Uh, yeah. This is probably gonna end up being part of a bunch of drabbles because I can't string together a full fic without it completely BLOWING UP IN MY FACE so here y'all go. Some Rossiu angstwangst to kick it off. Because I 3 Rossiu. :


They both crane their necks and I look away. The way they are, I feel like screaming- but then these days, that's how everything makes me feel...

Just another nail in my coffin.

Who can blame them? It seems as if they were made for each other.

Back then... years ago... He needed someone to fill the void that was left after... after that day... And I was there. I was there, a weak substitute for everything that he'd lost. I tried my hardest to fill that gap, God be damned if I didn't! I did everything I could, wholly surrendering myself to the tumult of emotion that he exuded...

Deep in my mind, I knew that it was an impossible task. That part of me always questioned our actions- my last bit of reasoning after being flung into the ever-pushing-forward path that he'd been carving out for everyone, every day a little bit further...

Was it love?

It couldn't be. We had no inkling of what that really meant.

It shouldn't have been love...

But if it wasn't, then what am I... what am I feeling now?

Why only now, when from the moment she appeared, I'd known?

Glancing backwards, I catch a glimpse of her pulling close, somehow fitting perfectly into his embrace in a way I'd long outgrown. My stomach turns against my will and, jerkily, I turn to go; unnoticed.

They were indeed, a match made in heaven, and it's only common sense that in messing with matches, one, inevitably, gets burnt.