Title: Shower

Rating: T

Warning: Tight spaces. And…a theme that makes absolutely no sense at all.

Author's note: ...yes, this is my crack OTP. What else did you guys expect?

"Well, this is…awkward," Raven stated, trying to ignore the fact that her pants were slipping and that Kyd had a very good view of her butt.

Kyd Wykkyd nodded in agreement. I know. Oh, and while you're trying to get us out of here, do you mind getting your foot off my head? I think that if you push down further you'll break my jaw.

"Sorry." Shifting her foot, Raven began to push with all her might against the glass wall that kept them trapped here.

Pulling himself into a sitting position and rubbing his very sore head, Kyd looked at Raven inquisitively. Why not just use your powers?

"If I use them, the entire thing would most probably collapse on us and we'd be dead as strangled chickens."

Chickens? Why chickens?

"Because it's the only thing I can think of right now that describes pretty much what would happen."


They were in a very tricky situation indeed. After all, it wasn't exactly in their training schedules to be stuck with an enemy in a glass shower with a hard metal ceiling half off its original spot.

And it certainly wasn't in Raven's training schedule to be stuck with a half naked villian in a shower.

Crack is fun to write. XD