapes made from wires and metal plating, and was even vaguely human-like in body structure. There was nothing else human about it though- or magical either, for that matter. A plated head swivelled to glance in his direction, and glowing eye sockets met with a startled green.

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