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Lizards were cold blooded. Dragons were a kind of lizard.

Sesshomaru found himself gazing at the two headed dragon across the fire with a small frown.

Ahun was a useful mount and capable of shooting lightning. He was also fond of Rin, letting her ride him and protecting her if necessary.

But he would wrap himself around her as she slept.

Dragons were cold blooded. Rin was warm blooded.

Was the dragon keeping her safe through the night, or was he using her as his own personal heat source? Was he stealing her warmth?

Sesshomaru disliked the thought.

Before Rin, they had not stopped to make camp every night. Jaken and Ahun required more sleep than he did, true, but even they did not need sleep more than once a fortnight. Before Rin, they had not made campfires. Jaken was capable of freezing and thawing out unharmed and Ahun would take turns shooting lightning at each other's heads if it got too cold.

Stopping was for Rin. Fire was for Rin. Rin's warmth was not for the dragon, no matter how many heads it had or how much it liked the girl.

This problem would be rectified.

Almost before he was aware of it, he had snatched the girl from the dragons grasp with the end of his tail, carrying her across the clearing to him with out him even having to stand. The dragon's four eyes watched her go. Sesshomaru glared, daring the dragon to complain about it.

Ahun rumbled resignedly and went back to sleep.

Rin burrowed into the warm fun unconsciously.

Sesshomaru pulled her close, her head pillowed on his right thigh and his tail wrapped around her loosely.

Dragons were cold blooded. Rin was warm blooded. Sesshomaru wasn't a dragon.

And that, he decided, was enough thinking for one night.